Audeze Mobius Review – Audiophile Gaming?

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No Hype-Fi says:

Metal is the only reviewer I truly trust and this review is exactly why…

Hans Christian Cristobal says:

Excellent review. I have one and it’s a bargain for the pre-order price. I use the 7.1 feature for movies and it’s pretty amazing. For music, though, definitely 2ch Hi-Res is the way to go. I’m pleasantly surprised by the treble quality of these and I’m glad they’re given credit for it.

- Farpun - says:

Can you connect this to an AV receiver with 5.1 digital audio? I’ve seen you can use analogue inputs but wouldn’t that be limited to stereo?
Thankyou so much for getting me onto this, really interesting and informative video

Emerald Axe Records says:

I don’t understand one thing: you obviously do know What you’re talking about when it comes to headphones and use audiophile ones most the time so why the hell did you hurt yourself so much as to buy a phone without a jack?! I avoid this dumb trend with every phone purchase.

Paul Cathcart says:

And thank you for the excellent and very human non marketing review.

MFHRaptor says:

So Metal571, according to your assessment, it would be preferable to have a wide soundstage headphones (e.g. HD800, Vokyl Erupt) to play games with built-in Doubly Atmos?

IMO there’s a margin between the width of a regular stereo headphones, and that “Out of Your Head” experience that you only reliably get with a handful of devices; Sennheiser GSX 1000 Amp and Audeze Mobius being prime examples.

Thomas Conner says:

Hey man, really appreciate the great review. I feel lucky that mine has no buzz, but even then I was still a little disappointed that they still just came off as “pretty good headphones” from a sound quality perspective. I’m not audiophile, but my Dad has worked in the radio industry my entire life and his range of $300 – $500 Sony and Sennheiser studio headphones that I grew up with definitely impressed me more than my new Mobius.

…But then I discovered the Hi-Res mode (I wish I hadn’t skipped the “Buttons and Ports” section =P). Now this is more what I’m talking about, maybe I just got a solid pair, but in this quality-enhanced mode I’d put it up against any of my Dad’s household studio headphones… not saying it’d win, but at least it be a conversation. And that is really all I was hoping for my new $300 (special pre-order) wireless gaming headset. =)

jkteddy77 says:

I’ve been loving mine so far. They can’t beat my HE 400i’s or my M1060’s, but they get damn close, and the 6 month wait was worth the $250 pricepoint.

Wounded Audiophile says:

Thanks for saving me $400 Metal. The worst part of this video was having to waiting over 17 minutes to get to the sound. These would be great fro gamers but not for audiophiles.

RomanEmpireRSVR says:

I was ready to part with my $400 until this review. Very knowledgeable, well thought out and detailed. I’m looking specifically at a Bluetooth headphone for music. What would you suggest…the price range could go up to roughly $550-600!! Thanks for your time!

Hersey Berry says:

Review the Nuraphones,Zeos reccomended them,I want to hear what you say.

Matthias Joppien says:

I find it funny that many claim you are the only worthy reviewer just based on the fact that you didn’t like them AS much.
I find them more than adequate considering the price and the features. At least in High-Res mode with the flat setting.

Tacanacy says:

I’ve watched several shows on Netflix, and the 3D audio and virtuals surround sound cause a horribly harsh, hollow and tinny effect, especially with voices. Has the same effect in games, but not as bad. I’ve calibrated Mobius to my head’s dimensions and set the Room Ambience to 100%. At default, it’s set to 40% and doesn’t sound as bad, but it has nearly no surround effect. I think it’s shit compared to Dolby Headphone and especially SBX Pro Studio.

Silentsky says:

Thanks allot dude … you saved me so much money with your reviews 🙂
Now I’m hanging on for the hifiman sundara review.

jincuteguy says:

Is the surround sound with head tracking really convincing compare to other Sennheiser gaming headphone that use Dolby Headphone?????

jincuteguy says:

Hey man, how long did it take them to ship it to you after you p laced an order?

bluebutterfly4320 says:

Do 3d audio and 7.1 effect improve soundstage?

Damien Nugent says:

Unrelated to sound – I found rotating the ear cups to be a bit less fluid than I expected. some clear tape/plastic to lower friction on the interfacing surfaces could improve that, see also: Oppo PM-3 + PM-2 for this.

Reiner Grootenhuis says:

Thanks for the review. I also have the newer model supposedly but I also get this background hiss. It is unfortunately annoying when you listen like me with lower volumes. Try the RPG EQ, it adds realism to the sound when you listen to music. And yes, please do your microphone review. Thanks.

Harper Wingard says:

As far as gaming how do you feel about these vs HD599?

Erick Gonzalez says:

Hi there, I´ve been watching your videos for about two weeks trying to find a recommendation for good quality headphones for classical music. My 8 year old daughter has started taking piano lessons and she wants a pair of good headphones to listen to classical music. I honestly don´t want to spend more than $150 for headphones for a child who has a 12 year old sister and can take, lose, brake the headphones. Do you have any sugestion for a decent pair under $150? I´d be gladly greatful for an answer.

Cheff says:

Audeze made the hiss less, but they said removing it was impossible because of everything that was in it.

Robert Martinez says:

Off topic somewhat… but I wish you would review Superlux HD 681 Evo. I think they sound sweeter than HD600. Yea I know they are not that great in the build based on other reviews but fuck they sound sweet overall.

Jeronimo Stupenengo Pefaur says:

Can they be used when not charged?

MrPlogmannen says:

Nice review. Would you concider reviewing the MMX300 as an comparison to these? Would be interesting to get your view on these Beyers, 32 ohm or 600 ohm (can’t find a review of the 600 ohm version in English).

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