Acura Pro Audiophile BT/NFC Headphone Review & Sound Test


Acura Pro Audiophile BT/NFC Headphone Review & Sound Test

Aladdinaudio Acura Pro Wireless Headphones

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Jim Shibo says:

That shirt looks so bad on camera, it burns my eyes

gavin singleton says:

i bought my guitar because IT felt good in my hands to

Hacky2447 says:

There are two issues I see with those headphones.

1. the price is just silly, but I’m not a audiophile type person.
2. the vinyl on the outside of the headphones. for 400 bucks. I would expect plush soft material. not that crap material that will break down and split.

Are the ear cups replaceable?

xierxu says:

A whole new world.

Bora Bilir says:

You can use the adapter for old planes

Eric Arson says:

what do you compare sound to?

Madara WF says:

is it me or its looks just like th beast even the unboxing

Dev Raj Sunuwar says:

Aviation converter are used in the airplane.

Robstrap says:

Tbh they copied the design from beats, they look like those fake beats you get up town from market stools

Max Reed says:

it’s adapter for a airplane converts a regular headphone jack so you can just use the TV or radio on board

schmudge says:

AKG all the way sorry

Michael Chapman says:

“The reason they are metal is because, is because of what they are made out of”

Gary A says:

well they look nice – the first song you played on the recording was fucking awesome too btw. Good review

AKACS says:

looks like beats.

Skid Row says:

I would never put Sony and audiophile in the same sentence

StoreBrand says:

listened to the examples on some pretty decent speakers and I must say, WOW very clear sound. Bass wasn’t overwhelming, nice mids and highs just wow and I’m sure they sound better connected to an amp and in person. Very impressed. Don’t like the tribal looking designs though.

Ghetto Cy says:

the sound just superb…….

Isfahan An-Nur Haslan says:

I consider you very knowledgeable, yet an expert to explain complicated stuff to make it easy for average people like me to understand. Besides understanding tech, you being a musician makes me take your opinions seriously in the audio department.

I don’t have much to spend so reviews really matter to me. Yet I have not yet found a headphone that perfectly fits my requirements.

A. aladdinaudio Acura
1. Quality built
2. Great sound
3. Bluetooth
1. Non replaceable battery (like SteelSeries H Wireless)
2. Not for console gaming

2. SteelSeries H Wireless
1. Good built
2. Great sound
3. Excellent replaceable batteris
4. For console gaming
1. No bluetooth

C. Turtle Beach PX51
1. Good sound
2. Bluetooth
3. For console gaming
1. Doesn’t look well built
2. No replacement batteries

What I am looking for,
1. Quality built like the aladdinaudio
2. Great sound
3. Replacement batteries to swap like the H Wireless
4. For console gaming
5. Bluetooth for mobile/outdoors

AshersAdventure says:

Would you recommend these for Pro-long Gaming ? as in ease of use with mic , no problems with choppy voice ? let me know ! i need a new gaming headset ! haha

MINT says:

The adapter, is a stereo to dual mono adapter. Is use for comercial airplanes.

House Shark says:

Is that the wig you wear when you become Elrica?

Pink Freud says:

Are you sure it’s not blue and black?

Pluruo says:

that one is an adaptor charger for places like italy. we have that kind of connection 😉 awesome headphones. cant find them 🙁

TheMackapacka says:

can you use the headphones un-powered? like i could with my crappy old skill candy headphones

Deon Spates says:

The price is insane. Woahhh…

Omar Touzani says:

This looks like the type of gadgets i would never buy. $400 for a headphones that probably costs less than $30 to produce!

Nite Owl says:

elric, do you have a drumset? I’ve been playing drums for almost 30 years. started when I was 12. my brother is a shredding guitarist. I wanna get loaded, play some metal than shoot you in the face on world of tanks. what do you say man? drunk metal Lan party ftw!!!

Brendon I says:

Bluedio legends will be the best bluetooth headphones you would ever want. Enough said

MrAndreas8787 says:

the adaptor is for the pc
if you want to use the mkic on a pc

Niels Grobben says:

I’m 100% sure those headphones are blue and black, not gold and white

Melibond 64 says:

The Aviation adapter is for listening to music in the airplane…cause airplanes are so old in audio technology that they nned two inputs for a stereo sound…

PhantomDrawing says:

Those are some real sweet looking headphones.

Reza Momeni says:

Tech of Tomorrow thanks, its not a bad headphone also nice review. I am actually been looking to buy a pair of headphones but not sure what to get. the one I am looking to get needs to also have noise cancelling and allow me to take calls. I have found a few high end ones that cover everything, but the problem is unless I buy them to test I cant tell which one to go for. I was wondering if you could do a review and see if you can find a pair of headphones that can cover all the features I need but also will give me the sound quality to make it’s price worth it.


Keep up the good work, I really like your reviews and the deal reviews.


Your vids are awesome !!! Keep them coming !

Adrian Gabay says:

So you can use your headphone on the inflight entertainment.

Jenny Maren Luv says:

+tech of tomorrow Wow! I missed you a lot. I used to watch tech video and i just look up to your channel for every new tech video. I really missed the benchmark song that’s played by you. Awesome.

woopygoman says:

1. They really look like Beats
2. “Acura”

LOL. Lawsuits incoming for sure!

Rehia Eddy David Chaves says:

Oh look ! Guardians of the Galaxy OST ! 🙂

TexasTakeover says:


Insomniac4Ever says:

Sounds to me like these really push the mids. Not bad sounding, but for the price you can get better.

TIM Grills says:

“The reason they’re metal is because what they’re made out of”….lol

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