Among the best-sounding audiophile headphones
Sennheiser’s HD 700 isn’t just one of the best-sounding headphone models we’ve tested, it’s also remarkably comfortable to wear for hours at a time.


Emil Fernlund says:

Well you still don’t think these are overpriced??
Look at the review “Real” people have done, Some think you can get a better headphone for half the price 😛

Satfgk says:

The HD 700 is a weird beast. It doesn’t sound like the HD 800 nor the HD 600. It has a nice full and natural midrange (not much different from the LCD-2 in terms of midrange tone in fact), a nice strong bass (fuller than the HD 800, not as flat as the LCDs and a bit more “playful”) and the treble is really unpleasant, making sibilants and bright instruments sound piercing. Because of this, I consider the HD 700 a failure. Shame.

toddjoe123 says:

No you can`t, you can get very good headphones for half the price but they won`t be as good never mind better.

Divine Miner says:

Yeah get these over Bose QC15’s and I dont even get Noise Cancellation? 1000 Dollars HELL NO

Ted Farabee says:

Wow, they look too big and bulky for my taste. I will stick with my Bose:)

Tyree Lampkin says:

Just bought these and should be getting them in about a week. I have no idea how good to expect these to sound because I’m coming from the ATH-M50s which are the only headphones I have owned. Cross my fingers and hope these were worth the money.

Helmanda Karzai says:

Best sounding headphone?? Then Audio Technica ATH-M50 is the real deal. Amazon got them for a very cheap price with superb performance –

The Swegodelic Commenter ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) says:

Hd 800 are 1500 dollars

Emil Fernlund says:

who gives a fuck how they look, they don’t look bad but i guess everybody have thier on opinion 😛 You ain’t gonna wear these in public anyway 😛

1bentley4ever says:

Too bad. I think I would rather go for the HD600s among the higher end Sennheisers. They seem like the best value for money. I don’t like a lot of roll off in my treble. It makes music sound dull and untextured.

1bentley4ever says:

Those are just impressions I have heard from people. Mostly people used to AKG sounds. I have not heard the LCD-2 myself.

1bentley4ever says:

For 1000 I think I would probably go for the Audeze LCD-2 instead. Not a 3D sound though, but likely more fun.

Max Dickson says:

Hey guys,

You should check out the reviews for the Sennheiser Hd 598. There really good. I am selling a used pair on for £55. I bought them for £200. Their in excellent condition. I recently bought the Beats executive so their is no point of having these other headphones. The excact name on ebay is Sennheiser HD 598 headphones EUC. I ship to all countries though their will be a bigger shipping price for outside the United Kingdom. If you are interested check them out on ebay.

Milford Cubicle says:

my beats are so much better then these stinkers . even celebrities who are millionares wear them

Israel Berrios says:

Some good headphones around the $100?!

Emil Fernlund says:

Look i don’t think you would be ashamed to wear them outside, but it’s not really ment for it. They are an open design, they have a 300 ohm impedens so your phone or other media player wont play well with them, and they’re bulky.
There are much better options in this catagory.

Tarik Durak says:

Bose is worth your money.

ori udy says:

1000 bucks?! Fuck off!

Attomic Rooster says:

Lets not forget to achieve the best possible sound quality you’re also been a need a good source, around about a £5000 CD player

Israel Berrios says:

Some good headphones around the $100?!

pnojazz says:

R these discontinued and replaced by the HD 800’s?

Satfgk says:

The HD 700s are actually fun to listen to with a warm sound, unlike the clinical, thin sounding piece of shit HD 800 flagship. The problem with the HD 700 is the treble which has a bright, sharp nature to it. Very bothersome to listen to and ruins an otherwise great headphone.

The LCD-2 is flatter and more neutral than the HD 700, and slightly more refined.

Conny Hernö says:

in europe sennhasier are cheaper you can get hd800 at 10000 sek with VAT

gearofwar113 says:

@ghmasterjj sure, because the person is chino? what a d**k

Łukasz Janczak says:

Yes. Yes, that was a joke.

1bentley4ever says:

I never thought they would have been a fun headphone. I thought they are like the HD800s. I heard people say that about the HD800s, and how their treble is overemphasized for an impression of detail, making it tiresome and with an of- sounding timbre as result. Are the HD700s anything like the HD600s? When I can afford a better setup, I will likely go for either some HD700s, or the Beyer Tesla T1. I am not sure if I would like the thicker, more 2D and darker sound to the LCD-2s.

ridemytube247 says:

@ 0:52, now THATS… a mans chin, lmao!

Satfgk says:

That or the LCD-3.

hardcoregamerlv says:

Not Even beats cant touch these or there big brother the HD 800 the $1,500 price tag make sure it’s on a league of TRUE audiophile

Mr Green says:

When it comes to high end headphones there are ones that will bring out every detail making every mistake amplified and colorful headphones that make everything sound good. These are forgiving but not really colorful.

Zapper House says:

Sub multiple headphones plz

Jossell Araiza says:

it sounds like these are the beats of audiophiles while the beats are for the noobs….i’ve never heard these. I wish i could test all the headphones in the world so i can assure people which are the best.

nktrists says:

Are you a troll, or just stupid?

Satfgk says:

The LCD-2 is not overly thick, just very smooth. Strong bass but doesn’t muddy things up AT ALL. The treble opens up a bit with proper burn-in. I find the LCD-2 to be a remarkably balanced and natural headphone, very detailed but not in your face.

I don’t think it has a “2D sound” at all. Not HD 800 wide soundstage, but imaging is good to my ears.

T1 is great, too. Definitely try to audition next to the LCDs. The LCD-2 is a little better to my ears but you may prefer the brighter T1.

Emil Fernlund says:

I like bose, but it’s not really worth it.
Still a bit to expensiv, tho it’s good it’s not good enough

Donald Scarinci says:

The advertisement is so distracting that I did not wait to watch your video. You are hurting yourself with the ads.

1bentley4ever says:

Basically, the LCD-2 will be the end game headphone for me with the genres I listen to?

Good Guy says:

whos gonna spend a grand on headphones lol.

Satfgk says:

Did you hear the LCD-2 with a tube amp? They work best with solid state. The LCD-2 can also need time to get used to if you’re used to brighter, less tonally rich sounding headphones.

Yeah they might. The T1 has better imaging (it’s excellent in this regard) and more energy in the treble. Like I said I find the LCD-2 to be the technically superior headphone, but I’ve not spent enough time with the Beyer to describe differences in detail.

Łukasz Janczak says:

Why would you ever bring up a comment from three weeks ago and not read an identical question asked to me previously and my response to it? It’s a troll comment.

Satfgk says:

I very much agree with you about treble. I hate when it’s too rolled off too. An example of this (for me) is the Shure SE535, while my personal LCD-2 doesn’t suffer from it.

The HD 600 is indeed great value and has a very natural and balanced sound. It’s Sennheisers best sounding headphone overall in my opinion.

Satfgk says:

Absolutely, the LCD-2 kills with that stuff.

Attomic Rooster says:

Then after that you’ve checked the price of this headphone check the price of the amplifier you probably need to go with it, blue Hawaii

Emil Fernlund says:

Take a look at the AKG K702 65th annies they cost 500$ and these are 1000$
They do sound as good or maybe even better.

Attomic Rooster says:

For all you people who don’t understand sound and are shocked at the price of this headphone, check out the price of the stax sr009

Sylvex Dragonskin says:

Beats suck and are way too overpriced.

Satfgk says:

Don’t trust other people too much with audio. People’s tastes vary SOO much since we all like different music, have different hearing, different gear and different references.

I would not buy a $1000 headphone without spending time with it and create your own view on it. I did that mistake with the HD 800, liked at first but as I heard better headphones and came to appreciate what “neutral” really is the HD 800s just paled.

Jack Ryker says:

The headphone made in Germany. The host made in china.

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