Audiophile Gaming? : Sennheiser GSX 1000 Audio Amplifier

So this little box can open up a whole new experience when it comes to gaming and listening to music……..but at $230 is the Sennheiser GSX 1000 Audio Amp worth it?

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Sammy Tsang says:

I’m using a USB headset of Kingston… wondering if this works with single plug headset for both mic and sound? Thanks

marco pinheiro says:

What better headphone for ps4 turtlebeach px24 or turtlebeach 520p or turtlebeach 350 vr. I bought headphones yesterday 350vr.your opinion I important sound. External sound insulation, micro noise cancellation are good

Louie says:

Would the Philips fidelio x2 work good with these ??

AnEpicAutumn Gaming says:

guys do i buy this or astro mixamp???
anybody pls help meeeee

michael kim oliver Daguitera says:

Do you think it’s better than Creative’s sound blaster xG5?

T Folls says:

have you done a review on the Steel Series: Siberia 800’s?

Ibsy says:

does this work similarly to an amp and dac?

Its Shanna says:

does this work with a ps4?

Snakedoc says:

I use an audio technica adg1 for gaming, would this help for my directional sound ?

Colin Andrews says:

Any review that can’t find something to bitch about comes off as untrustworthy, because there’s no such thing as a perfect product, and failure to look beyond that is the mark of a bad reviewer.

Tammy Nguyen says:

Hello! I’m not very knowledgeable about headsets nor sound cards, but I am considering getting the Sennheiser Game Zero Headset for gaming. I have a few questions about the amp mentioned in this video:

– Would this amp or the GSX 1000 PRO work well with the Game Zero specifically (not to be mistaken with the Game One)?
– Whats the significant difference between this and the Pro Amp?
– I also have a link for a sound card on Amazon, but it seems to be sold out. Are the amp and the sound card two separate things? (Sennheiser Sound Card Adaptor for Gaming headsets [3DM1 Adaptor]) < - would this be a compatible and appropriate purchase for the Game Zero in order to enhance my sound experience? Source:

Thank you for posting this video! It’s been a great resource to stumble upon! 🙂

Also, Thank you in advance if you happen to reply back! 😀 Sorry for the lengthy post!

Clay Birdyshaw says:

I think I may have to ditch my X-Fi Titanium HD (even though it is great) to try this. I am always down for any improvements to positional audio.

Quick question, when you use it it surround sound mode do you set the game to surround or stereo mode? That’s something I’m never really sure about because I don’t know if the sound card wants 7.1 fed to it to convert into binaural stereo or if it would rather see stereo and do all of the processing itself.

Sight says:

HELP ME : CREATIVE SOUND BLASTER E5 or GSX 1000 ? I don’t know 🙁
I need a perfect sound in my micro with my MMX300

JsB says:

Does anybody know what headphone setting to use in CS:GO? Not sure if I should have HRTF on with the GSX+7.1.

Sylvex Dragonskin says:

Wish it was cheaper.

Louie says:

There’s a volume communication wheel on the side, is that to increase/decrease my mic level or to increase/decrease incoming mic level from others ?

JustwiN says:

Would I use this amp to the Sennheiser G4ME ZERO

OJ Green says:

Can you tell me if this works on the PS4? And I love you review. I use an Astro mix amp now but looking to use something like this.

ItsKolbe _ says:

Boom first DAB

Gnoxxify says:

Can the Game Zeros get surround sound with this even if they are stereo headsets?

Anthony K says:

Would this pair well with Astro A40 TR’s?

Wade Fahham says:

this item is trash tho


whats your recommended settings??

אייל גולן קורא לך says:

If i have Headphone with only usb outpot? Can i still use this?

shankly1985 says:

Same I have always disliked the Headphone surround sound until this unit. GSX is unreal! Best buy I have done this year.

Richard Bennett says:

how well would this work with a G430 logitech headset?

Thierry Laurent says:

Thank you so much for the good review (▰˘◡˘▰)
Can you plug it to your TV or the external speakers for your TV?
Thanks in advance for your reply ◕‿↼

SLI1337 says:

I ordered a GSX 1000 from Amazon and received a defective unit. One of the preset buttons didn’t work and Sennheiser said to return it. I did that and requested a refund. Pretty disappointing. Back to my trusty old X-Fi Titanium for now, I think I’ll look into other dac & amp options unless the GSX 1000 goes on sale again for a cheap price.

Amp1tude says:

whats this like compared to the a40 astro

Amstaff 94 says:

Does it work with console? And as always great review.

Toàn Lý says:

How do these sound on a narrow sound stage, closed-back headphones like the Audio-Technica ATH-M40X?

Luis Bolado says:

would it work with a wireless headset?

W. Simpson says:

Very cool piece of equipment. A lot of muscle in an very small package

EdeN * says:

music is mediocre, surround sound tho 9.9/10 – using with a HD700

Robert Gamez says:

man only if it was made for console

JP 2jz sti says:

You need to try the creative x7.

MegaMily says:

I have a turtle beach px 22 would this Be worth for me?

SONO says:

Could you please review Lamax blaze b-1? Great content, subscribed to you.

Deeno0519 says:

I just bought the Sennheiser HD6XX in the latest MassDrop Drop, do you think this would be a perfect fit for these headphones? (Unfortunately I can’t test the headphones out prior to buying this because of how MassDrop works)

Derek Bock says:

Would combining this with the Sennheiser GSP 300 headphones be a good match, or would you recommend better headphones to pair with this amp?

MrLastperfectman says:

What’s the name of the backround music?

Gabe Newell says:

They are worth it

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