At last: Affordable, yet truly audiophile in-ear headphones

It’s the Creative Aurvana Trio, read my review here, If you enjoy these daily videos please consider a $1 or $2 pledge here,


Harpal Chauhan says:

Just like records theres no way wired headphones dying like the dinosaurs lol Bluetooth not good enough yet to beat straight wire connection. If im wrong pls enlighten me. Great videos very informative and easy on the ears nice that you dont act smug just cause you might no it all and willing yo help others get a better experience in audio.

Benedict Voon says:

Its selling in Singapore for US$75. You can order from

MosoKaiser says:

Hey, have you checked out the Tin Audio T2? If not, give ’em a try! Really solid budget performer for only ~$50. (can be had for around $35 if you look out for discounts)

Lazzzo says:

You should try the fiio f9 in ears, they have three drivers too and comes with a balanced cable, and sound amazing.

Joshua Pagan.. says:

Check out my channel for sample-based Hip-Hop instrumentals and subscribe if interested. Yet another good review from the Audiophiliac..

Ohh Snaps says:

a Bluetooth audio Amp/DAC is always an option for wired IEM.

Design Observatory says:

I am using mostly the 1more E1010 Quad – did you try that one? It’s their upgrade to the Triple driver you have. Would be interesting to see what you think about that one.

nicholascremato says:

I am only interested in Wired headphones. This whole wireless thing does not appeal to me.

Dinamo says:

Stereo Thumbs Up.
Thanks Mr, G.

BlankBrain says:

My LG V20 features the ESS ES9218 Quad DAC via the headphone jack. I hope they don’t get rid of the little hole in the future. The phone also has a microSD card slot. It supports at least 256 GB, which is sufficient to contain a fair number of FLAC files. I hope they don’t get rid of that either.
The Creative Aurvana Trio is 16 ohms. The minimum impedance to enable the audiophile DAC on the V20 is 50 ohms. I spent $150 on my Sennheiser HD 598SE headphones, which are 50 ohms. Arguably not high-end, they work for me. I made a custom filter in Neutron to flatten the response, but prefer listening without it. I know, crazy me!

hurkamur1 says:

Fk poo tooth

Ron Shaw says:

I really would like to use ear buds for a lot of on the go applications, but I really cant stand having them in my ears for more than a short time. They just bug the crap out of me!

paradoxia 69 says:

Try the campfire audio comet

Marco Angel De La Torre says:

How about a comparison with the FIIO F9, F9 pro or even the fh1

Joshua Dapitan says:

Aurvana Trio vs FiiO F5

CloudSound says:

Rock zircons are only $20 and they can compete with any 200ish earbuds.

Andrew Austin says:

I agree about preferring cable down in ear headphones. Memory wire and around the ear fit seem to dominate the market.

t lech says:

If you like your I phone 6S for music like I thought I did mine. When you step up to a LG V-30 you’ll move up to a whole new level. I compare it to my IFI Black Label amp DAC built into a phone. It easily plays and pushes my full size headphones Sennheiser 650 and 800 The way the iPhone could never do.

Brendan Liddell says:

Shure SE846 + Chord Mojo all day every day for me. Yes, it’s a $1,800 combo, but the ultimate in ear portable experience. Thanks for the video. Always good to see reviews on high quality, affordable equipment.

Richard Wahlstrom says:

What do you think about the Sony WI 1000 noise canceling earphones?

nok22m says:

These are available on Amazon UK for £69 atm.
I’ve been a fan of Creative since buying my 1st pair of EP630 earphones some years ago. They too, were performing way above their price. Having now read a few reviews of these, I think I may have to treat myself, and soon.

Jeremy Smith says:

Thank you Steve hopefully Samsung will never loose the head phone jack …
Wired phones look cooler in my opinion the Apple ear pods look rather pretentious…

Dave says:

Why do you hate the adaptor on the iPhone…WHY is it not a good solution? Please explain rather than just throw-away comments.

Ernest Lai says:

Hi Steve, i would really appreciate it if you can compare the sound quality to the Xiaomi Active Noise Cancelling earphones with the type c connector which retails for about US$60. They also use a 3 driver setup.

Jacksirrom says:

Dang! Was hoping they’d be the wrap around type.

Ferran Melero says:

What you think about the sennheiser 3.00 earphones

Omar Abou-Zied says:

I am a novice very new to the world of Bluetooth headphones who just upgraded from Samsung Level U to Klipsch R6 earphones. I am a little embarrassed here, but may I ask you a pedestrian question? Daily, I wear a magnetic tie clip and the Klipsch earbuds rest conveniently on it. Will the magnet damage my new earbuds? Thanks for your expertise!

David Greenwood says:

Steve great job on both affordable gear, and earphones! Appreciate more earphone reviews please! Thank u sir!

Mike Day says:

Just look at those woofers.

Michael Bruce says:

Nope, headphone jacks are NOT going away. I will never buy a phone without one and many many people feel the same. Do NOT let apple dictate how audio should work.

Zachary Law says:

You shoild check out the KZ ATE IEM earphones.

Crazy prayingmantis says:

I don’t do these in ears, I can’t stand having things in my ears.

glennaa11 says:

I’m not so sure that everyone will end up with wireless only. Lots of people still prefer a wired option. It’s only a few of the very high end phones that have gotten rid of the 3.5mm jack

sickjohnson says:

Steve, did you hear about the new LG phone that has 4 DA converters in it?


How about microphonics of the cord? all IEMs seem to have a big problem with that!

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