$1000 Beyerdynamic Xelento Audiophile Earphone Review

Product Link: http://amzn.to/2tjE7T7


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boeingdriver29 says:

Thanks Omar, I bought these and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made. Listening to some DSD 256 from an AK 380 into a Hugo 2 is the best sound I’ve ever heard.

Bülo Kom says:

Very good sincere review

SS J says:

Now get that same song in FLAC!!! Compare both side by side one after another and then update us here. You will thank me later! Cheers

Shiv Triv says:

hey this is for an other video but can u please answer my question for the beats solo 3 I need to know if the buttons like volume up and down work with Android devices

Yuvi Arora says:

These headphones need a 800 dollar dedicated music player with high quality flacs to even do it any justice.
And balanced output.

TOM ATO says:

Dont ever stop doing yt my man, real potential here.

Jimjim Skimmer says:

Since buying my firsr Beyerdynamic headphones a couple years ago, ive become an audiophile because of them. I wont buy anything else as there are jusy simply the BEST in music engineering. Ive also found my love again in music and am soooo happy because of it. Thank you Beyerdynamic.
Ps great review.

The RaRa85 says:

You should’ve had an LG V20 or V30 to plug those type of headphones in.

Tempest Jay says:

Considering you made videos on the Shure SE420 and Shure SE535, I’m surprised you never tried the Shure SE846 or make a video on it yet.

boeingdriver29 says:

Great review, thanks. going to buy them to run with my AK380 and Hugo 2.

juan argueta says:

This or shure se846

NY ́s Finest says:

You can get the same in ear monitors from Astell&Kern for $800 they were made and tuned by Beyerdynamic for Astell&Kern the model number is AK T8iE MkII. The only difference is that they come in Astell&Kern’s signature color that they use for their DAP’s its a darker chrome than the ones you are reviewing and also they come with just regular cables no mic but it comes with 2 cables a 2.5m balanced cable which is my preferred cable because of less noise and better sound and one 3.5m cable they are both silver coated and are well up there with silver dragon cables, all in all, they are the same exact IEM’s just $200 cheaper and honestly most true audiophiles don’t want or need a mic or control if you’re going to invest that much money into IEM’s you’re most likely going to use them with a DAP, not a smartphone also to add that anyone who understands electricity/current knows that it will take the path of least resistance meaning that mic and remote will compromise the sound quality as opposed to using a cable with no resistance. Thanks for the great review.

Rat5 says:

The most expensive earphones I’ve listened to are around 300 bucks and they were awesome! I can only imagine 1,000 dollar earphones! Its a good new style Omar!

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