Best audiophile headphones under $200 | Massdrop AKG K7XX Reference Headphone Review

How well do the Massdrop Edition AKG K7XX Reference Headphones stack up against the Sennheiser HD598 Headphones? The K7XXs are inspired by the AKG K702 cans. Are the AKG K7XXs the best headphones for audiophiles and gamers? Coming in at under $200, these budget friendly headphones are creating quite a buzz in the audio space.

Massdrop AKG K7XX Reference Headphones:

Micca OriGen G2 DAC/AMP:

Headphone Stand:

The camera I use:
The voice over mic I use:
The studio lighting I use:

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Cory R says:

does this set need to amp/dac?

Ahmad Bilal says:

Great review. But as you said, these aren’t very sturdy. For someone like me who commute on a motorcycle, what would you recommend me, which is also very portable? (Say, something like the Sony’s 1000 XM3’s, but audiophile quality audio). I am mostly sittig in office environment so ANC isn’t really needed. But i’d like it more if they have wireless audio but i can do without them if sound quality is good.

Ryan Holm says:

First! Not even interested in a new pair of headphones but your video is well done as always!

Jv Luyong says:

when its not available in massdrop could you still recommend k702?
Nice video and is the FiiO E10K good enough?

Cons29 says:

From the get go, i was like nice video. Then i checked, you’re channel is new? Either way good job on the vid man. Looking to get this headphone, i have a couple of decent ones (hd650 and he400i) and just doing some research here and there.

JD Gaming says:

I love them they are the best headphones i ever owned but then again i didn’t own many haha

SimplyJojo says:

You deserve way more subs than you have. Excellent editing/sound/ and overall video. Good job. Here’s a new sub

lolfamilynine says:

Hey Man, I’ve been checking out your channel and I gotta say you have some pretty high quality content. 4k footage and well shot scenes really add to the professionalism and i just wanted to say keep at it. You could end up pretty popular!

Achilles Feel says:

Great Video thx

tommy988lo says:

Heyyy great review, can you make a video on k7xx vs nuraphone? Thanks

Cory R says:

I dont know which to pick, the k7xx or the 6xx same price… any opinions?

ThatAFKNoob says:

Now this is what I call a proper headphone review from an audiophile. Love what you’re doing here, keep it up!

ThatAFKNoob says:


Colby says:

Just found your channel and realized we share many similar interests in tech. Great job on the videos and I look forward to seeing more from you in the future. P.s. I have owned the k7xx’s for well over a year and I am still more than happy with them.

Michael Pujos says:

Superb review, beautifully shot. If you can get them, try the JVC HP DX-1000 one day. These are my headphones since several years and They are truly special and fantastic!

Andy A says:

Wait, so what pair of headphones are you comparing the AKG K7XX to, the Sennheiser 595 or the Sennheiser HD 598?

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