Apple Airpods – An Audiophile Perspective

The Apple Airpods – they’re extremely late, but they’re not as awful as you might expect…

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MegaSmilee1 says:

I like your regular voice, the monotonous speech makes you sound like your soul was leaving your body.

Robbie Gray says:

I have a cheap set of Bluetooth over the ear Headphones that cost $15.99 and not only sound much better than the airpods and are dramatically cheaper but add the functionality of reading directly from a micro SD card or used via standard wire connection and even has FM built in ,so let’s not pretend that your buying these for any other reason than to be a trendy isheep
I actually care about the sound quality of the music I listen to so when listening to music when possible I prefer a full size Headphone but I own several higher end iem’s and a few decent out of the ear canal type like the Bang & Olufsen Earset 3i that if you compared them to the airpods you would never guess they actually cost about the same as apple’s latest gimmick although not wireless you can control your iPhone via the Headphones so if you like music buy a decent pair of Headphones but if you mainly use it for calls asking Siri questions buy a decent single ear Bluetooth earpiece for $20

it’s actually sad Apple over the years has made some amazing products my Pismo laptop comes to mind but these are crap for the mindless with too much money and too little sense

Valentin Gjorgjiovski says:

Hmmm…. Canadian Money Reminds Me Of Australian Money. Did You Copy Us?

__Ttylortheswag__ Gaming tech trolling and more says:


UnkleRiceYo says:

Linus just be throwin’ cash around in these videos!

kefkapalazzo1 says:

you can compare these to wired bluetooth earbuds. compare them to other fully wireless earbuds. the tech in these is far ahead of a jaybird

2cool0 says:

so in other words. it’s a good pair of wireless earphones. does everything you need it to do and works fine and has good sound, not great sound but good. Not bad at all.

Danial khan says:

Tell me how much Apple pay you?

Randuski says:

sure there are millions of ear buds, but all of them are those rubber tip deep ear things that i despise haha no one makes headphones like the earpods anymore. Apple’s it for me

Sai Prameth says:

Hey dude but the original Airpods are only for $159 why you paid 300???

meJANG says:

this review is great! I dismissed my urge to buy airpods and subscribed your channel. Thanks!

Varian Moore says:

they cost 149 on the apple store LOL

The Casual Subculturist says:

It’s funny how 5 fucking month since this video, I still can’t get this shit.

Terminusz says:

your earpods are fucking 30 bucks? i get mine for like 5 brand new lmao

Death Eagle From Hell says:

i dont want to stick toothbrushes in my ear

Kuru itty says:

how to turn off airpods and airpods case ?. also without charging

Zachar Doney says:

So how do they fare? Ok…until you realized you payed waaaaaay too much.

EliainEN says:

First i thought: “Wow! Apple did something good for once!” Then i see the price: “Oh. I forgot. This is Apple.”

The Zombie says:

“newest product from Apple and I need them” typical Apple dipshit logic

[?] where is it [?] says:

honestly android fanboys are the worst!! he is just giving an honest, unbiased review, and everyone in the comments are just saying ignorant, immature shit, which has nothing to do with the review

Michal Landsman says:

You are calling self as “Linus” and you are using the Windows? Really funny.

Jason Becker says:

say what you want I’m just surprised apple made something that works with android.

i'm in the flesh, not the scale says:

Linus’ voice sounds super sad.

Amirul Aqil says:

The Apple Airpods are great but they are more expensive than other earphones

SimsForever2000 says:

they literally look like tiny tooth brush replacements for electric tooth brushes

Cheikh Mowloud says:

0:02 looks like someone has been listening to the new filthyfrank album

Bourbon _Sherbet says:

apple sucks…

Alex Paulsen says:

I like the set with the concealable subwoofer (butt plug).

Gabe7939 says:

they look fucking ridiculous though. they literally did not change the design of their earbuds to make them look good.

M M says:

bad wearing…

p.s.s. santosh says:

i’ll buy it for 10 dollars 😉

Tankboy28 says:

well i will be sticking with my jaybird x3 anyways i got samsung

TrollXOmega says:

Minor correction Linus. The airpods dont have accelerometers. They have proximity sensors

lewis barron says:

Linus you should do a review and comparison on the beats x vs AirPods

Mitch Melton says:

Anyone notice he used the JayBird spacers wrong at 3:28?

Staś says:

and “iNeed them” – beauty ;D

Yasser Gutierrez says:

I bet the second generation air pods will be a lot better! If you ask me, marketing strategy as to why these don’t have buttons.

Wodinn says:

That’s interesting. This was one of the more positive ‘audiophile’ reviews I’ve seen. Fact is though, if you get a pair of EarHoox. The sound is substantially better as the headphones do not move around in your ears.

The Siberian Husky says:

Is it just me or my ear phone volume button is not working even? I got new one and still won’t work.

TheSerius Youtuber says:

i dont want to spend 10grand on airpods!

deuteriumjones says:

Btw you can just leave one EarPod in the charging case if you only want one in your ears. Works fine.

semperanticus says:

Damn are you ugly as heck. That American face is simply and plainly nauseatingly ugly

Mitchell Davidovich says:

When are you gonna do the Samsung S8’s ear buds.

Bassam Abulela says:

You paid over 300 bucks while you can get them from the Apple Store for 150??

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