Fiio X3 Review – Audiophile Portable Media Player

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Fiio X3 Audiophile Portable Media Player

The X3 is truly a quality piece of machinery. From the design and shell to the functionality of this device, it was completely built with one thing in mind – providing incredible audio quality at an affordable price. In my testing, the Fiio X3 exceeded all my expectations. The ability to play lossless formats and provide enough output to drive headphones up to 250 ohms is a huge plus. If you’ve been looking to be able to just carry one device (other than maybe your smartphone) and listen to your music the way it was made to be listened to, then you owe it to yourself to check out the Fiio X3.

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MicroSD card I’m using:

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jason caruana says:

i have an earphones DUNU DN 1000 (10 Impedence) Do you think they sound good with this Fiio x3?

Михаил Ром says:

Colorfly c 4 про лучше будет,но дороже конечно

andrezknz says:

Whit what program do you, guys, rip your music albums?

Dave B. says:

Is that a “mini” USB (such as a PS3 controller) or a “micro” like the PS4 controller uses? It looks too large to be a “micro”.

Wabil Arfan says:

Is there a way to add more themes?

Dipankar Kharga says:

Hi, can you please do a  review of the iBasso DX50?

Fadhly Sukawidjaja says:

hisound rocoo p or fiio x3???

25dnorric says:

Hi is this still the better quality portable audio player. Also can you recomend headphones for use with this that dont look big blocky for out on the street. Also would be nice if you could recomend a hq player which has stereo hq recording quality

Martin Abbott says:

Can anyone tell me if this media player will work/give maximum performance for a pair of V-moda LP2’s

Alan Atrooshi says:

does it come with the SD card or you have to buy it? 

chaitanya reddy says:

Hey I’m looking for something for my shure se535, and I’m stuck between audioquest dragonfly black and fiio x3. Can someone help me out? Based purely on sound quality

Vigilante Driver says:

I thank you for your reviews.  You have turned me into a FiiO fan.  FiiO has much bang for the dollar.

Nebuchadnezzar says:

Does this support Arabic text ?


Driant says:

Got mine a couple of months ago after my Voodoo’d i9000 crapped out. I’m definitely happy with the X3, made a great pair with my PX100. Can drive an HD600 much better than I expected, but of course it’s no match to a non-portable dedicated DAC/AMP.
The USB DAC functionality is also extremely handy when you’re traveling with a laptop.
My only complaint, as also stated in the video, is the weird angled buttons. Took me a few weeks to get comfortable with them. It’s ok now tho.
Long live Wolfson Microelectronics!

shatnershairpiece says:

I’d like to see a sound comparison between the x3 and the x5 and if it’s worth upgrading to x5 (I already have x3)

TheEscape2012 says:

my biggest quiestion:

Will it power my Beyerdynamics DT-990 Pro 250 OHM? And by “power” i mean power them so i can hear very loud with them?


Steve Beastie says:

I know it says up to 64gb micro SD card but was that before the newer 128GB cards were available and will it accept one that big?
If so it’s a game changer surely?

puffer1958 says:

I own one and agree with what you have said. I had to rollback the latest FW update. Issues with a particular HD album that plays perfectly with the previous FW.This badboy will get LOUD.

AndyGirl80 says:

So if I wanted to connect this Fiio X3 to a radio or speakers what would I connect it with?

TacoConch says:

Can you not adjust the mid-range?  I only saw bass and treble.

FrantixFTW says:

Will this sound better than my Nexus 4 if I use MP3’s in 192 / 320 kbps ?

MasterGravitron says:

There are a couple of cowon players that have the same diagonal button layout.

Ryan Dale says:

What about aiff?

ShikataGaNai100 says:

A nice pair of Westone 1 or Westone UM3X, or other Westone earbuds, will make this listening experience truly killer.

NapDe says:

It seems a very good device!
I’m looking for a good mp3/FLAC player which supports scrobbling or creates a listened songs .log file.. or such a thing. Is it possible to scrobble on

Takaaki Leong says:

what does the balance setting do specifically 

Ashneel Neo says:

Fiio should make Rockbox their main firmware

MAELOB says:

I just bought one with no issues. Thanks

Amitava Das says:

My one and only question which is vital-Does this play 24/96 files ?

saysergej says:

Which is better for the money x1 first gen, x3 first gen or x3 second gen. Worth it?

yeeyoh says:

very good review.. really feel you explained how the product is.

Corinn Heathers says:

Eww, no countersink on those side panel screws. Looks so cheap. :/

BeAGoD2009 says:

I have a question, is this player suitable to 600 ohm headphones like beyerdynamic t1 ?

manw3bttcks says:

Can the X3 stream to an external DAC?  I have a JDS C5D and would like the option of being able to stream the files from the X3 to the C5D.  I keep hearing of the usb “dac” feature but I suspect you stream the audio from the laptop TO the X3 and the X3 is then acting as DAC.  So I’d like the option of occasionally streaming the other way.

willy vlyminck says:

Is it possible to transfer iTunes music downloads?

Mike Chan says:


ottawadrummer says:

I can play FLAC on my W8 phone.

kriiga says:

Thanks for this great review. Lookin foward to get one.

Parmeet Bhatia says:

Im looking to get one but it have a few questions. Does it support playlists? How are they set up? Are the songs going to show up as their file name or will their tags show up? Thanks

Bellyflops2 says:

Would have been helpful to see the best way to get music on the player

Jayson yang says:

I find the x3 almost perfect except it sounds way too warm too veiled lacking details and clarity, shouty sound stage, I hear swapping out the HP out op amp to ad8066 is way better, I’ll probably even swap out the DAC op amp to, my preference for good sound is smooth silky highs relaxed mids and fast controlled bass, to me fiiox3 sounds too veiled and was my fuzzy

Bill Stewart says:

Very thorough & well done review! Thanks for this. Started looking at players due to Pono (leaning that way). Best to you.

Syko says:

I’m a noob at HiFi audio… Only use V-Moda XS headphones with fiio e11 sometimes on my phone. But I just can’t deal with a player that doesn’t have a touchscreen and android anymore… I still remember those days with 512 MB mp3 players. But can’t return to them 😛

fafa stalk says:


ladyvee7110 says:

Is there playlist support?

Uk Gamer says:

Does it have an iTunes like music app where you can make playlists etc

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