Finding your way as an audiophile + music review

For many becoming an audiophile is a life long journey, developing your taste takes time.

Today’s music review is the Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau album,


David Martins says:

The one who doesn’t know what he is looking for can’t see what he finds out.

Jerry Jazzbo says:

I may never obtain my absolute sound, but I’m “satisfied” with my own blend of wine…and getting lost in the music. It’s been quite a journey getting to this point……and Chris Thile could very well be the modern-day David Grisman.

Carlito Melon says:

Thanks Steve.
I have a tube system and a solid state. Both in similar sized rooms but laid out in opposite (perpendicular) fashion.
Both sound different, but acceptable to me.
Once the music is playing I lose the urge or curiosity to upgrade. Occasionally I swap the integrated tube amp out for a 100w solid state. It “tastes” different. I notice differences but honestly could live with any of my system or room setups. I just take whatever disc to the room that serves it best 🙂
Musical enjoyment at home is the goal. Contentment is priceless.
I’m there.
I have no desire to keep spending to attain some kind of Audiophile status symbol. Who cares?
Certainly no one I know personally. We’re rare breed.
Thanks for the music review. Going to see Punch Brothers live soon. They’ve really spiced up A prairie home companion;-)

Hi-Fi Insider says:

folks that is lack of experience is why I think blind tests are flawed.

hifi noob 2018 says:

A couple drinks will make any system sound better.

carl hernandez says:

Too many words .. i have to go!

David Kereluk says:

The best advice is “do not listen to other equipment”. As long as you think you have great sound, then you have great sound. Ignorance is bliss, and a lot cheaper.

CM Kilcullen says:

What is good I guess has to be agreed upon. What are the elements of good. What you like and what is good may overlap or not. I am certainly not qualified to say what is good – not being an expert or anything like that. I can say what sounds good to me and that I like things to last. Quality may vary from brand to brand year to year, and how I am hearing things also does as well.
Mehldau never appealed to me, but I will have a listen as I do not know the other artist indicated. Thanks!

machintelligence says:

He is such a wine expert that, upon sampling a glass, he can name the winery and vintage plus make an educated guess at the name of the girl who stomped the grapes.

nicholascremato says:

The most important thing is to have fun. Join a club, listen to music with friends and remember, you are supposed to enjoy your hobbies. I still get a kick when someone sees all my equipment and says “how loud do you want to play it!!!” I tell them it’s like a chorus, it takes a lot of people to sing all those parts. Imagine how terrible it would sound if one or 2 people sung every part. It would be rotten. My system splits up the parts so each amp and speaker just has to play a few parts. Then I play them some soft violin or acoustic jaz and they are sold!

Hugh Walker says:

As audiophiles, we sometimes get lost in the pursuit of the perfect system (Nirvana) and then years later, having spent a huge amount of money we finally realise that one never attains perfection. The pursuit can be fun but it should be grounded in the reality that perfect sound is just a myth. Put together the most enjoyable system that you can afford and then just enjoy looking at the high priced ultra esoteric stuff on youtube. Enjoy the music

il Nativo analogico vinilico says:

More: in your equipment you can discover things you did not suspect of over the years. The wrong arm weight, the wrong angle… change those – very important details – and all things change!

ad Fresh says:

Chris Thile is considered to be possibly the best mandolinist to ever pick up the instrument. Highly recommend his band The Punch Brothers as well.

Mikexception says:

In day life – no matter what we hear we do not comment the quality of what we hear , the band, nobody complains about fast bass or sweet sopranos in sound of rain and flashes or train or bus or audience hum or while talking to someone It is so right. . . But the moment we stay in front of speakers we change. That is the big question why we concentrate on bass and sopranos which we like to enjoy permanently while we almost even not experience them listening on normal life.I think it is the reason why tuned by us systems are so far from reality.

Francis Rosselli says:

Steve, Please check out Meldauh’s Blues and Ballads CD…listen in its entirety…it builds and is really transcendent. Thanks for all of your videos…

Carlos Dasilva says:

I just want everybody to know that it was the Portuguese who invented the Mandolin and the later machination of the ukulele was derived from it – You’re welcome

Alain Williams says:


Frank Black says:

The wine analogy is spot on. Taste in audio gear, as in any other subjective appreciation, requires “experience”. There’s no substitute.

Dragan Antonijević says:

I’ve already drunk the sea of wine so far = I know how I want my guitar and my system to sound!(?) Or… I just love to drink?(!)

TheeJoeyLee says:

Kinda my situation, Well and im unemployed, so NO budget for audio ATM. Need an amp for 2 channel for big bookshelf speakers (B.I.C.Venturi’s), Dont want a tuner. Have a dac/pre amp combo already from MICCA, THe origen G2. Have it running into a vintage (80’s) pioneer VSX-501. Don’t really love the reciever but it was 10 bucks, Speaker A/B crackles, & cuts out at low volume. Thinking about a Behringer A500, only $200, or $100 used on Ebay. Thoughts?

Chris Pendergast says:

That’s where I’m at right now with my system, new amp trying to find a proper speaker next is tough

fuffy442 says:

Steve, I’m a retired symphony musician and I doubt there is a system on the planet that can replicate the sound and feel of sitting in the middle of an orchestra.

BlankBrain says:

When I turned 21, I went to the liquor store to purchase some Scotch whiskey. I saw an older gentleman who was perusing Scotches too. I asked him about the many different premium types and brands. He turned me on to Glenfiddich, which is still my favorite. Sometimes, if you’re lucky and meet the right people, your journey can be shortened.

le detail says:

I confess I’ve been oddly distracted by the lack of headphones in the background of this video, I wonder where they are, if they’re safe…

Ado topp says:

I drank a lot of wine. I don’t drink any alcohol now.

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