CHEAP Apple Airpods Alternatives – Do they suck??

Apple Airpods are expensive. But are they REALLY overpriced when you consider the other available options??

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Patrick Baranowski says:

I’ve got a pair of kitsound trail headphones for £20 and I’m very happy. I’ve had over the 6 hours claimed playback. And they have been through the washing machine 3 times and still work fine. More then loud enough to over power the gyms horrendous EDM. Ow yeh. That came with different size buds so won’t fall out by just walking like my apple earbuds did

MemeNewsNetwork says:

have you noticed the time of the video is 9:41 and do you know what happened then?

Raian Levy says:

Best buy sold me Jaybird Freedoms for 40 USD so I don’t think it gets any better than that

Aaron Harris says:

sorry but the airpods still look pretty ridiculous and I keep seeing them fall out for people when i’m on my jogs. the fully wireless thing is just not worth it imho.

Sean Peery says:

I really want to see an update when the Airpods 2 come out. It seems like most of the products Linus listed have been slammed for being cheaply made.

*whip nae nae* says:

I have axgio ones except I think they are older and have a bit more battery. I got em for 10 on Amazon

rubenayla says:

what do you think about the ticpods free?

pubesdeeguy says:

Anyone else annoyed by the fact that the intro music is out of sync with the changing images?

Dylan Morrison says:

A year later and I can’t actually find any Axgio Dash earphones anywhere. 🙁 They looked like the best choice for me.

Cyberbro Eliminated says:

Crazybaby nano

Elliott Peterson says:


Joshua Thrush says:

Jay bird run

Gerben van Dijk says:

The Bragi earbuds look like hearing aids

WhirlOmar says:

There are a bunch of new cheaper ones on Amazon. I wonder how they fare.

Pete Coventry says:

Rare airpods (apparently) you need to test these! $18!! 🙂

Tristan Ticheloven says:


Bernard Evasco says:

j&l is also one heck of an earbud love it!

Globial YT says:

Why is some of your face and your palms orange

Abdulrahman Alaql says:

*looks at my nails and goes:* naaah i better find another profession.

Chris Eckersen says:

I have a pair of Anker Soundbuds, 13 hour battery life and sound awesome.

mike hunt says:

When I see people wearing these I think of the movie There’s Something About Mary. Lol where did it go? Yup looks like Apple was inspired from that movie to make it look like you have cum on your ear.

David Boden says:

Can you do more about range with Bluetooth earplugs? No one ever does.

iRed16 says:


Kazi Moinul Hoque Sumit says:

Hey Linus
Does iPod Touch 5th generation support wireless Bluetooth speaker, why Apple AirPods doesn’t support iPod touch 5th generation? Why they restricted iOS 10 or later version? Where is the problem if apple just support/enable only listening music feature sacrificeing other features? Can you explain!!!!!

Seraquil says:

more bass isn’t a good thing linus.. you want flat response.

Jose Salinas says:

How much apple paid you?

Matteo Carli Ballola says:


JourneyPlayz says:

At half Speed, Linus Sound High xD

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