Emotiva XDA-1 Review Budget 2.1 Audiophile

I want to give my feedback on Emotiva’s XDA-1 DAC. Currently connected to the optical outputs of my motherboard. Signal fed to AudioEngine A5’s on 30″ Sanus Speaker stands in Mocha. Subwoofer is an Onix X-Sub 8″ 150rms.
I have used it in the setup for about 3 months and feel like it really opens up the sound profile at med to loud listening volumes. Absolutely noticeable especially when using very high quality source material (lossless, flac, high bit rate stuff).


Viktor Vlasyuk says:

it is sound card

Stefan Gudmundson says:

i run mine with 2 optical sources in (cable hd box & in from umc-1), 1 usb for jriver from computer(cardas cable), ocosionally a coaxial input, all out through xlr’s, (again cardas clear lite’s) to bryston bha-1 apm to my ballanced akg 702’s In all it’s a crazy good setup, and ballanced on the cheap

Chris Jennings says:

You can run your powered sub through the XLR outs on the XDA-1. There are adapters for XLR to RCA if you need from Monoprice. So you run the RCA’s from the DAC to your powered speakers or amp and run the XLR’s from the XDA to the RCA’s in your powered sub.
Or do like I did and use the pre outs of the audioengines to the inputs in the powered sub.

planktonchipz says:

Nice setup

MonkeySpecs301 says:

hi, can the blue lights be dimmed? Thanks

Voxized says:

Mine doesn’t have volume, its just +10 to -10 when I use volume up/down.

NeoKobalt says:

Kinda random, whats the dong you have playing in foobar? I cant make it out in the video.

Chris Jennings says:

Then I’d need an external amp to power those $2000 speakers. Also the A5’s image really well and there is almost no need to ‘place’ them for good sound.
The power conditioner I got also protects my computer and various components. I picked up the A5’s for $239 refurbished 3 years ago. Best Value Ever.
Thanks for the input.

Chris Jennings says:

martin donath – gartenteich

MonkeySpecs301 says:

nevermind, you answered it later in the vid….:) cheers

snapseven7 says:

hey man thanks for the video. I’d like to know if there is a wah to. run my powered sub through through the emotiva thanks

cnnlive10 says:

I purchased my XDA-1 on closeout @ a year ago and sometimes I wonder how I ever lived without it.

Cornholio says:

I have an even better solution.Instead of buying “just a dac” like this one why not spend a little bit more a get the Behringer DCX.It’s a dac and active crossover.
With an active crossover you can set very steep 48dB slope for minimal canceling around the crossover point.Reverse output,shift fase from 0 to 180% and set delay,everything is there to make sure there is perfect integration between front and sub so they sound like one speaker and not separate boxes.Got to much lows from the sub for music,no problem.Set a Bessel high pass filter at 30-35hz and lows will roll-off nicely.It takes some time and effort and also a good pair of ears to get the best out of it but it’s really woth it.
The DCX has analog and digital inputs but digital is only on professional AES/EBU so you will need a digital coax out on the motherboard.Just buy a cinch to male xlr to connect.Usually this works but if it doesn’t buy something like the Hosa CDL 313 (coax input) or ODL 312 (optical input)
A setup like this where everything is within reach is ideal for the DCX.This way you can have it close and dial it in while sitting at the main listening position.
It is possible to control it from a pc but this only works well with a serial to serial cable.Don’t use a usb to serial it doesn’t work so well.
And certainly don’t upgrade the DCX with a usb to serial cable or it will brick!!

mrpumpkins says:

Have you tested the XDA-1 with midrange headphones?

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