Audiophile Speaker 2.1 Setup For Under $250

Micca MB42X Speakers:
Polk Audio PSW10 Subwoofer:
LP-2020A Amplifier:
Replacement Power Supply:
50ft Speaker Wire:
Wire Strippers:
3.5mm Audio Cable:
Behringer XENYX 302USB (DAC and mic input):

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In this video I show you my audiophile 2.1 speaker setup. I use the 75W Micca MB42X bookshelf speakers, a Lepy LP-2020A+ stereo 20W amplifier, and a 10 inch powered sub. This speaker system provides excellent fidelity for both music and movies, and is (in my opinion) the best speaker system for gaming. These speakers have good bass, clear treble, and plenty of volume. These speakers can get LOUD!

The Micca MB42X speakers are the best audiophile speakers you can get for under $100, and some of the best affordable audiophile speakers on the market. This DIY setup will help you put together budget audiophile speakers that sound great and are easy on the wallet.

These 2.1 speakers for PC can also be plugged into a phone or into a TV if you want to create a high quality home theater setup. In fact, since the LP-2020A amplifier has both a 3.5mm and RCA inputs, it can be hooked up to just about anything that can play music!

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J.P. Hutchins says:

Cheaper and better is craigslist, goodwill, Salvation Army etc but it requires a lot of patience, knowledge and last but not least, luck.

Thomas Steiner says:

hmm, cheap, but “cheap”, better crappy.
not as really crappy like Logitech or so, but for example, Logitech Z 5500 cost(ed) also 250$, 5.1, and the satellites play really good mid frequencys for their size.
many connections, build in Dolby Digital /DTS , DTS:X and so on encrypter,

much more for the money, yeah not really audiophile, but with your amp its not audiophile also.

i think as long as Loudspeakers are built for “forever”, and it is so with better speakers, i would recommend to buy used Loudspeakers with really high quality, as many people sell them cause they have already too much money and upgrade theirs often (weird, i know but there are many …)

So guys (and audiophile girls^^), go to some resellers, hear your loudspeakers, or better, ask for borrow or so to hear what you get it IN YOUR HOME.

better pay some bucks more for your first loudspeakers(what you really want!) instead of some more shopping tours!

for example, i buy a pair (not 1 piece!) of KEF IQ90 for 400€ (350-380$?) a year ago to complete my home cinema (2x IQ50 rear, 2x iq3 front heigh, 2x iq3 center, Klipsch RW-12D sub)
if i had not really “good” speakers with the IQ Series at this time, maybe i would have to change the whole setup of speakers. my luck was, next to the (too small) IQ50 were the bigger brother IQ90 aviable.
but as i bought the IQ50, the (new) price of one (!!!) iq90 was i think 1500€, pervert,…

Loudspeakers are, if you dont want to destroy them, for your life, or at least for the half one.
20 years is nothing for a good speaker, 30 years more, but if you “love” them still after 30 years, membran replacement is also not too expensive.

the amplifier is another theme, for bigger speakers a “strong” amp is a must have, otherwise, the amp kill at too high volume the speakers.
btw strong means not high wattage. my IQ 90 are also driven by a 2x 60W (or 80 idk) Stereo Amp, no clipping also at highest volume

overthink what you buy, before you buy twice or more!

and for music only, try to get a Stereo setup without (!!) Subwoofer. much better sound, and for bass: take bigger cases and chassis
for techno, dance music and so on, maybe a subwoofer would be also fine to feel the bass in the stomach 😀

hope i can help with 🙂
and how the hell you come to 250 bucks? 2 speakers, 90$ each on, are 70$ left, how? i think without subwoofer possible

ohh i forgot a real tip: dont buy all the same time! small “upgrades” like first the beginner 2.0 system with good components, upgrade after some time (and money^^) to 4.0, 5.0, 2.1 or what you need and so on, you can get a really good audiophile setup what you wish.

but never expect the electronics are for longer time, also with Hi End AV Receivers for example, too much electronic on a small room.
in about 7 years 2 AV Receivers died in my home theater, an used denon 1910 and a new 2311.

normal equipped Stereo Amps should last longer, the most of them are only able to amplify and some small bass/treble settings.

Garrett Boswell says:

How do I connect this to a tv that doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack

Corey Watford says:

It was helpful, thanks

Electronics For Fun says:

lossless is for the peasants, WAV is where it wants to be. JK

ocularis73 says:

That subwoofer looks like the Dayton Sub-1000 which is still readily available at Parts Express. Also, it’s not necessary to wire the speakers through the sub like that. Most cheap subs like this don’t actually filter anything out for the speaker outputs, it’s just a pass-through (confirmed on the product page at Parts Express). Running both speaker and sub wires straight from the amp will work just fine.

Kcducttaper1 says:

That looks an awfully lot like a Dayton Audio sub, which aren’t bad for the price. I’ve found some sweet speaker deals at my local thrift shop too. I scored a powered 8″ something or another that only required the port re-glued for $10. It’s currently my workshop sub.

Colby Perry says:

Don’t let any of these people knock you, this set up for the price is amazing, as I have had almost the same set up in the past. My only suggestion would be, if possible, stand the speakers upright and get a set of angled isolation pads to angle up towards your face and reduce vibrations of the desk and other components. Not a huge difference, but in some situations can be quite noticeable.

Gershon Dharmanandan says:

Or just build your own pair and make them look nicer and sound better.

steevee1945 says:

For a bit less money you could have gotten these….
They have built-in 120 watt amps in each.
I have a set and they sound great.

YouTube is going to shit says:

A better amp and speakers and no sub would be better

Raymond Leggs says:

you should replace lepei with dayton amp

msign ups says:

is there an amp that can be controlled via remote? I want a bedroom setup for my bedroom tv. If the amp is in front i dont want to reach over every time to turn it off

Vladimir Pandovski says:

This is junk, and at $250! Lepai, seriously?
JBL LSR305 + Lexicon Alpha is the ultimate budget audio nirvana combo.

svtcontour says:

ya this is not audiophile. Its a nice budget system.

JohnSmith9382 says:

Some songs require higher base and some songs require lower base. What should I purchase so I dont have to constantly buy adjust the bass and treble settings?

Electronics For Fun says:

just got myself a pair of micca MB42x’s, and l got to say they are not bad. they are comparable to my polk monitor 4’s, which is kind of frustrating because the polks have 6.5 inch woofers and the micca’s only have a 4 inch woofer. either XANA has activated a tower, or l am in the twilight zone.
but seriously though, these speakers probably have good bass because the magnet on the woofers in bigger than the whole driver.

Kevin Smith says:

You could but a Used Audio Engine D1 Dac for 75.00 on ebay and will be a huge upgrade.

adaniel2929 says:

That no-name sub you mentioned looks a lot like a Dayton. I’m using a Dayton Sub-1200 with my miccas and it sounds great.

Stink186 says:

Why is there “Lepy” and “Lepai”? What’s the difference? Is one a knock off?

Teddy says:

What I/O is on your desk beneath your monitor?

John Park says:

Skip that subwoofer and go straight to the bic f12, you wont regret it. I have the psw10 and I had to take the whole amp off and take out a metal bracket in the port to try and get rid of port noise, which made a difference but didn’t completely fix the problem. Plus the amp seems underpowered and many people end up replacing it with higher watt amp eventually.

Electronics For Fun says:

the lepai LP2020-A+, or l guess in your case the lepy, has been the top player in mini amplifiers… but then the nobsound mini came and kicks the 2020’s ass! the mini is more power because it runs on 24v and it is smaller and bluetooth and it also has a headphone amp built in that runs on 5v. the best part is instead of clips it has actual banana terminals!

now you are probably thinking sure this amp sounds better than the 2020, but it probably costs more than the 2020 right? nope this amp is $22, and the 2020 is $24 at the cheapest… now another selling point is the 2020 just recently killed what made it so unique! the class T amplified ship was removed and replaced with a class D amplifier chip, which is still good, but nothing compares to that class T chip!

Lapocabo4444 says:

#sweet system 🙂

Pillmonger says:

I have learned and done far more research. You covered something that is a no-brainer for most people who have done this before (therefore this explanation is readily out there). I have never done this before. Thanks for the comprehensive guide and I am sorry I bashed you a little bit. A man’s got to admit when he is wrong.

Dank Memes says:

Are these still a good setup for 250? and would a DAC help this set up sound nicer? I’m pretty new to this but I saw a video that explained that DAC’s helps with audio. I just don’t know if you can have a DAC and a amp connected together.

Poisonous Diabetus says:

Budget SPeaker setup Under 40 bucks sounds fucking awesome now add whatever speakers you have if not go to an op shop or find the cheapest ones this baby handles 300watt and has a super bass

Felix Baez says:

Thanks for the idea. I have a pair of Bose and i been dealing with a “hum” noise… Time for an upgrade.

şerif fidanci says:

It was better to hear the music from your system on the video

Roman Dwalin says:

It´s great what you did but not audiophile since you are still bottlenecking every audio file (see what I did there haha) through the shitty sound of the pc motherboard.

jschwartz1031 says:

Great video! How about speakers for a small living room (those seem more suited for a computer room)? Any good speaker stands you recommend?

Zohran Sajid says:

You are gold.

matthew rentz says:

Thats a Dayton audio 10” powered sub. Actually a decent sub for the cost and a better option than the Polk. I have owned both Polk and Dayton… The Dayton’s better. In low price big rumble subs Dayton and BIC take the cake, BIC being slightly better at a higher cost. Micca speakers will surprise you, if there x’s with the crossover a great speaker dollar per dollar. Cant speak about the amp never had one.

Jordan Vaughan says:

nice cant wait for me to get some

2Bass 2Furious says:

So right now I have a Pioneer Stereo system that is from (gulp) 1988. I love it, and it honestly performs better than my father’s 2011 Pioneer system. I want to add a small subwoofer to it, which I could get from my sister, but… The stereo is so old, there are no preamp outputs for a subwoofer; I only have four outputs and they are for speakers. How would I add a subwoofer to this stereo, before I end up selling it or storing it and buying a new system.

Bryan T says:

I have those Miccas.

Kcducttaper1 says:

While I could nitpick, I would say that’s not a bad way to spend $250 for a budget system. I do have the Lepai amp and, while I don’t really care for the sound quality so much compared to my other amps, it’s not too bad and is hard to argue with 20 watts for ~$25. Makes a decent enough workshop amp for me.

Chris Schwacofer says:

WTF did I just watch. The part selections isn’t bad but there is better out there for just marginally more. But for the love of God DO NOT put your speakers sideways on the desk like that. That’s about the worst possible place for them.

Joe p says:

Will the Lepy amp mentioned work for the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR. I’ve been doing a lot of research and I can’t pin down an answer except to say that the nominal impedance for the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR is 6 ohms whereas the ohms for the Lepy is 4 ohms. Is that really an issue? Also the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR have an 80 WATT max input and the Lepy doesn’t have nearly that high wattage. Well I’m buying these components because I have reached a plateau of attainable knowledge on this subject given ‘certain’ time limits. But I can return these components if needs be. Thank you for a quick response : ) and for this helpful video.

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