Describing sound quality with words is a tough job + Music review

It’s even harder than describing the taste of food, though I got a lot of great ideas from the late great Anthony Bourdain.


Sean says:

Hi, Steve can you tell me why it is forbidden to use KEF LS50s in surround sound mode. speaker forums are all saying the same thing with no explanation as to why

trulyjared says:

Your Aural skills are great Steve. When I was in school for those with relative pitch we used descriptive to help identify advanced chords such as, fully diminished aka “ the Perry Mason” chord. To the video recording of components. It’s like a picture of the Grand Canyon. You not there but you could be. It can be argued in the same respect of an audio recording vs live performance. There are variables everywhere but you have to identify the constants. I don’t see the the video recording as detrimental, but I don’t think it’s completely effective either.

Doodle Master says:


TaeKwon Doug says:

Deep Bass & crisp and clear treble, that’s a good start = )

Francois-Xavier GONNET says:

You are wrong… youtube is such a great place to discover new (or old) hifi stuff, and listen to them for the first time. Of course you cannot make a final judgment with that, and of course the recording include many imperfections… but when it sounds good in the room, you can hear it with your headphones. You can feel the extension of the music around you, the strong body of the notes, the sweetness of the treble… You discover some brands or products you’ve just heard about, and now you know what they can do, and if it match your taste.
I have of full list of shortcuts in my browser that include only “recorded hifi system” from many guys around the world. I’m linked to some channel just because they offer that kind of experience, and some use a really good equipment for recording.
For exemple : visit the Kenrick Sound youtube page… for a good start…

machintelligence says:

“Good enough to make brave men blanch and women weep.”

Joe Davenport says:

Good sound is HEAVEN

Vegan Jesus says:

There’s an Analogue Party in your mouth XD no digital nonsense!

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