Helix M Audiophile Stereo Wireless Speakers Review

Helix X World’s First DECT Wireless Stereo Speaker for 96KHz HD Sound at 24 bit these are 2 wireless speakers with in-build battery that can be charged via a mobile charger uses Micro USB port and can be used with Windows Computers, Mac and even smartphones.

Helix M Speakers https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/finally-true-hifi-sound-anytime-anywhere-helix-m#/


Ajit Singh says:

Track Name : Beat Your Competition (Simply search on YouTube)

Nagpuri Riders says:

what song play in speaker please tell me ???

Arnab Patnaik says:

These are certainly not for me.

omkar arora says:

When will you be uploading the in depth review of the g10 gaming router?

Aakash Gawde says:

good ranjit I like u r video s

Rudro Singha Ray says:

dt music……….plz tell us what music is this? 4:21

Sajal Singh says:

Which one should i buy for my laptop,philips spa 4040 b or philips explode 4545 b ?
Please suggest.

Zubai Rais says:

Which music is that? Link please

Nagpuri Riders says:

what song play in speaker please tell me ???

Rohit Murarishetti says:

Sir can u review the logitech x 300 if possible.

FlanKingKing says:

Sir do a video giving a list of best smartphones 2015 in an order ??

shubhang srivastava says:

Hey Ranjit, is the Audio technica M20x a good headphone for casual use. Also does it work good on phones since it has a much higher impedence than headphones for mobiles.

Ajay Kumar says:

you said you would do a detailed review on xbox after usage but you never did one geeky ranjit

Rahul Naidu says:

Hi Ranjit sir, when you are going to review Redmi note prime.

rahul maan says:

Sir from where did you buy this speakers please post the link

Jaskanwar Panesar says:

decent speakers..(y)
sir can you plz do a review on htc desire 828 in comparison with moto x play/?

Sumit Mhatre says:

+Geekyranjit hey ranjit will you make the video on moto g turbo edition pros & cons

Akhil Achariya says:

Can u send me the link of that song Plz plz

sanket kamble says:

sir which song did you play on this speaker at first in this review video?
wanted to know the name of that audio.!

sartaj kamboj says:

hello sir! whats the name of the track you played through your phone?

Aizaz Ali Sayyed says:

ranjit u said u don’t have time to edit note 5 review, but u had the time to review this videos

Manish Pandey says:

i asked u which one is good x50 or x 100

Yashasva Soni says:

plz sir tell us which sound track you played in the speaker

Sundaram Ramanathan says:

Will you review Xiaomi Redmi Note Prime ?

Ritesh Kumbala says:

audio technica ath-cl100 or Sennheiser CX180

Tarun Ekka says:

please can you tell which song did you play

Rahul Lakkavathula says:

best Bluetooth speakers in 1k..?

Krishnakumar says:

Hi Ranjit, Can u review Senneheiser HD 598 headphones??

Pritesh Saha says:

can it be bought in India ?

Yashasva Soni says:

which music track you played In the video


hey sir pls suggest me a good bluetooth speakers under 1k!!!!:(

Rahul Alda says:

Can you make video about the equipments you use for recording your YouTube videos

Masuna Aravind says:

Hello Geekyranjit I want to create a channel on gadgets …. So I want your suggestions to me Please Brother ,, So I am expecting positive for me

Sumit Kamble says:

please review logitech Z906

Akhil Achariya says:

Can u send me the link of that song Plz plz

sudhanva joshi says:

#geekyranjit please review BLUEDIO hurricane turbine 4.1 bluetooth headsets just for 30 dollars @ amazon

Muhd Amirudin says:

can you do a review for xiaomi redmi note 3 ?

Nitish Prabhu says:

Sir, can i buy mi pad or should wait for mi pad2

Devansh Khare says:

Which is that track that u played ????
someone plz tell !

Chinmay naringrekar says:

can you do moto g turbo vs regular moto g 2015 ?

Piyush Thakare says:

It would be great if you review any of the Beats product.

Naveen S S says:

Please review Mi Redmi Note Prime and gaming and battery heating performances from amazon

Meldon Dias says:

@ geekyranjit Could you do a review on the Mi Bluetooth Speakers?

Mihir Gohad says:

what is the music you play

Bharath Bhushan says:

What’s the songs name when he starts to test the speakers????

Shivam Malluri says:

which song is that??

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