Creative Labs Sound Blaster X7 Audiophile DAC Amp Review

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ted B. says:

The BT Button: only Input or is it possible to Connect a BT Headphone .

major masingil says:

Good Video, did you have any luck figuring out the best way to get game chat on XB1? I tried using a Y Adapter on my controller (XB elite) and connected it using the line in and line out from the back of the X7. My mic was plugged into the front of the X7. It didn’t seem to work, so I ended up using my Astro mixamp for chat and the X7 for sound. As far as sound reproduction goes, the X7 blows the mixamp out of the water

Jacob Mattheiss says:

You’re listening to save dat money on a 400 dollar dac/amp

Somethings not right about that

Eduard Walter says:

Do you think is worth upgrading from Creative Zx to X7 ?
I’m using only the Shure 1540 headphones. Music 50 % / gaming 50 %
Thank you

James Borda says:

damn you Brian. now I want the white one … only £400 which is about 613USD!!

MIM94 says:

hahaha 6:38, nice moves mate!

Jasen Ritt says:

Fantastic Review Brian.. Really enjoyed the video and Job well done..

Loque says:

how does this sound compared to creative zxr?

ragtop63 says:

aptX support?

DillinjahXx says:

this might be just the thing I need… I was looking at schiit dacs and amps, but they wouldnt let me connect my mic, but I have a feeling creative slapped on their ‘gamer’ price tag here (more expensive,no better quality tho).

do you have idea whether I could connect my logitech z5500 5.1 system to this?

Gre' Yu says:

Good job on the review, just don’t blink so much when you’re talking

Markie R says:

so where do you connect the xbox chat cable? On the controller?

Collision714 says:

Would you recommend. This for a PS4

Michael Weiss says:

Another great vid Brian, really like the production..also want to thank you for donating to the Extra Life charity event, we all have to do our part for those kids.
Keep up the good work sir.

ls13coco says:

Canadians who want this product; we have a chance to get it for less
than the crazy price

Nuclear Harry says:

Does anyone know if it’s just the speaker wired outputs that are Amped or is the rca output amped aswell?

xmistersinisterx says:

Does chat audio work on the ps4?

Mogroo T says:

What happen in 10:30? Did you win? says:

This video was as high quality as the product. Thanks Srgnt!

A7Legit says:

Great video Brian, love the editing and clarity in your run down on the device.
May I ask if you can hear enemy footsteps in Advanced Warfare, if so, can you hear enemies coming via their footsteps on both the PC and Xbox One versions?
I’m on the fence about buying one but really wanted to know about the enemy footsteps as I can hear my own and my team mates but not enenmies and hate knifers chasing me for miles and I cannot hear them lol. 🙂

FsXClan1 says:

Hello mate, what are your settings for Battlefield and Call of Duty? Could you upload your profile maybe? I can’t find the perfect settings for a clear sound while hearing enemy footsteps.
Thank you in advance.

Joker Productions says:

The 4k upscaling really does help with the higher bit rate on a 1080 display. I’m seeing now though, that I have a 4K display, the leap in quality is less noticeable. I didn’t anticipate how extremely different 1080 content looks on a 4k display.

Very cool video though, glad you go the X7. I’m waiting on that new lineup of headsets because I love me some headphones.

The Bearded Guy says:

Does the party chat works on the Xbox? I have a modmic, should i have to split the cables or just connect them directly to the headset and mic inputs on the front?

Tek Everything says:

Great job on the review… This probably great for headphones, but for speakers you can get a better dac/amp combo for the money.  38 watts into 4ohm is just not very powerful

abc140290 says:

Do you think you could tell the difference between this and on-board audio in a blind test?

dynastes says:

Nice review – just one thing: The company creating this product is called “Creative”, not “Sound Blaster”, which is the brand name of their soundcard line of products. A little more detailed descriptions of the sound characteristics would have been nice as well. Other than that, though, I really like your video.

TeTeu gaming says:

Using this MAC does the xbox one talkgroup work ? I’ II be able to talk to my friends normally?

skybuck2000 says:

If it can’t communicate/connect to the PC it’s useless, so how does it do that if there is no audio chip on the motherboard and/or no soundblaster inside the PC ?! 😉

blaxxz says:

Is the Mic Quality (Headset) better with the SOUND BLASTER X7 as with the onboard Sound card?

Penta says:

Very nice in-depht review Brian!

Robert Muldrow Jr says:

nice video. do u have any recommendations for a mixer that I can hook up my xbox one and my pc too so I can use the same pair of headphones for both of them?

The SpooKa says:

Would this DAC amp be a substitute for the on board sound card on most motherboards? In the future I would like to acquire this but its a quite expensive for me. Would I be better of going with the E series and work my way up from there? Would you recommend this over lets say a dedicated sound card?

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