Apple AirPods – Worth it? – Reviewed & Loved by an Audiophile

Are Apple Airpods worth $159? Cutting to the chase, Yes! They are awesome wireless ear buds with good sound quality and excellent connectivity. They are compact and work like magic!

I’ve had them for 2 weeks now and I really love them, and I think every iPhone user should have a set (especially if you haven an iPhone 7 or newer because you can take advantage of the W1 chipset allowing pairing to happen instantly)

Let’s talk about the things I don’t like about them first:
1) They look a little goofy
2) The sound quality is nothing better than the standard wired apple earphones that come with the iPhones.
3) They connect just fine to my MacBook, however, I notice a slight delay when using it on my Mac, this makes it NOT ideal for editing video. I don’t notice this delay when connecting to my iPhone.

The things I love about it:
1) They are easy to use, just open the case and they are connected to your apple devices. The very first time, and anytime after that. They also sync with your apple ID, so they are automatically paired to all my apple devices!
2) To turn them off you put them in the case, which also charges them. I don’t think about changing them because they last a long time and they are always charging when they are off and in the case. You charge the case up, and the case can provide 24 hours of charge to the AirPods, the AirPods themselves hold 5 hour of charge at time. If you run out of juice on the AirPods, you can pop them in the case for 15 minutes and get 3 hour of listening time.
3) They are super compact and easy for travel. I find myself always carrying them around with me.
4) They are truly wireless and that goes a long way; the freedom they provide is something that you just have to experience to really appreciate.
5) If you remove one of the ear buds, it will pause your video or music, and once you put back the ear bud, your video or music will resume playing again! This is a very convenient feature!
6) They fit amazingly well, I can run and do tons of physical activities and they never fall off. Of course, this depends on the shape of your ear. These AirPods are pretty much identical to the shape of the typical Apple wired Earphones that come with the iPhones, so if they fit the same way.
7) You can configure double tap on each individual air pod to either activate Siri, Play/Pause, go to the Next Track, Previous Track, or turn off that periarticular bud. I like to set my right ear bud double tap to go to the Next Track, and the left ear bud double tap to go to the previous track.
8) Oh yeah, I and if you want to use the AirPods to answer phone calls, they work perfectly well, my wife couldn’t tell the difference when I used the AirPods vs talking directly on the phone!

Things I wish it had:
1) The one feature I wish it could include would be to be able to provide a slide up and slide down gesture on the AirPods to adjust the volume, that would have been awesome!

So for $159, I think these are awesome to have, especially if you have an iPhone 7 or newer device, I totally recommend them. If you have an older apple device or an android device, they will still work via standard Bluetooth, but you lose the instant connecting features of the W1 chipset.; which is a big part of the appeal for me.

Bottom line: I used to travel with my Bose QC15 headphones, which I LOVE for the sound quality and noise cancelling abilities, but they are bulky, and I would much rather travel with the AirPods. These are so compact and convenient to use, that I find myself using them all the time.

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