Genalex Gold Lion KT-88 Tube Review With Audiophile Music


Jason Spacek says:

Not sure how far back you’re seated but you may want to move the ML’s apart further. Looks like your soundstage is probably squished into that area around the fireplace! Tryglojg wider and

ehtcom says:

Did you re-bias your amp when you installed the new tubes?

JingoLoBa57 says:

@mozzy3663 good one mate. Still one point for trying to the OP.

Zachary Doering says:

Just to let you know, the reason you need to buy a matched quad is to make sure you amp operates symmetrically in it’s voltage, also you want all of the tubes to be at the exact same voltage so they are more in phase with one another, especially if it only has one bias port. The only time you can get away with not getting matched is if you have an auto biasing amp. Also your amp really isn’t powerful enough to drive martin logans. Most martin logans begin at 4ohm and go down from there to like 2 ohm and sometimes lower unless you have one of the lighter impedance martin logans that were made for AV receivers you may want to consider a switch. your amp may not be able to handle that. most tube amps cannot. A speaker that has a less drastic and higher impedance curve like 8-6ohm would be better for almost any tube amp.

mozzy3663 says:

ladies & gentlemen A tube holding a tube . 0:00

Terence Lau says:

Matching tubes is not a trick to get more money from you. Do a reseach and might agree it is necessary, for power tubes, that is.

Funkywallot says:

Great tubes. Costly.But worth it.

Christopher White says:

hey get rid of that equalizer in the loop and bet it’ll sound even better!!

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