Audio-Technica WS1100IS Best bass audiophile headphones. Review. Solid bass audio technica.

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Gautam Thoidingjam says:

My search came to an end after i found WS1100IS SOLID BASS…after testing quite a few headphones within the same budget. One of the best headphones. If you love Deep Bass + Detailed Mids and Crystal Clear Highs. This is it!!

justice kiabe says:

this audio technical and parrot zik which is best?

Nami Tsu says:

is it closed back or open back? how about sound leakage?

DCStormrage says:

Watching this with my Audio-Technica WS1100IS on!!

Fernando Fer says:

Felicidades Pablo,muy buen vídeo y muy buen nivel de Inglés ,no se cómo no te has liado con tanto nombre y siglas,Saludos!!!!

LordVoldore says:

Are these more bass-y than WS99BT (Solid-Bass)???

Witch King says:

Good review! After 5 years of M50X I bought this WS1100. No fatigue for hours, no piercing sound, and it’s more comfortable also great for MOVIES and GAMES. The only downside is the cord it’s too short and thin. I have to purchase another cable.

Ashkon Hobooti says:


Yoonra says:

This one or MSR7 for all rounder that listen to Pop and R&B music? As I know this WS1100IS is more comfortable than MSR.

nosecomosellama says:

Mirate Pablo aca hablando en ingles!! jajaja. Saludos, estoy suscrito al canal de Audio46 común y en español!

Spartanspear says:

One of my new favourite channels 😀

Deevro // says:

are the cable similiar with Ath M40x /M50x cable? i mean, is it interchangeable ?

Fourat Panamera says:

hey what is the diffrence between ATH-WS1100 and ATH-WS1100is

Christophe Da Silva says:

okay but low and punchy good bass, aren’t the dt770 pro exacly that signature?

fayiz kk says:

sony mdr1000x or AT ws1100is which one is better sound quality and bass

jose rivera says:

Jejeje te ves raro hablando ingles

erick franco says:

These or the v-Moda crossfade m100

Andres Zeledon says:

what difference version in ear solid basd ath cks 1100is

Chivis Rodriguez says:


Detlef Anziani says:

Great, helpful and insightful review.

metring073 says:

Too much bass simply ruins a good music, even if the genre is techno/rap., only with action packed movies I think that you would probably enjoy these sort of headphones – gaming you need detail/clarity so mid-to-high frequency is the go to ( no to overwhelming bass as well ).


fernando martinez gta

Adrian Irsan says:

which one you think better, ws1100is or mdr-1a ?

Katrina Bautista says:

I don’t think the store looked that distinctive when I went there. I was running around for half an hour looking for you guys.

Ignitus4Life says:

Thanks for an awesome review of this headphones!


en comparacion a unos cascos normales como son los graves? para gaming dicen algunos que tiene que haber claridad en los medios, estos que tal se portan?

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