Edifier H850 Hi-fi Over-Ear Monitor Audiophile Headphones Review

What you’re thinking is likely what I was thinking – that you’re not going to get audiophile headphones for $50. If you’re like me, you assume that your low-end “good enough” headphones are some $100+ Grados, maybe the ATH M50x, or the like. Certainly nothing for $50. They can’t be that good, can they?

Actually, and – to me – surprisingly, they are. As I said in the video, yeah, they’re a wee bit brighter than the M50s, and a bit quieter, but only a little on each account. Otherwise, they’re remarkably faithful to the source material. Also, they’re very, *very* comfortable, so you can listen to them for as long as you’re going to want to listen to them: hours. As much as I love the M50s, they’re not comfortable for the long haul, at least not for me. These are.

They include a detachable cable, and they include a 1/4″ adapter, both of which are nice, but neither of which were necessary for me (replaceable cables are great, but I don’t tend to replace mine, and I have plenty of adapters), but they might be important additions for you.

I listened to these for a total of about 8 hours before doing this review – about 4 on my Nexus 6, and about 4 on my Marantz receiver. The receiver, obviously, had the power to drive them louder, but the Nexus had plenty of juice to get them more than loud enough. During the two listening sessions, I went through my playlist, and these made every song sound great – well, as great as the songs actually sound (some aren’t mastered as well as others). In other words, these are, essentially, reference headphones.

Some of the songs I listened to with these:

* “It Doesn’t Matter,” Allison Krauss & Union Station
* “Shatter Me Featuring Lzzy Hale,” Lindsey Stirling
* “Take Me To Church,” Hozier
* “I See Fire,” Ed Sheeran
* “Endgame,” Ital
* “Eminence Front,” The Who
* “Dark Horse,” Katy Perry
* “Yeah!” Usher
* “Defying Gravity [Hani Flying So High Short Mix],” Idina Menzel
* “I Can’t Stand the Rain,” The Commitments
* “Lazarus,” Porcupine Tree
* “Love With Bring You Back,” Mae Moore
* “Dorina,” Dada
* “Satellite,” Dave Matthews Band
* “Theme from ‘Hatari'”, Henry Mancini
* “Somewhere over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World,” Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole
* “U & Me = Love,” Jewel
* “Eight Tons of B-Flat,” Karen Savoca and The Mind’s Eye
* “Johnny Feelgood,” Liz Phair
* I May Know The Word,” Natalie Merchant.
* “Armagideon Time,” The Clash
* “Destination Calabria,” Alex Gaudino
* “Uninvited,” Alanis Morissette

So, a pretty wide range, and, obviously, that’s not all of them, but I just wanted to provide some example of the different songs I used to judge these headphones. Many of those songs are quite dynamic, and these cans allowed me to experience that. Also, the songs include plenty of highs, lows, and midrange. All in all, the 8 hours of listening exercised these 850s well. And yes, the did seem even smoother toward the end, after a bit of break-in time.

I was very happy to listen to these, and the time flew by. If you’re looking for affordable and yet audiophile-grade headphones, these will make you very happy, too.

Review disclaimer: I received this item for free (or highly discounted) in exchange for an honest review, and, as with all such review items, I used it long enough to really get a feel for how good it is. I don’t only get 4 and 5 star product samples, but do I tend to review only the 4-5 star ones, which is why my reviews of samples tend to skew higher. I’ll often use a product as part of my daily routine for days or weeks to get a good feel for it before reviewing it, and, because of that, I’m always open to questions in the comments section about it. I take pride in my review process, and I’m always happy to help you with your product-buying decision.


mrnyc220 says:

I am an audiophile also I need a pair of headphones for my lap top that sound great , to watch a movie or listen to music , Think ill buy them right now , you sold me I have the HD800 and so on but I wont put on my HDs for the computer thanks , for the price I can not go wrong

Feurigel says:

I’m actually watching this review as a refference for the H840s. Thanks a lot Joe, really helped me to decide which one to buy.

duck robot says:

They’re good for price, but have poor bass response, they won’t pick up much at low frequencies, you can test it on Hans Zimmmer’s Why SO Serious at 3.26 seconds. Not only do they not pick up much at all, they don’t pick up any of the drums, both of which my AKG 451’s do.

Robert Bell says:

Hey Joe you haven’t tried the Takstar Pro 80 by any chance? They are another similar priced can that has rave reviews. I’ve been looking for a comparison review.

Mike Lechner says:

They look like my Bose SoundTrue headphones, which I love (yes, I said I love my Bose headphones). I am really going to take a serious look at these Edifier H850s! Great review! I “Liked” it and I subscribed! You need/deserve MORE subscribers!

Rimas Kalpokas says:

I could not agree more. Initially, they were sold for like ~40€ in Lithuania. But for some period of time, they were only ~23€. So I have, like 4 of them now. The only bad thing I could say about them – they are fragile and the plastic might break if you expand them too much. But otherwise – the sound is great 🙂

Choa Park says:

this or edifier h840?

akarudie says:

Excellent review! Very clever!
Greetings from Brazil!

CocainaBlaze says:

Do they have good noise isolation?

camcordertv says:

Thank you

mrnyc220 says:

I dont know what job you have , but your a great salesman , great job with your review

คทาเทพ พบเเสงธรรม says:


Evandro Caldeira says:

Do you know these Bluedio F2 or Edifier W830BT? I want to buy a good headphone but with noise canceling. Then looking around I found these that have a good price. These phone are wireless but we can also use then wired that is better to me.

Lincoln souza lopes says:

Olá envia para o Brazil ?

Haitham Mohamed says:

Thank you sir for this great review !

Roger Maxwell says:

Thanks Joe. Excellent review. I have/over, on and in ,Sennheiser (sp?) headphones. However, the on-ear pair began to cut out and started peeling. Never heard of these, but after your review, I think I’m going to purchase them. Thanks again.

Haresh Calais says:

awesome review. I just picked this up

Jalak Lenteng says:

Thanks… I’m now watching this video with H850. Don’t know how many times I’ve watched this before buying it. Next I’ll try to fit in new cable. Many aux cables now got small plugs. I think they should fit. The original cable is not good for mobile (too long)

Nihal Bilal says:

is the sound leakage good

MG Official says:

there are on Gearbest for a bit less : http://www.gearbest . com/headsets/pp_243410.html?vip=94751

Mainely Myrtle says:

Very nice review! Keep up the great work! I had to sub you! 🙂

Taxi Rider says:

Hey I have some Superlux 668Bs with velour pads and they sound great but I was just wondering what you thought about them compared to these since the Superluxs are a tid bit bright.

davediller says:

Thanks.  Awesome review job.  Just wish you’d put them on so we can see how they fit.  I travel and am looking for good sounding, cheap, and durable travel headphones.

Duck Kentucky Fried says:

hi,i am just wondering how they block out noise compare to the m50x,for example like on a train

David Osorno says:

Great review.

Garry Ang says:

just bought it.. cause i watched your video yesterday and it still on delivery processfor now ,, hope the quality is five star headphone just like u said 🙂

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