✅BGVP-DMG Review (buy em now)

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Lucky EJ says:

I have TFZ king pro, can you compare it to this?

TheDocentore says:

Ah man, you are making my wallet cry. I bough FH1 based on your review and recomendation. Now considering thsese. Not sure if I need them as I love FH1 😀

HarD TarGeT says:

This cost $139 This guys are using proprietary drivers.

GravityCat117 says:

How do vocals and the midrange compare to the T2? Are they as forward, linear and textured?

Flavius says:

I have the Fiio FH1 (bought after your recommendation) and I’m pretty pleased with them. Now I want a second better pair, and since I trust your opinions I have 3 questions, please. Those or the cheaper Shozy Hibiki (your favourite Sony’s, the 1000 are more expensive and hard to find)? Is the difference big between those two? How would you compare those with the FH1? I mostly listen to metal and classical. Thank you very much, I’m very glad I found this channel, love you reviews!

Scott Mathieson says:

Wonder how these compare to the IMR R1 as both use tuning filters. R1 seems to get superb reviews bro

rohit sanyal says:

Please try some of the kinera iems.. Would like your opinion on them

TheMightyMedia says:

Oriolus Finschi review pls

Chao Hong Li says:

Do these come close to the NCM5V2 or Bravado?

Gus V says:

Cant find in my country feels bAd


Whoever made the comment on the previous video that these are 3 drivers per side, they’re misinformed. The DMG are dual high (Knowles SWFK-31736), dual mid (Knowles custom-ordered 10006), and a dual-coil graphene diaphragm dynamic low (because they’re dual coil they count it as 2 drivers, but it’s effectively one output).

Ally Sandrana says:

Maybe you can make your recommended item list…. something like that

Mark Hammers says:

bro i need fast reply bgvp dmg or imr r1 what do you think.. does this beat the dunu3001k … and do you recommend this for bassheavy profile users who needs big soundstage for edm and trance?

Kaizer Beelzebub says:

how are the filters with memory foam tips ? dont know if i missed it or what

Sænya says:

Hi, silicons tips are better for bass than foam ones BUT you must get a perfect seal ! so your impressions are normal, btw I received the V80 I wasn’t expecting anything, (coming from a Kaiser 10) and you know what, I ear things with the V80 I don’t ear with the K10 lmao, bass are more detailed on the K10 but still 23 euros compared to 900 dollards wtf man ! Thanks for the tips now I won’t spend my money on overpriced shits ( I instantly removed the metal cover of the nozzle on the V80 I guess it helps )

Carlos Sanchez says:

BVGP ABCDEFGH I… I’m glad I watched this review and saved money on not buying the V80s. DMG here I come. Thanks HBB.

The Evil Triggers says:

Can you compare with the t2 and v80?

Jun Boo says:

About the Dt300 and Dt500( still haven’t receive those), I wonder how they compared with this. I think I will get this for Christmas. Nice review.

Mark Hammers says:

btw are these relatively easy to drive on weak sources i didnt catch it on your video.. i gonna drive them from smartphone.. does it have good volume.. i like to blast the volume and max out my volume on my smartphone.. thanks for valuable advice.. i wish you Nice day bro

Digital Raven says:

These or comets?

Anand Varma says:

Wow this is another one I should check out.
I tried trnv80 and I really liked them. Yes it had a little extra treble, but I am not so sensitive to sibilance.
If this is even better, then I would need to try these.
I know it’s not a valid comparison, but how do these stand against empire ears bravado?

bharathi yaar says:

Hi bro… Iam from india.
I have oneplus 5 mobile..i love music . Which one best iem earphones under 40$… please help

Pitak Chakma says:

1st veiwer maybe?lol

Adonis Barrezen says:

would rate it *uhm/10*

Andrew Miller says:

The budget iem stuff is starting to become a game changer stuff like Tin Audio T2, Ibasso ito1, kz as10, trn v80, and I’m sure there are others I’m missing . I’m keen to see what iems these compare too and the price points they are at. Are they on par with the empire bravada?

acroyear23 says:

Pulled the trigger once you compared it to the Sony ex1000’s.. I always wanted to try them because you love them so much… I was just never into their form factor. Thanks for the recommendation.

Gus V says:

Woow thats a serious title *lets watch*

TheCrezo says:

Well shit! Now that has to be one of the most hyped up glowing reviews I’ve heard from you, so they must be damn good!

I’ve got the v80s arriving tomorrow based on your review (90% your review, 10 because of the shiny!) So will be interesting to see hiw they sound. If I don’t get on with them at least I know what’s next 😉

Keep the killer reviews coming!

Karl Du says:

Any chance for you to review BGVP flagship: DM6?

Rat man says:

This man needs more subs

TheKINIIRS says:

So this the new benchmark for budget IEMs?

Honest Audio says:

got the fh5 in the mail today… well shit. Not too concerned though because they sound great and I havent even taken the filters off yet. Also the build and accessories are top notch. Thanks for the rec! Maybe I will try these out soon as well…

Kiri says:

Are these better than comet?

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