AMAZING SOUND: Grado SR80 “Audiophile” Headphone Review

I’ve had the Grado SR80 headphones for about ten years. I’ve gone through a lot of headphones in that time but these have stayed in the collection. They sound great, very transparent, and can be driven by just about any device. These things are legend.

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PSX says:

you will always be JTL for us <3 😀

Ross Meeten says:

Jtl I’m a total newbie when it comes to audio. Could you possibly help me? I’m looking for a set of headphones for gaming. A mic is not necessary but could be added later. I’ve recently purchased a e10k and also a turtle beach pro tac. I’m planning to pick up a pro headset too. I’ve watched a lot of your videos to grasp a knowledge but unsure in which direction to go. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Ross

jl dotson says:

Have the SR60’s and the Sennheiser HD600’s

Randolph Lee says:

They are good!

Billy Cool says:

How do these sound compared to your Sennheiser hd600?

themrmikemcd says:

Love the *zoom in* “Premium”. Haha. Love it.

Mufasa says:

Get the sr60e, it’s all you need, then change the pads to the EarZonk L cushions pads. They outshine some of my best headphones. The sound that come out of these Grados is phenomenal. I have the 60e, 325e and the RS2e Woody. Running them off my Tubes, the Little Dot Mk2 with the tube upgrade and my Sony Walkman ZX2 is priceless sound.

katalysis says:

You like them more than the HD600? :sadface:

Martín Altamirano says:

I’ve been watching a lot of your videos and you’re a really great Youtuber who deserve way more subscribers 😛
Keep it up!

Greetings from Chile 😀

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