AUDEZE iSINE 20 IEM REVIEW (Audiophile meets power user )

Get some of this power users!


Marian 1st says:

Curious to know how do they compare to the upper range of Grado and Sennheiser headphones.
I have Grado SR325.
Do they sound better than HD600?

Oleh Kovalenko says:

Hi, can u share with curves of isine 20 to correct filters in my lotoo paw 5000 mk2. Will be very grateful)

TheZomman says:

Sir, would you kindly post a picture of your EQ.

Mark Tayag says:

Tried these, but didn’t really become a fan. I like my FH1’s better

Art Steinberg says:

What are your Eq settings ?

Marian 1st says:

Just received mine and amazon sent the wrong headphones in the original package. Curious to know what IEM I got. If anybody can help I can send a picture.
This package is going back to Amazon.

thomas locatelli says:

I hate seeing people using low gain with the volume over half way it drives me crazy. Power is dynamics, great info wish more people could get the message. First good information I’ve heard about these isines, definitely on my radar now thanks.

Sænya says:

how would you compare those to the NCM Bella ? Thanks

D. I. says:

As you like iSine 20, let me suggest another iem you should try out that has magnificent bass and undiluted treble. That’s Audio Technica ATH-E70. It’s easily available in Japan, so try it out. Good reviews keep it up.

Deepak Samuel says:

Just the video i was looking out for! Thanks!

D1emex says:

What do you mean by power? Don’t you increase the volume if you increase the power?

Geerladenlad says:

Stax is coming out with an IEM system the SR002 SRM002, You might be interested in reviewing.

ben ho says:

Does the ISINE 20 pair well with the Sony PHA3? Have been looking for a set of iems to replace my long used Sony XBA-H3 and this is something I would love to get.

Hus 9 says:

is Audioengine D1 a good DAC for this

Dobemandan says:

Would this be a good match for my V30? Needs about 50ohms before high impedance mode kicks in… Thanks!

Captain Blaze says:

if you have the proper set up the bass notes you describe can feel like they are pulsing through your head like they are on a string running into one ear and out the other. back and forth. I might sound a bit crazy describing it, but like I said with the proper set up the effect is present and can be overwhelming (in a pleasant kinda way)

William Catalano says:

I have an X5 3rd gen and an A5 fiio amp. Would this be a good enough setup for these as far as power like what you are talking about. Amp also has a bass button.

Joe Ike says:

Would like you to compare the isine 20s with the Isine LX that’s coming out for $199.00 they say it’s the same drivers just a cheaper casing or outer shell so they were able to cut the cost. like to get your take on it Thanks.

D. I. says:

I am happy to see you have changed your opinion (& rightly so) about iSine 20 with regards to your earlier comparison video between iSine 20 & UM ME.1. On that video I had shared my opinion abt how I found iSine 20 to be better especially when properly amplified. I am sure you will tend to use these in ear headphones more than all others. Enjoy!

D1emex says:

I own the iSine20. So far I have been using them with my Note 3. I have been thinking of getting a DAP. But a new phone would also be nice. So I have been eyeing the LG V30. That would be a better phone and a better audio player for the same price as a DAP. What do you think?

Marian 1st says:

Question about Spotify settings.
On Settings and Playback, there’s an option that says Enable audio normalization.
I have that option unchecked.

Also , underneath that is: Volume Level
• Loud (might reduce dynamics)
• Normal
• Low (preserves dynamics)

I checked • Low

Is that a good set up to get the clearest sound?

Hus 9 says:

are the new AUDEZE iSINE lx similar to AUDEZE iSINE 20

Sanket Naik says:

Hey dude!! Always watching your honest reviews. Have you heard the new JH audio/ Astell & Kern Michelle limited?

Myk Wazowski says:

Do most DAPs on the market have enough juice to properly drive these? I’m in the market for one, but don’t really want to carry a mojo or something similar. As it stands I’m looking at the iBasso DX150, DX200, fiio x7MK2, hiby r6, Onkyo DPX1a. Any recommendations or thoughts?

zeta555 says:

i prefer the isine10, not including the lcdi4 of course.

Marian 1st says:

What do the 4 buttons on cypher cable do? I know one is volume up, one is volume down and one is play/mute. What’s the other button?

Tysun Yihan says:

Drinking game: One shot for every ‘POWER’ said.

Stephen Prater says:

on a side note, did you go away from the WM1A?

Ed Onkst says:

Great review . I have been looking at these for awhile now. What about using those with the Fiio Q1 mark 2 ?

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