Audiophile Headphone Review – Beyerdynamic T 1 (2. Generation) T1 Review


In this episode Tommi reviews the best headphones in the world and ponders how to justify cost, value, and experience. Consider this the audiophile’s Voight-Kampff test, a new life awaits you in the Audiophile colonies. The chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure! Tell us about YOUR audio journey in the comments: what about your listening experience can’t be quantified in stats and decimal points?

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hifikk says:

Great review!

Barun Chanda says:

I had the T1 1st Gen hp ‘s. In the 15th month from purchase the left driver stopped working and Beyer replaced the whole unit when I sent it to Germany. I sold the new T1 unit within a year as I got into high end orthos and that T1 s left driver stopped working within a year. This raises a question about the drivers itself, how can a flagship Headphone go bad twice within a span of few years with the same problem when headphones from the past still work well after a decade. . I still use a DT1350 T51P & DT990 prem. They are still functioning BTW.

William Wong says:

Great review.

nelson mendoza says:

the T1 SUCK.

Badman Oorah says:

WTF? is it a review? LOL

It’s more like advertise to me.

Brax Attacks says:

I love that they let you just kinda go wild with your reviews :3

They’re a lot more interesting this way

Mr2pint says:

What a load of bollocks lol and as for BMW they’re among the worst cars I’ve ever owned – certainly the most costly..

The T1’s? I like them but certainly not my favourite..

Hi-Fi Insider says:

great review!

Barun Chanda says:

Interesting review, although you never discuss what gear you used to come to that conclusion. I have used the original T1 for 3 years and I had to send them for repair during the warranty period & Beyerdynamic were kind enough to replace it. Sold it last year and within 2 years the left driver stopped functioning again and this time no warranty. This raises questions about quality of the drivers itself. Cut the long story short I sold it bcoz of a little known hp called Sennheiser HD250II Germany, cause in performance it was 90% of the T1. Wonder how that analogy will work with cars as that Headphone is over 12 years old and still performs like a champ. Disclaimer- I am not Sennheiser fan boy, I prefer the Beyer house sound in comparison to the Senns with the exception of HD250II, 560 Ovation II & 600

michael noon says:

dude can you send me the number of your dealer?because you are out there.

Lucius Martius says:

This was not useful.

Woo Audio says:

brilliant! Thank you!

antunkatona says:

What do you mean I’m not helping??

KAi says:

Can you share the DAC & Amp used with these T1 2nd Gen…????

Audiognome says:

How do these compare to the HiFiMan HE-560 Planar Magnetic Headphones?

Kraden says:

$1099? I’m an extreme listener but really? I think I’ll just stick with Ath m50 for now. But maybe another day.

S .A says:

The most BS headphone review i ever see

moman108 says:

Well…………………that got existential real quick. I feel like a need a cigarette and a copy of Sartre after watching this video.

ethos79 says:

Whats the difference between the T1 and the T5P? I am debating between the 2 and still not sure who is each one for. please advice.

Catar19 says:

Am i the only one who dont wonder why a headphone store tries to speak about philosophy instead of electrical engineering for a product he want sell?
Honestly… one of the baddest advertisings ive ever seen!

Steve Dougherty says:

Funky review, love the opening. I don’t mean to be rude by correcting you but the word is analogy as opposed to analog, (when setting up the BMW comparison, as in “there an analog here”) I was hoping for a bit more on the sound VS gen 1. The review leads a view to assume they just changed the cable and headband and lowered the price. I think the main point of gen 2 was to increase and tighten the bass. A question to you would be did Beyerdynamic do that?

Daddy Pug says:

You’re wrong,
They are more like an Audi,
You need to get your facts straight before you make these claims.
Please pop down to my Audi showroom if you wish to discuss this further.

jonathanvaljean says:

I love this review! It is so intelligent and creative!

Barun Chanda says:

I subscribed to your channel cause I liked the tech history, LSTN and M6 pro reviews. I like your videos due to the varied approach but I can’t agree with this one especially because I have experience with the T1s. And this car analogy is now becoming a painful headphone review mime.

bharath yelavatti says:

Hi nice review and comparisons…
Have you had opportunity to check beyerdynamic t51i … ??

How do you rate it as travel headphone..?? Do you feel its good like sennheiser momentum 2.0 ?

phas3d says:

Nice video, but please PLEASE learn how to speak for videos. You aren’t reading The Hobbit to a bunch of 3rd graders. brevity is the soul not just of wit but also effective and functional reviews. You could easily drop half of the time of your video by eliminating the insufferable and frankly, at times, insulting pauses, over-enunciation, and just dragging out e a c h a n d e v e r y word until whatever you were trying to say has completely lost its meaning. Two things to note: your audience isn’t as dumb as you the tone in which you speak to them would insinuate and you aren’t as intelligent as you “project” yourself to be.

warc8us says:

You said the soundstage is the widest you’ve ever heard…Does that include the Sennheiser HD800? If you had to buy a top tier headphone for imaging and soundstage, say for binaural sound or surround sound in a game or movie – Would it come down to T1 gen 2 and HD800? If so, which one wins?

Puneet Mudgal says:

Brilliant! This is art. Broadway style review.

pula says:

Have the 1st generation T1’s and the genuine leather is something I would pay extra.
Have also the dt880 2005 premium edition whatnot and the darn headband basically started melting during the years I had worn them. The leatherette is now a sticky mass which sticks to my hair.
Unpleasant compared to the T1’s.

futmut1000 says:

very nice artistic review!! but you overexagerated a bit, as if these are the best headphones on the market…i think the best are the new hd800s.

Flüg says:

Thanks for telling me literally nothing about the quality of the audio (except for the part about distortion, thank you). Didn’t really need the pretentiousness of the BMW talk, it tends to drive me away from wanting cans like these if I’m going to need to pretend to be ‘cultured’ like those that tend to buy high-end cars.

TheMrgonzalo05 says:

How do these compare to the Akg K812 and the HD800? Thanks

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