Adam F5 Speakers Review Computer HiFi Audioengine D1 Audiophile

A review of my Adam F5 studio monitor speakers. They are hooked up to my computer via an Audioengine D1 DAC. Probably one of the best bang for buck desktop systems available.


drkastenbrot says:

You seem like an audiophile that actually isnt that stupid and buys 1000$ power leads.
Or use tube amps with super linear speakers.

Adam A7X are the best Studio Monitors I ever used. You can pay more and get bigger speakers, but its not gonna get any better than that for music production.

One good tip: Insulate those speakers properly using pads or standoffs, that way you eliminate table resonance.

Redrash12 says:

Hey, good video. I want to get the same pair of speakers but I also want to hook up and Audionengine S8 Subwoofer along with the speakers. Will I need a different DAC for that? If so, what would you recommend? thanks

Jagan says:

have you compared ADAM F5 with JBL LSR 305, Yamaha MSP 5

techfreshness says:

great choice man. you got them for a steal if you got the pair for 350. the auto shutoff doesn’t annoy you though?

MrHakim says:

I dont know what to choose between adam f5 and jnl lsr305 what do u think?

Kenneth Gibson says:

that’s a pretty nice pair of computer speakers you got there.. I was going to get the Mackie MR8’s but they don’t look good and for an extra £96 I feel these both look and are likely to sound better too.

ZiK says:

Hey nice video im new to studio monitors and i have a question. Is there any point of buying those to drive them with 100$ PC sound card? I want something better than regular PC speakers and it is really hard for me to decide if there is even a point in spending so much money on speakers if my sound card is not like at least 500$? Also another question: is there a speaker cover for theese? Because i notice not many monitors have it?

ThatCrazyFlashaholic 67 says:

These are great speakers, i also use them for Music, later this week i will be getting the Emotiva Airmotiv 6s, they should be killer for $399, i paid a little over $500 for the F5.

TheDutchSandwich says:
Ender çağlar says:

can ı use it only listen to music and watch movies ? ıs ıt proper to use it for pc hı fı system ?

Kevin Campos says:

which would you say is better for mixing and mastering music Yamaha hs7 or Adam f5? thanks!!!

desmoface says:

Thanks for the review, I’m ready to pull the trigger on these as we speak. I must admit, I wish I had more room for the f7’s as I watched a comparison video between them and the f5’s and the 7’s sounded much better – but they should. I’m planning on running a a 3.5mm to dual rca breakout cable and just using my pc’s volume control to adjust the volume – do you think that would work? Not really interested in going the dac route. Thanks again.

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