Am I the only audiophile that doesn’t love Roon? + Music review

Roon, I don’t get it? If you don’t know what Roon is check it out here, Sorry, I neglected to describe exactly what Roon is, I copied this: The Roon music server runs on either a PC or a Mac, but it can manage your music library wherever it’s located on your network: on the computer’s hard drive, on a NAS box, or in folders on multiple networked devices. And you can establish multiple user profiles so that each person in your household can compile their own lists of favorites and have their own unique play history and music recommendations

Willie Nelson’s Teatro album,

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Andreas Landgren says:

I.think you mean moon? XD

Mike Kimball says:

Me neither Beth!

Andreas Landgren says:

Streaming is Also a fraud. You own nothing.

coachafella says:

Don’t use Roon, but have hundreds of CD’s that I ripped and store on my PC, use Serviio and DLNA into my receiver. Then BubbleUPnP app on my phone to play through the stereo. I can’t imagine ever going back to CD’s and vinyl in racks to wade through to find a song I want to hear. The accessibility and flexibility of finding and playing any song I own in seconds is just amazing. Then while one is playing to scan through the full library listing, pick and choose a playlist sequence, while sitting in my stereo sweet spot. Heaven for a music lover. If you really enjoy the process of finding, loading, unloading, filing physical media then have at it. I’ll spend my time listening.

Melvin E. Cagle says:

Really !! Just what is this idiot saying he is ?? After seeing second of this guy the one thing stands out is !! Believe he’d be happy with lavender Larry !!

Charles Ludwig says:

Steve, our exuberance for our passions naturally begs for company, that’s to say we might want to become recruiters. I no longer plea for any to join me in hobby interests. How does the saying go “don’t cast your pearls to swine”?

muchotone says:

It may be a good concept but not needed by a large number of people including myself. Just another option to organize and optimize your collection, I guess. I would rather budget my disposable income for the artists themselves instead of all these services.

Geerladenlad says:

Do you have anything from Mark Waldrep? AIX records recordings? If so how do you think they compare to vinyl?

james18704 says:

No, you are not alone. I signed up for a trial and by the end of it I decided it was not worth $500 for a lifetime subscription. In fact, I found it to be overkill for how I listen to music (no upsampling, DSD, or DSP). As a library manager it’s terrific and if you use it to it’s potential you might think it’s a bargain at its price point.

Robert Bryant says:

The threat of computer based audio to companies that manufacture expensive audio components is real, but computer audio is not going away. Its sound has been improved significantly and it is convenient to use. The quality of found between CD’s and downloads is almost indistinguishable when computer systems are set up properly and the source material is good. Vinyl still sounds better, especially older vinyl in the days before digital recordings. The ear loves analogue and is not easily fooled by most digitally recorded music. A little more rational discussion of this matter might be helpful.

miles5k says:

steve do yu like ligma?

krellman7 says:

Hi Steve. No, you’re not the only one who doesn’t love Roon. There are alternatives available that I happen to like much better. It’s interesting how well the company markets the product and is able to get people to spend $119.00 annually to listen to their own music…LOL. It really shows how gullible people can be!

Crazy prayingmantis says:

Never heard of him

David Elliott says:

Roon, for people that take digital audio seriously and know how to get the most out of digital audio.

johnny gohard says:

Dop, simple , dsd, simple, get a haircut man, and WTF ,,iTunes
You should change your name to audiomaniac

Jonathan C says:

Unsubscribed, goodbye fossil.

Fred Costas says:

I have some reservations about Roon, not sure how well it works out for classical.

phototristan says:

Roon is great. I thought I would regret it but I totally don’t. Thanks for the album recommendation, I added it on Tidal in Roon.

ProGwardzista says:

I like folder view 🙂

Skerdi Kostreci says:

What a stupid video! You never told us WHY you don’t like Roon

Russell Slager says:

I use Plex for movies and my music. It’s free.

rollstuhlwolf says:

Adapter? I think you meant “adopter”. An early adopter of new technology means someone who went out and purchased the Minidisc or Pono Flac player or Betamax, as soon as it was available for consumers. An early “adapter” would be an individual who gets used to a new format or technology after it has been out and accepted as a better option for most people.

Sheerkhanful says:

I don’t get Roon. Why pay so much money for something that Logitech Media Server and iPeng can do better and for

Andreas Landgren says:

I like piratebay

Dan Bretherton says:

Thank you, you make me feel normal.

rikirk66 says:

Roon doesn’t do good to the sound. I tried and in my system with renderer and upsampling makes the music less engaging. I found out I am not the only one thinking the same, just check the computer audiophile forum.

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