AUDIOPHILE MAGIC | AKG K7xx Massdrop Limited Edition Headphone Review

The AKG K7xx Massdrop Limited Edition headphones are quite literally the best headphones I have used so far.
These audiophile-level headphones have huge drivers, a neutral, monitor sound profile, detailed sound through and through, and a super-comfortable elastic suspension band.
They are quite large, however.



Massdrop Link:

Product Info:
“Massdrop x AKG
In 2012, AKG released the 65th anniversary edition of their K702 to instant acclaim. Built with a bass boost, improved comfort, and matched transducers, the limited edition K702 became a legend in the audiophile community for its sound and build quality. Following the success of the Q701 drop in June, we asked AKG if we could configure our own edition of the K702 65th, and they agreed based on their faith in the Massdrop community. Configured by Massdrop, manufactured by AKG, and made possible by you, the AKG K7XX Massdrop Limited Edition Headphones bring you rare sound at an even rarer price.”

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Haneko says:

I am getting a red version of these and I cant wait!! I do hate to say this as you seem to really like these they are not truly reference headphones, they have been bass boosted 3dB. From what I have read they have similar bass levels to that of audio technica’s m50 headphones. But they do have a flatter overall response compared to the m50 headphones, its just that be mindful of them being bass boosted.

Couch Ninja says:

Cool. Just purchased the Limited Edition Red version of these from Massdrop. All I need now is some kind of Headphone amp for them.


Nice Review epos! AKG makes some great headphones

Rick Budzak says:

I think we all need to support EposVox so he can afford lighting with matching color temps 😉

Haider Sherazi says:

subscribed for the awesome voice. dude you could do some killer narrating.

Johnny Elkazar says:

New batch of Red custom K7XXs

Federico Naranjo says:

How comparable are these with the Bose QC35 in terms of sound quality? (ignoring the noise cancelling feature)

Reki Agiseptana says:

will fiio e17k drive this?

zognarreg says:

I’ve subscribed. I’m really impressed at how you pay attention to the small details in all of the technological things you take a look at. I’ve been looking at some good 7.1 headsets, but now maybe you have me convinced that I should just go with a really good pair of stereo headphones. I do have the Audio Technica ATH-M50 monitor headphones and I really like their flat sound style; do you know how they compare? Or should I invest in some kind of in-line amp/mixer? I would love to be able to EQ it to my liking, independent of the source 🙂

Jokker says:

really good review, thank you!

Magikarp GG says:

Who’s the white guy on the poster with the huge tattoo? He looks familiar.

Rappinggrandmaz says:

*sends sennheiser orpheus*

EposVox Gaming says:

These are great for gaming, too!

Scott Mathieson says:

how do you think the grado sr325e would fair against these? im looking at getting the k712 pro as i want high quality headphones to gibe me a live listening experience for rock music

zemroid says:

What kind of virtual surround setup were you running? Because I completely disagree with what you said about it.

I have a Soundblaster Z because it was specifically recommended for its great virtual surround software which is the best you can get. (for example, the Asus Xonar cards have apparently a pretty terrible virtual surround software and sounds bad) I’ve been extremely happy with it for about two years now. It makes games such as Battlefield and Witcher 3 a lot more immersive and stereo just can’t achieve that. It doesn’t fit every game though.

George White says:

sennheiser hd 650s are a lot like this. would be awesome if you could to a review of both 1v1

Sandman1832 says:

Holy smokes batman, those things are huge. I bet they sound great thou. I’m a skull candy guy. I like there earbuds and headphones. I’m not to much of a headphone guy. I do own a pair of Sony MDR-7520 Professional Studio Headphones that sound amazing and I use them when I record guitar tracks on cubase and drum beats with my drum machine from hell software. They work great and pick up great detail. Great review as always.

bobthehobo231 says:

so these or the Sennheiser hd 6xx for gaming. Im on ps4 and I got a fii0 dac and amp

mikie jones says:

I have astros, I’ve heard the astro headphones themselves are actually shit. I’ll admit they are super uncomfortable! Can i use my astro amp with these headphones? Thanks.

Ps Subbed..trying to start a youtube gaming channel but I tried once and gave up because I couldn’t use the elgato to save my life, hoping your tutorials will change that(:

DJINFERNO806 says:

Dude its a nice review and I appreciate you making it however you kept making an error every time you said they are completely flat. They are not as they were given a 3dB boost in the low end compared to the older K701/K702. That was the biggest change made for the Anniversary editions(which these are based on). Just wanted to leave this here so people dont get too misinformed thinking they are 100% flat, because they are not. However with that said, they still sound amazing and relatively flat compared to other heavy bass cans like Sony’s MDR lineup or even Beyer’s DT770 lineup.

mr Kagami-sensei says:

hmmm 😀 send me some headphones too 😀 Ill make a review to 😀

Jinto117 says:

I wish the K7 series from AKG wasn’t so massive. It’s like they are made for the heads of ogres.

Gwynbleidd says:

They aren’t that high of an impedance.

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