First Look: Questyle QP-1 Audiophile Digital Music Player

Retails for $599 – $899

more info:

to place order, 702-751-9978 or email


Kridtapas Youyen says:

I like the way your compare size of QP-1 with other player.
for me size (and design) is matter. lol

Aamer Ayoob says:

SQ compared to Fiio x5 better or worse

Rock'ca Holic says:

Really cool to see other music players. But I’ll stick with my iPod classic

FDSeoul San Diego says:

Mike you nail it on the Sony bloatware, I ended up returning mine BC of it. Sony did get lazy on the OS. Great review.

Kevin Sun says:

i freaking obsessed with your voice!!!!

Andrew Piatek says:

To me only ZX2 deserves any attention here.  It’s beautifully made, the OS is far less obtrusive than on Xperia phone, and Sony Mobile Communications apps are quite diffent than on Xperia phone, as well.  I use the ZX2 a lot for music and saved videos.  It’s fantastic.  I wouldn’t even touch any of the three other devices featured in this video.  They mean nothing to me.

Kong Zheng says:

Bose QC25! Please review it!

Robert says:

Did you ever get to test the Sony PHA3 and the Walkman ZX-2?

M Oculus says:

The whole category of music players is nearly impossible to justify. The additional expense is what matters and that boils down to the quality of sound produced by these gadgets versus what you find already bundled in smart phones. I have never seen a comparison between the two. Basically we need to know the DACs used by each device, including phones, and how they effect sound quality – if there is a discernible effect. That’s necessary before, personally, I would ever consider buying one of these at any price level. Thanks.

Norman Rand Wolfe says:

Slave labor at it’s best.
How many people did you and people like you, who continue to tolerate this company, killed in order to have your cheap creature comforts?
Good luck with your karma and conscience… Oh, I forgot, you “people” haven’t got one. It was removed at birth.

sleepzou says:

Please do a review of the Sony MDR-1ABT there is no reviews of it out there.

Лазарьラザロ says:

What is a really good looking affordable music player. Doesn’t have to be for audiophiles. Definitely no $300 music player.

Paul Olsen says:

looks like something donald trump would buy in the 1970s.

Curtis Moore says:

Which one is the best sounding?

ShawnManh says:

Btw i need the Android base OS to stream Tidal which other players just can’t. And i’m using Acoustic Research AR-M2 but it sounds superb. No problem because it bypass the Android OS and go directly to the music processor of the M2 when it plays.

dipu says:

It seems Questyle QP-1 has lot in common with Fiio x5 gen 2.

Mufasa says:

I have both the AK120ii and the Sony ZX2 walkman and both possess different sound signatures. For headsets and IEMs I almost always pick the Sony for that beautiful warm analog crisp sound. For my home SVS Ultra towers and for car music use, I pick the AK120ii for that extra bass punch and high frequencies.

SplitSniper7 says:

Doesn’t look too bad. I use my iphone 5 for music and I hate it. iTunes messes up too much with my music and it drives me crazy! That being said I probably won’t be switching to something like this. It’s too chunky and it doesn’t look as sleek as I’d want it be.

rog Custom says:

Im new on this hi fi sound quality devices.. Would you please recommend me what it could be my first hi fi player? $200 budget more or less.. Sorry for bad english

Hawaiian Cerveza says:

Yes please do a review on the QP1.  This is taking forever…lol

audio man says:

i do like the idea of a dedicated personal music player but the price of these devices are a complete joke, how can one of these cost more than a high end phone or a mid to high end laptop and to top it off you can get a budget hifi amp, cd player and speakers for the price of one of these which will sound so much better. these hi res players are cheap to make, probley cheaper than the high end sony walkmans in the 80/90s as the had moving parts inside.

Donald Goerig says:

Nice unit but I see they misspelled “adjustable” under settings. Someone wasn’t paying attention for a unit this pricey.

PaulD says:

The Sony ZX2…We are not judging a smartphone here, we are judging the SOUND, the product could have been loaded with WINDOWS 3.11 that would still be ok as long as the sound processing is delivering a beauty. I disagree completeley with the opinion on the Sony ZX2, you make review on HI-FI products not on Telecom products.

Jone Gomez says:

Different tastes are fine and I accept it, but I don’t get why this gold technology’s new trend, everything now comes in gold, doesn’t make products looks better, for me they (products in general) look takki, if I want a product and only comes in gold I’m not buying it simple as that (regardless how awesome might be).

iblame Apple for this!

Agent Mulder says:

gold is best.

Aditya Shergill says:

I don’t have much information regarding the these music payers. I currently use ipod for my music with sennheiser i800’s but I wound not mind buying one these devices if they sound quality is better. I always look for clear sound and this is the reason I am very happy with my earphones. Could anybody please tell me if the sound quality on these devices are better than ipod?

juan luis Quiroz guevara says:

How compared with similar price ak jr??

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