EVGA Nu Audio Review: Audiophile Internal Card in 2019??

Check out my review of the EVGA x Audio Note UK Nu Audio! How does it stack up against onboard/internal/external dac/amps??
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Deinky YT says:

Nice vid

JSpasser says:

Review coming on that zowie mouse?

Sha says:

It was about time for the review of sound card, been waiting for it

fry11ock says:

if you could only get .1 the 6xx or the 4xx what one would you pick ?

Michael Keene says:

Not going to get this card anytime soon, but huge thumbs up for Alkaline Trio!!

Derek Ellis says:

The beard delivers again! Great video

xyz2theb says:

good review bro! i currently use a sound blaster x ae-5, and im happy with that for now.

Ghost's Graphics says:

Gotta say im disappointed theres no 5.1 support. I have a 5.1 setup on my desk and would have LOVED that feature.

Extra. says:


erock rufiero says:

Liked before I even watched it! Solid

EposVox says:


NERO says:

sadly i don’t have the money. the software is NEAT

Uchiha Madara says:

I went and got a ZXR about 3 years ago after 3 months of on board audio. I wish i had just got it from the start but listening to others say onboard is good enough had me convinced, boy was i wrong I may have to upgrade in the next year or so as i am about ready to transition on from x99 to the next AMD platform since my last 3 builds have been Intel based. Gotta spread the love around.

xDailyGrind says:

Teach us how to use premiere pro. Like at least a basics tutorial

Mr. Misfitted says:

Can we get a pc review?! I also want to see one from BTUnplugged

Thar1s says:


Anthony Stephens says:

Thinking of picking this up and pairing it with the Audioengine A5+, thoughts?

Nate Lieb says:

Love your videos! Keep up the excellent work.

Got a quick question…I have a pair of 6XX’s and I’m gaming on a Creative Sound Blaster Titanium X-Fi. I probably spend just as much time watching videos or listening to music as I do gaming. Would the Nu Audio be a solid upgrade from that?

Nisco Racing says:

Well i am trowing away the GSX 1200 PRO.
I only got it because it was half price and it looked stylish.
Sennheiser really drop the ball on the GSX 1200 PRO.

Rice Cubes says:


Green Libertas says:

I have the GSX 1000, but hot damn, I want this

Clapped Kevin says:

Im finally home on a Thursday so get rekt the second time this week lol

Shellback Tech says:

Good take on the tech as always Brian. Makes me actually consider upgrading.

WccftechTV says:

Speakers FTW!!!! There was a time I could do cans, but my kid killed that lifestyle

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