#15 10 Audiophile Albums That Can Be Found In The 1$ Bin

good sound doesn’t have to be expensive!


Jon Tiffin says:

Amazing! I sub’d!

Frazzle Face says:

Money for Nothing is one of the best sounding tracks, ever. The extended intro is amazing.

dandanthetaximan says:

I have many G+ copies of Tea For The Tillerman. I give one of those away with every turntable i sell to a friend.

Alex Zuzizi says:

Well thank you very much! I’m gonna check out these albums! Some of them I don’t remember.

munkienl1 says:

Apart from “Rumours” i agree. A few additions:

Dave Brubeck Greatest Hits (Take 5)
Alan Parsons Project Eye in the sky
Thomas Dolby The flat earth
Toto Past to present
Donald Fagen The nightfly
Dire Straits Love over gold
Oscar Peterson We get requests
Bob James/David Sanborn Double Vision

S Stobbe says:

Thank you for those insights in this video. Very interesting to hear you thoughts on this. Will surely keep my eye out on various occasions to get some of those albums.

Mikael Helje says:

Got everyone except Cat “the muslim” Stevens (for obvious reasons)….

raoul walton says:

Donald Fagen´s “Nightfly” was and is an industry standard for high fidelity..

Randy Watson says:

I Have Over Two Thousand Albums When it comes to Allen Parsons The Raven is my Favorite I Robot is also a Great one!

Klaas J says:

15-20 years ago was golden era of buying records and equipment for nothing. The early days on ebay were great. You bought stuff for a few bucks were you can get 1000 dollars for now.

Google User says:

nothing is capable of beating uncompressed digital audio.

Russell DeJulio says:

Thank you great tips ! I just added a Rega Planar 1 to my system and am looking for vinyl I dont already own

mike leahy says:

Garry Wright, The Wright Place

Randy Watson says:

My Collection Consists of Rock R&b Raggae Cajun Jazz Blues I Love My Vinyl!

Sérgio Resende says:

Excellent selection. I’m a little bit older, a lot of those albums where (and still are because I own it) a reference for my musical life. When I put them it’s not only music playing, they are also “time machines”. Cheers

Helmut W. Fanck says:

Hi..thank’s for your nice Video! You’re right..these records sound’s real great. You’re have some records from Ry Cooder?? Another great vinyl….All of them.



Cieosis says:

Merci pour fleetwood mac, i very like this album 🙂

John Esposito says:

Great Video ! I am born again to vinyl and just purchased a Fluance turntable. ( not the greatest but I heard nice things ) . I agree with all your choices. I am a Frank Sinatra fan and his “Live at the Sands” Album is really awesome ! Cheers from America !

Kenszen says:

Nice video, well done, however that Steely Dan album is pronounced phonetically  “Asia” though it’s spelled “Aja”.

The Quality of vinyl from the mid 70s to early 80s when pressed so badly .. too little vinyl and they would mystically, magically warp.

Is that an Acoustic Signature Turntable.  I bought the Acoustic Signature Final Tool AND NEVER COULD USE IT!  I had little or no confidence in it.  I actually found out when I looked and looked for a rubber belt to spin the platter but in the beginning they wanted to you to use STRING, STRING!  No lie!  And the guy you had to deal with knew how to make great products but he hates customers!!  That’s real.  The arm board was the wrong size and it too they 6 YEARS to send me a correct one and I had to pay for it!  I’ve heard they become better and better so now they may be “the turntable”.  I still regret it!  I wanted a ClearAudio turntable.  Or the McIntosh.

Will Coleman says:

Nice picks – Good to see Aja in your selection…

mb13972 says:

Great list of albums.  BTW, the Steely Dan album, Aja,  is pronounced asia (like the continent).

kwazykilla87 says:

First time viewer and you have a new subscriber! Excellent video. I’m new to the landscape but one of my recommendations that I believe sounds amazing on Vinyl is Harelquin by Dave Grusin & Lee Ritenour. Phenomenal recording.

Boss Play TV says:

No way you can get the LP is this condition my friend just to mention they would be well scratched with damaged covers! Good vinyl is expensive now even in charity shops so save up kids

Dilliboi Rubirosa says:

Add Frankie Goes to Hollywood


jesus what is it with audiophiles and Dire Straits? fuck sake

voodoochild1975az says:

Sound advice… take $20 and buy as many of these as you can find on a Saturday hitting dollar bins. For the price of one new album more or less, you can get a decent stack of classic standards that allow the vinyl format to shine.

Curtis Wilbur says:

What’s your thinking on “Days of Future Past” by Moody Blues. I always thought that the mix of Rock and Orchestral sounds required a step-up in recording quality, but maybe I’m wrong on that.

Yura Ginderoff says:

Where you found this albums for $1?

Janusz Przewlocki says:

Dire straits was recorded ONLY in digital way. Then mastered to vinyl. How vinyl maniacs can accept that?

Half MT says:

Sade is pronounced Shar-Day. That Tracy Chapman record for close to $1?


Have yer got any dubstep blad…?

Duck Twacy says:

Got them all on cd or sacd, sounds much better.could easily mention 100+ more albums

JohnsRadios says:

Vinyl is going up, but got two LP’s this weekend for $1 each. Pat Methany and BTO both in great condition.

Schlipperschlopper says:

Here an old Czech HQ turntable playing Dvorak 9th symphony in the best quality I ever heard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AznfLV_Idw&t=0s

InternalCombustionGenie says:

Hi, fellow vinyl enthusiast. Right after seeing this video I paid a visit to my local shop. And wouldn’t you know it; right in a dusty old crate on the floor I find both albums from Sade and Tracy Chapman from this video. Totally made my day ☺
Greets from a new subscriber in Norway.

echodelta9 says:

No but it has to be at program level not distant from a mic. Didn’t bother to try and listen.

Phil Davis says:

I love your attitude! I wish we all didn’t have to be so careful about what we say out of fear of stupid comments. I don’t think you should worry about that. $1 is only an estimate to reasonable people. Anyhow, I have good news and bad news. Good news, I was hoping to find some new material to listen to, but I already know 9 out of ten of the ones you mentioned! That is both bad and good! I agree with you on these choices. Money for nothing is my favorite song of all time. I have bought it 4 or 5 times in different formats. (45rpm was first.). Nothing can replace the experience of playing vinyl, however I have learned that one of the reasons we like the vinyl sound so much has to do with better mastering techniques that have gone extinct now, not so much the vinyl itself. Brothers in Arms was one of the very first DIGITAL recordings actually, at 44.1 kHz, 16 bit! But it’s still beautiful. The performance sure helped! The drummer is a legend in my book. Keep it up anyhow! It’s all about the music in the end. I wish I had that music collection! I would love to chat about the equipment we have and love, and where we are from. Liked and followed.

PradesLiveConcerts says:

10 Audiophile Albums That Can Be Found In The 1$ Bin AKA 10 Record with good mix and good mastering and with High Dinamic Range. The record are made with the same material, process,…..etcetera.

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