Dell XPS 27 – An Audiophile-grade All-in-one

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Can an all-in-one REALLY have audiophile-grade speakers built in? Let’s find out if Dell’s XPS 27 2017 lives up to the hype…

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Jason Joseph says:

Please explain “Assuming no DRM restrictions that require a 7th gen processor”

Damiano Truzzi says:

Touchscreen on All-In-One is useless

Marco Nelissen says:

Can you advise me what to do? I want to buy a All-in-One, this XPS has everything I need and I can upgrade it very easily. Some of my friends are saying that I need to buy the Imac 27 instead of the XPS27. I’m used to work with Mac and Windows, so I don’t have a OS preference. My humble opinion is that the easy way to upgrade my XPS should be the reason I choose the XPS. The XPS I configured to buy has the latest I7, 32 GB RAM, 1 GB SSD, Radion R9, What do you recommend?. Many thanks in advance.

qweqweqwe wqrrweterty says:

1:08 waw Linus i love what you did with your nails

Sadlave MCMXC says:

the design is so outdated.. what were they thinking.. the round speakers look stupid..

Peter Czibik says:

For the money they could’ve put a real video card in there.

Hardware Addict says:

Stop. Just stop putting speakers in monitors/TVs. They are all shit including this “audio-foolery” grade AIO. That 3-4 inches of space wasted by those ridiculous speakers could be put to better use with a larger panel or smaller bottom bezel.
A 2.1 system is the minimum requirement for a crappy work station, 5.2 for a great desktop system, and 7.2 for the living/media room PC.

Dylan Cramer says:

Did he really say the Facetime camera on the iMac is on the BACK? Is that actually true???

Lumberjack600 says:

Al-you-min-eee-um not A-loom-in-um

Spie says:

can it play crysist

Adventure Guy says:

What’s with the hot dogs

Brandon Lucia says:

Oh Linus, you and your dad puns

Antonio Pisano says:

I like your blue nails…..

drthsons Dot says:

Better luck next time Dell

Brett Prior says:

You do realize this Windows hello along with cortana is very much the xbox one Kinect being built into new PC’s… And absolutely nothing more at all. Same login, same commands, same search options… Same 100% everything. Yet everyone hates Kinect, and seems to love Windows hello….

Nevin Zavell says:

It looks like one of the assets in a video game.Like i swear I’ve seen this in an office level of an FPS.

Romeo says:

Speakers are great for £3000 or buy some good monitors for £600-800?

Joseph Stott says:

holy crap… I just looked up blue apron! Basically 10% cheaper than eating out except I have to cook it myself… wait that 10% cost is probably what it costs in electricity to cook it. Forget it… for $12+ a plate I don’t want to spend an hours labour making it. What next? This is like ordering a dining room table for $400 and then receiving a tree with a note on it that says “dining room table, some assembly required”

EmeraldPlaysThings says:

For the love of everything, please don’t buy the XPS 2720. It breaks and leaves you’r parents stranded right before they need to do the taxes.

ImagineDesignBuildTestRepeat says:

All-in-one computers are the worst purchases a consumer can make. Each system is designed and engineered for obsolescences. It’s an attempt by PC makers to mimic the product cycles of Apple. It renders one of the main advantages of going PC over Apple moot, that advantage being price for performance.

Jordan says:

This review was done very well. Great job guys.

Harry Chen says:

NEVER buy DELL computer if you don’t want to waste your time and money. The CPU of DELL computer is possible to be locked to 800Mhz while it should be up to 3500Mhz. When you go to the DELL technical support, they would just waste you 2 months time to play email and then replace the old broken motherboard with another old broken motherboard and never fix the problem without bringing a new problem. that is my $3000+ lesson from DELL, i hope you can keep away from DELL and keep away from such tragedy.

David Payne says:

But can it run for a month without dealing with Dell customer care?

HydroManiac says:

The speaker placement makes it look like a disgusting huge bezel

Kozig says:

Stop with the freaking sponsor.

Gian Delli says:

Why does Linus keep reaching under the table?

petden0 says:

*Touch screen is cancer.*

Francis Bui says:

Why the hell is there hotdogs in the thumbnail background?!

rbolo29 says:


John Francis Dagman says:

i have that desktop

Dorupero says:

Audiophile computer review without a headphone jack quality test?

Colin Creighton says:

How dare this be called audiophile-grade! True audiophiles believe in component systems!

Retard 'elevision says:

Isn’t a laptop basically a aio pc?

StrafeCity says:

Who is the girl?

Craig Crossley says:

Your voice, tone, and general approach to this review is outrageously annoying.

Aliocha Sioen says:

For all those who are looking for the wallpaper :

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