Apple HomePod Audiophile Review and Unboxing

Music Producer and Audio Engineer’s Unboxing and Review of the Apple HomePod.
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Thanks for watching my Apple HomePod Audiophile Review and Unboxing! I hope my Apple HomePod Unboxing and Review video gave you some valuable insight on how the sound quality of the Apple HomePod compares vs the Google Home Max, Amazon Echo, and Sonos smart speaker alternatives. Stay tuned for my Apple HomePod Stereo Review coming soon!


JP Pullens says:

Great Vid.

TheRaceforTruth says:

Blast from the past.

Wilfred Ong says:

I’ve stayed subscribed all these time! I knew you would come back!! Welcome back!

Etherez says:

welcome back my dude! <3

JohnGaltAustria says:

Holy crap. It’s Chilla Frill alright.

Miikka Lähteenmäki says:

So happy that you’re back!
This is so weird.. I was just 14 when i started to watch your videos (I’m 22 now) but to see you back, man… I got no words..
I wish you all the best! <3

Zaen Nik says:

God your channel is pretty much being start from scratch, really brings me back of when we all thought you rob banks for a living to review all these stuff and that long break was actually you finally being arrested. I remember someone even mentioning you got married, same as dying. At the end of the day, I’m really glad you’re back and still alive, and slowly you’ll be one of the biggest tech channels in youtube. Anyways, God Bless ChillaFrilla!

Ege DEMIRBAŞ says:

Man I’M extremely happy that you’re better and here, not many people know but you’re the first big deal on Youtube about Tech review!

Enrique Trejo says:

He has returned! Also I was curious about this product.

Armando Sandoval says:

Love that intro don’t ever change it haha

XxTheMadDogxX1 says:

Wooo, ive been waitin for years need my man back.

Julio Flores says:

wow no way.  Such a fun surprise.  thanks for the video.

Omi P says:

Holy shit chillafrilla is that you

Toni Rajić says:

Ajde jebi gospu prikini snimat

Theforcer 1 says:


David Abreu says:


Samuel S says:

Thanks for using 60p in your vids! looks great. there are many reviewers with high end cameras and don’t do 60p… disappointing

Kyle Moreno says:


Kodard69 says:

SO glad to see this pop up in my subs ❤️ glad to see youre doing good bruv!

JohnnyFootballA M says:

Bro I was so high I thought I was trippin seein you’re name glad your

DarkShock91 says:

Welcome Back, Chilla! Good to see you healthy and uploading again.

Vylkeer says:

An unboxing & review video by Chilla of a 2018 Apple product!? Thought this would never happen again …
Remember watching your Apple products reviews like 8 years ago, you were part of the reason I became an Apple fan!
Keep the content coming 🙂

Harikrishnan Chennattu says:

Good to see you are back. Missed iPhone X, 5,6,7, and 8.

Jordan Selvey says:


Sebastian Andersen says:

Welcome back!
Hope you’re doing much better now and you’ll keep getting better and better!
A legend has been reborn <3<3<3

shehab el deen aymen says:

wooow i used to watch u 7 years ago

queenform says:

did you res?

Tomás Jarsun says:

Welcome back!

Killacamfoo O.G. says:


Martin Olminkhof says:

Same old intro, nice!

mike flores says:

Finally you’re back!!! I Never lost faith and stayed subbed

Yami Rothschild says:

YES!! You’re back!!!

blackhawks61895 says:

I’ve waited 6 years for this

mraddish says:

Let’s go! Glad to see you’re doing reviews again!

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