Audio-Technica ATH-AD900X Open-Back Audiophile Headphones Review

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Benzene says:

Surprised you didn’t mention the fucking garbage cable.

Pjk110 says:

I was disappointed after buying the ATH-M50x because I found that the bass was a little overwhelming and the mids and highs were muddy. So you convinced me to buy these. Can’t wait to hear them!

Kairos says:

How are they for listening to music? I mostly listen to rap.

Reki Agiseptana says:

vs k701 or k702 which one have bigger soundstage?

Kent Bauman says:


EposVox says:

Ooooh, I need to give these a try!

nyuki187 says:

i bought these a couple of years ago form ebay after watching this review and a few others. fantastic for me. i listen to dance and all others, the bass is spot on and the comfort is the best i ever had so far.

Call_Me_Mad says:

Do people still go to libraries ?

Crippling Depression Eh says:

I currently have the AD700x and I was wondering if the head clamps were stronger on the AD900x since the ones on mine seem to let them slip on my head just a little bit.

Marco Pfeiffer says:

I have the ad700x now. I haven’t used the 900x but from what is said here in the video they seem to be exactly the same. Very flat but clear sound. What bothers me is that they are very comfortable when you start wearing them but after a about 2 hours they force you to take a break because they basically rest on your ears. They aren’t heavy but it is still noticable after said hours. If that weren’t the case I’d love them.

IrishCide says:

I am stuck between these and the HD 598’s, my biggest concern is gaming, I hear the ATH is better for gaming, but the HD 598 look so much more comfortable, will the ATH’s engulf over your ears, because even though I have small ears, pads rubbing against my ears is a big issue for me.

Bernd Lippert says:

There is no way I can buy these from anywhere close to my country. Looks like eBay only sells them from Japan – how do I know if they legit?

Also for heavy music listening (metal and electro) and ofcourse a lot of gaming would the ATHAD500X over the ATHAD900X be less aggressive (treble) for extended use and overall sound quality experience?

Really hoping I could get some input as there is literally nobody where I live that have anything like this 🙁

meicy yong says:

Is there a mic on it?

Waifu Brigade says:

Are the wires detachable? Cuz it’s mostly the wires that dies on me rather than the headphones.

Nerd Potato says:

hey should i get this for gaming?

Random Channel says:

Has anyone else noted somewhat hissy and muffled sounds with these headphones? The high end and low end both seem great for me, but everything else just sounds off on my item.

Maso Byrd says:

How bad do they leak audio?

Gabe Hendlin says:

well, since they’re $140 now, I think I want to get some

Raphael Chagas says:

This AD900x or AD700x for competitive games?

ShadoRaeveon says:

Should I get these or the Beyerdynamic dt880s for gaming and occasionally my guitar amp?

Kairos says:

Should I get the AD900x or the AD1000x? I am not like a song maker or anything I just play games watch movies and listen to music. Should I go for the AD900x with a INSANE amp or go with the AD1000x with a normal amp (I was thinking of the FiiO E10K)

Robert Mayhew says:

quality review and a superior beard!

Collin Lewis says:

How would this compare to the sennheiser hd600 or hd650?

Deadly Dodo says:

I’m debating between the 700X and the 900X , any advice (headphones used for typical monstercat music in background to games)

JonnyBeoulve says:

You have a great personality man.

Aza-Industries says:

I’ve googled around but still haven’t made a clear decision…

What are peoples thoughts these or AKG 702s?

For 90% gaming.

Marvin Alexis says:

Need better lighting m8

johanes iwan saputra says:

What the difference between R70x? Thanks

Jigs Omyoca says:

how are they for gaming?

Anany says:

How’s the clamping force on the ATH-AD900X compared to the AD700X?

Luke Mac says:

I bought both the 700x and the 900x, yet I preferred the 700’s so I sent the 900s back.

Kairos says:

beyerdynamic dt 990 pro vs ad900x I mostly game and listen to rap.

Stuart Black says:

A lot of people actually prefer these to the HD600’s which is kind of interesting.

Steve Dronzewski says:

So this guy doesn’t answer anyone’s questions huh?

Cody L says:

I just bought these. If they start slipping down consistently, I’m going to return them. I need a good balance between comfort, quality and reliability. I sit for at least 5+ hours a day and I don’t need to worry about my headphone falling down.

Spearsy says:

how would a modmic go attached to these? will people i’m taking to be able to hear the sound coming from my headset?

DitoZ says:

Best review ever. Thank you!

Peter Heim says:

Would you recomend thes for gaming if i throw a pair of mod mic 4.0?

Koala Kev says:

Should I be worried about sound leakage into a Blue Yeti microphone because of the open back design?

Electronics For Fun says:

your hair looks evil and it is awesome.

MarkTheAmazing says:

i have those superlux headphones he mentioned and the wings have made a grouve on top of my head, at least they sound good

Dan Solomon says:

I listen to Metal and do heavy gaming would you suggest these or the Sennheiser HD 598 Special Edition?

Noah Parker says:

I just received these headphones recently. I have to say I am overly impressed with the sound quality, especially with classical music, as Logan stated in the video. The headphones I have been using for the past 2 years have been the Razer Kraken 7.1, and this is also my first experience with open back headphones. I enjoy being able to hear myself sing to the music (its pretty bad), I can also monitor my own speaking volume better this way. The open back provides an open stage and I am hearing many sounds in my music that I have never heard before. When I listen to violin soloists, I can hear the very subtle hits of the strings and I feel as though I am listening in the room with the violinist, rather than a recording. I recommend buying a headphone amplifier for jam sessions. I am able to turn Spotify, Windows volume, and the amplifier all the way up without hearing any distortion, and the sound is more than loud enough (so much so that I can only stand it for a few seconds just to test the distortion. These headphones do not have heavy bass response, but this is helpful to providing the crystal clear sound quality. The headband is an interesting concept, but there have found the headphones too low on my head. With a quick adjustment, this can be easily fixed and there are often times when I find that I cannot feel the headphones at all, and they are very comfortable (my ears fit comfortably inside, not awkwardly on top/under the cushion. All of this being said, I came from a very uncomfortable, and USB connected set of headphones. By the way, these headphones also sound great on my Yamaha – P115 digital piano. All in all, I am very satisfied.

Fruitdude says:

I got the ATH-ADG1X(im already returning them, the mic sucks to much ass) and i really love the soundstage of this headset/headphones, my question is. are there any headphones that have this soundstage and are firmer on the head ?


1.55 :HE went from american to NORMAL

danny yee says:

These or HD 598 for casual/semi-competitive gaming? Also what about music and build?

Septimus says:

Beyerdynamic DT 990 or Audio Tehcnica ATH m50x ?

Michele Marchese says:

This headset is suitable for listening to classical music? Or are preferred the AKG K701?

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