#35 Audiophile Vinyl Update – MFSL, Analogue Productions, Classic Records, Japanese, CBS Mastersound

Hello Friends,
I collected some new audiophile pressings over the last couple of months. I hope you like the finds.


John Carey says:

Here are vinyl you may like Beatles on ” Fabulous Sound Lab” https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUJkdNx-QKjLp80vSo3NnPw/videos?feature=hovercard


I take all of your suggestions to heart, then I start looking for yours. Simply great videos you have. Of my 10 or so MFSL’s, my favorite album is YEAR OF THE CAT by Al Stewart. Alan Parsons production of course, but the compositions, mixes, and final product is just outstanding.

Keep up your good work. And always the best from us in California. (Moody Blues DAYS OF is Epic)

Dorka Dezsö says:

What a headline: -In Search Of The Lost Chord-. Well, Armien, if you are searching, I know where to find: the Lost Chord is on ECM-1173 first song: -Spirit Lake- It’s there being played on the instrument some three or four times.

Sebastien Mills says:

awesome man !! enjoy the music 🙂

Larry Magee says:

I love the end of this video, “classical music sucks on vinyl.” That’s why I don’t buy vinyl. CD IS THE PERFECT MEDIUM FOR CLASSICAL MUSIC, it’s virtually noise free. I don’t know how people can stand to listen to Jazz, or anything else for that matter, on vinyl. I got tired of the “snap, crackle, pop” years ago and dumped it for CD.

darkdubh says:

I have Walking In Space,a great album.Very nice Christmas present from your parents.Great update Armien,have agood weekend.

BarakaPDub says:

Nice pick ups Armien.   All very solid albums.  While I don’t personally own it, I have heard the Shelby Lynne record from Analogue Productions and it sounds fantastic.  I didn’t realize there was another company that issued that album.

Vol Volume says:

I found a mono mix / promo copy of Tarkus which sounds so beautiful to my ears.

robert balboni says:

hi armien great record purchases.all classic lps  and I am sure it is super to habe them on quality audiophile releases. I like Shelby lynne and only own a cd by her but the one you have with dusty springfield covers sounds really nice to try and find but not the clear vinyl release as you say it sucks. thanks for all the information take care.    rob

dtrhphotos says:

Cool stuff! If it’s not too much trouble, can you tell me what methods you use to clean your records?

nmeunier says:

The Moody Blues and ELP digital surround sound versions totally blow away anything on two channel vinyl. Sorry, but it’s true.

The Vinyl Potato says:

Hi Armien. Nice pickups. CCR is so much fun to listen!
Those Mofi album looks amazing and in great condition. Robert Z should be proud. 
You really got my attention when you said Alternative Country. I will definitely check out Cowboy Junkies. Great video.

A.J. Smith says:

What does “audiophile” mean? Is it the way the album is pressed?

dixielandfarm says:

In Search of the Lost Chord is my favorite Moodys album, and just a fantastic record.  I was just telling Zach/ZeekGeek that the Shelby Lynne album was one Audiophiles go gaga over…

derosa1989 says:

Nice find on the classic records copy of The Cowboy Junkies Trinity sessions album! Since you really liked it, I would suggest looking for The Caution Horses, and Black Eyed Man, they are two great albums. I’m from Toronto, the band’s home town, and have owned these records since they were released. Funny enough, I didn’t buy them on cd at the time, even though it was a much more popular format, and I’m happy I kept my original vinyl all these years!

Vinyl Richie says:

As always enjoyed your video.

VinylPatrol says:

Nice stuff!

FlipSideCT says:

Hi Armien, you Audiomaniac.  cooooool finds.  I only find scratched versions of Willy (CCR), must be great to hear….one of their best.
Just got the Cowboy Junkies a few weeks ago…but nothing like yours……a beauty.
Lol, you said exactly why I do not buy classical on vinyl……I just can’t. Thanks, Steve

xycbuh1 says:

Hey, möchte Dir ein Lob für die interessanten und unterhaltsamen Videos aussprechen. Gucke sie mir echt gerne an, Hoffentlich kommt noch das ein oder andere dazu.

LG Felix

TheAgeOfAnalog says:

Good stuff, especially the MoFi Tarkus.

HiViNyws channel says:

Hi Armien 🙂 great to see you again!
You’re really grooving along in your vinyl collecting! Appreciate your updates.
We are all the more informed by your varied music acquisitions!

Best regards,
Your brother in VC,
Ian 🙂
HiViNyws channel.

mudlinkdog says:

I like your love of music and vinyl, I still have every lp i bought from the early 70s when my hard earned dollars were budgeted for one new lp a week, happy subscriber

fish man says:

some great finds there my friend. And i agree with you, i was blown away when i heard Fortunate Son. When i hear it i pretend i’m flying a Huey helicopter over the jungles of Vietnam during the war

Dukerbud 88 says:

Hello from Canada!! I collect the Audiophile Prod and MFSL as well. Great review. You have great Parents!!!…(ELP)
Dying to get the Peter Gabriel on Classic Records….if you know anyone who has them sealed…let me know.
Your new Vinyl Friend from Canada
PS – Love your videos!!!

Popdroid Musicblog says:

Incredible new adds. Moody Blues “Days of Future Past” is definately one of my favourite classic albums of all time. 3 of their albums are in the same league as The Beatles for me.

Speeker says:

Hi, Armien.
Wow, a Canadian “grail” in the Cowboy Junkies. Good job.
Gorgeous stuff. Love the CCR, ELP and Moodies’ albums.
Take care, Jeff

Worm your Honour says:

Thank you for posting such wonderful videos. I love your enthusiasm, collection and just your videos in general. Rock on, man.

swordfish52 says:

Danke Armien !!       Jimmy in N.Y.

Steven C1970 says:

Love your videos. Top 2 of all VC channels. Since you go hunting in Germany a lot, is there a way you’d check for a German pressing of an album for me? Looking for Pink Floyd’s “The Final Cut” on the Harvest Label. Most important would be to find on with the best, closest to mint sleeve. Since the sleeve is black, the ones I find here in the U.S. show major ring wear and corner damage. I’m hoping to pay little more for a near mint German Harvest pressing.

Myron Helton says:

Shelby Lynne. An Analogue Recordings 2008 lp. Doug Sax recorded this on analog tube recorder.

Hacı Mustafa Us says:

I have begun to watch your videos for two days , I think you should add Supertramp’s Brother where you bound. (German pressing) and Jethro Tull’s Crest of a knave.

HappyGaming says:

Hi armien!
Zuerst einmal: Richtig cooles video! Respekt! 😉
Meine fragen: könntest du einmal eine top liste mit deinen lieblingsalben erstellen? Und hast du schon einmal von der gruppe tame impala oder archive gehört?
Lg aus österreich! 🙂

Vince Guarnere says:

Armien great stuff!! My mother actually had that Melissa M. LP. Great Mofis!!! I have very few myself one of which is the Nights in White Satin you have.

Sean Zloch says:

I have a question. When you flip over your LPs to reveal the back side, there appears to be a white index card in the sleeve with the record. I’m just curious what that’s for.

I have a friend who sticks Post-it notes on his inner sleeves with the date he cleaned the record, what fluids he used, and what machine. I was curious if you’re doing something similar.

bumblesby says:

I love everything by Analogue Productions. I am currently collecting the 25 Living Stereo Classical reissues. Just wow. The CCR Absolute Originals box set by AP is available for pre-order, I think I will get that one. I don’t have any MoFi reissues, but I really don’t like the banner across the top they put on the jacket. I think it ruins the spirit of it.

aekastar says:

Hey, Armien!  some beautiful pressings there!  always great to see 😀
You also reminded me I wanted to check out Cowboy Junkies…. that album sounds very interesting!

Victor Nica says:

Nights in White Satin is actually not the first song, you’re referencing the lyrics to The Day Begins, but it’s a great album either way. Cheers, Armien!

My Analog Corner says:

Hi Armien
Great audiophile additions to your collection… I always want to to strait to a web shop that sells audiophile vinyl, when I see video’s like this.
It’s been a while since I’ve bought a MoFi pressing. It’s about time I buy one again 🙂

Did you shoot the video like I showed in my iPhone selfie video?

ppstone sanchez says:

It is likely that the noise that is heard on the record even after having thoroughly cleaned it is due to static in the vinyl, use an anti-static cleaning product to eliminate it, if you have not done so yet my friend.

Axel Book says:

Hallo Armien.
Tolle Neuzugänge! Mit einigen Klassikern!
Schönes Restwochenende!.



JazzLicka says:

Love your enthusiasm for vinyl , your taste in music and love most the fact you have an excellent replay system.
I am more a digital man myself , 60s baby I grew up on vinyl.
Check out Kin – Pat Metheny Group it is sublime

vinyl79 says:

I cant watch anymore of your videos.. too jealous !  lol

Bob Ogus says:

can u please tell those guys @ speakers corner records “WE WANT MORE AAA MOODY BLUES PRESSINGS”. lol

dereckvon says:

Armien you are a true vinyl junkie. Great taste in music.

Antoine Walraevens says:

Great finds Armien ! I don’t know everything in this video of course, but you sure have a lot of taste in buying your vinyl 😀

Dorka Dezsö says:

TARKUS: wow, man, gave it another spin, today, and, fascinating. I happened to be in the USA when Tarkus was launched in the US, august 1971, and bought myself First-Day American pressing on Cotillion, later on got bored with it and sold it: St…d st…d, wrong decision. A few months ago I bought a fresh-new two-record Tarkus over here in Holland, on Music On Vinyl, and it’s really awesome. Excellent vinyl, and it emphasizes that selling my Cotillion first-day-copy was big mistake. Great music.

Kevin Demovic says:

Hallo Armien,
Sind wirklich ein paar tolle Sachen dabei! Ich wollte dich fragen ob du vielleicht ein paar Empfehlungen für Alben auf Kopfhörern hättest? Ich höre mit Stax-Elektrostaten und habe bisher ganz tolle Erfahrungen mit Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Paul Simon, Fleetwood Mac (Rumours) und vor allem auch Jazz gemacht. Hättest du vielleicht ein paar Alben die ich mir unbedingt noch holen sollte?


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