AKG K7XX – The “Affordable” Audiophile Headphones!

AKG is known for producing legendary headphones but they aren’t exactly inexpensive. For the K7XX AKG teamed up with Massdrop to produce headphones that are based of their popular K702 but cost nearly $100 less. But does that extra saving come with any sacrifices? Let’s find out!

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Draz ᴴᴰ says:

You say they are affordable, but also that they require a dac/amp, and the one shown in the video costs almost three times what the headphones cost.

So what would you combo these with?

Top Skills says:

doesnt have “gaming” in the title. they must suck then

Shinychicken1000 says:

hd6xx or AKG K7XX for gaming?

A.SJ.G says:

Are you russian?

niot tome says:

Hey guys, I have a question about pc builds and wanted to know what a good computer case is good that isn’t too much money.

Uchiha Madara says:

May have to add these to my open collection ive started so far I have the HD 668b from Superlux and the Sennheiser HD 598 this certainly be a great add

PBoii says:

Superlux 681 EVO all the way


Are these better than the Phillips X2?

John Jones says:

Hmmm… I’ll stick to my Grado SR80i.

Moonzel says:

the DT990’s are way better

Leon Z says:

Should i get these or the hd6xx? Not planning on using amp which is the best without a amp?

Chris Jeong says:

uhhh, doesnt the amp drive the headphone and not the dac?

Cole Byre says:

I have to say nothing has ever really topped my DT 990 Pro 250s. If they stopped working right now I wouldn’t even consider shopping around. I’d just buy them again. Best 150 I’ve ever spent on headphones hands down.

Matthew says:

i have my Senhissher 598’s plugged into an Astro mixamp, is that bottle necking my headset or is the Astro mixamp fine?

Rawaf_xD says:

These or the cloud alpha for gaming and music?

Birki gts says:

For the price AKG makes the best open back headphones imo, Audiotechinca does closed back better though. My AKG K-712 Pro’s are just a joy to listen too.

Sir Caco says:

Affordable? Naaaahh miss me with that. I paid 30 bucks for my Samson SR850s.

Alpha Bet says:

Dude, your voice like warm apple pie.

hanyoukimura says:

I would like to see a roundup of sub-$100 headphones and test how they compare to more expensive ones. I Obviously the more expensive ones will be better, but I’d like to know how close one can get for under $100

Ayyy lmao says:

I have these and love em, mine broke a couple of times the soldering on the cables inside the cups are pretty weak but can also be easily fixed

Elise Wouters says:

Drop ruling fortune announcement hill prison monster most evil sandwich.

mortusqz says:

K712 pro Eu made > k7xx china made , all day long ,better pads , better sound signature , biuld quality,, on ebay can be bought for 199 eur , Slovakia made , do yourself favor buy k712 pro

thenewsamken says:

AKG 7XX is fine if you’re SURE about buying one (price-wise), the sound is phenomenal but the build quality is fairly lackluster for such a heavy priced headphone, add the fact that it’s a Massdrop exclusive product, which means that they’re not available for anyone outside the US unless you use a Parcel Forward service.

Otherwise the Philips SHP9500, Superlux HD 681 EVO or the Samson SR850 are safer recommendations

jacky chong says:


Eero says:

Hey I’m looking for a case.
Well look no further*snap*. I got this beaty.

Mohamed Eldoush says:

The moment I heard the price I gave up on watching the rest of the video

Scott Smith says:

I had HD650’s for a few months and ended up returning them for these. Absolutely love the comfort and flexibility of these headphones!

Oddly enough the 650’s drove just fine on my desktop but these needed an amp so keep that in mind if you purchase these.

The detail of sound in these headphones is freakin’ awesome for gaming. Better than the HD650’s in my opinion.

Jan Zaborski says:

Which headstet should i buy? Hyperx cloud alpha or logitech g433 or steelseries arctis 5? (im looking for good headstet to play csgo and pubg)

Linden Parkes says:

Two baked in sponsor spots in one video? Really?

Subsonic's Beatbox Tutorials says:

AKG are THE worst headphones ever, dont buy people or you will be returning them if u do. Awful sound and overpriced crap.

matt_9908 says:

I have open-backs so I can still hear my mom calling for dinner while I’m at the PC…

Jerome Santuico says:

People have to realise the term “audiophile” is used in the context of affordable. Yes they’re not cheap, but they’re at a low cost regarding they are considered audiophile gear.

Bloodpact Guild says:

As an AKG long-time fan, one pair of these were a hard sell compared to five pairs of Superlux HD668B. That’s basically a lifetime supply.

Paweł Skowronek says:

Check out Takstar Pro82, Bosshifi/Kinden B8, Philips SHP9500

Solara says:

I had this pair. And I compared them to the Status Audio OB-1 which I also owned and the SA blows it out of the water which honestly shocked me because they’re an inexpensive set. The AKG is superior in comfort due to its massive drivers and it engulfs your ear entirely. You can honestly wear them for 12hrs and not be bother with it and since it’s OB your ear is always breathing so you’d experience zero fatigue. However in sound quality, the Status Audio OB-1 is superior it’s almost twice as loud and it’s clear too. I paired the AKG with AMPs and DACs to enhance it more and it only bumped it like 15%, which was a disappointment. $199+ for just the looks and comfort? I couldn’t justify it when the SA is $60 bucks and are a far better value. I ended up returning my AKGs. I look forward to testing out the HD6XX tho

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