In-depth Review: Nuraphone

I think I’ve found the best sounding pair of headphones for me and maybe you too.


Dwight Tenbroeken says:

what about when someone wanna talk with you ? do you have to take them off? i have now the sony hear on 2 but iam looking for a better sound but dont have to get off my headphones every minute hhmmm should i pick it up?

Fabrizio Ettori says:

Hi, can I ask you what’s your setup video (which camera)?

HumanBeing says:

great review……..

Joshua Alsobrook says:

Get 25% off here.

Mufasa says:

Great review but can they be used with a portable music player like the Fiio X7mk2 or do they have to be via a cell phone?

Bernard Robert Reyes says:

Have you tried this on android oreo? It has a battery indicator on the notification shade.

Alex Heng says:

Hey there, i just got my nuraphones and encountered this bug:

Everytime i put on the headphones and it reconnects, my volume always default to Max volume. Does it happen to you? It is so annoying….

I use Galaxy Note 8 with the latest Nura app.

Nima Reghabi says:

So the PX is not your number best sounding no more?

Dwight Tenbroeken says:

they might be the best headphones but I’ll better wait for a new version of these headphones or a other headphone of a other brand. just bought my new sony’s and i love them.

Dwight Tenbroeken says:

sooo you cant turn the volume down or up ? that’s kinda a bummer… 🙁

Tony Karim says:

Hello, I enjoy your reviews, I was just wondering if you listen to epic music [Audio Machine, Two steps from Hell, Gothic Storm] . I find the Bowers and Wilkins have been the best for this genre for me so far. Have you tried epic music with the Nuraphone?

Jasper Rhanesz Leonor says:

is there a feature of this headphone can make a phone call?

Michaelc136 says:

not trying to discredit you just curious… how much do you think is placebo? The Idea that it tunes a frequency to you, do you think part of that belief makes you think its “perfect”? just wondering thanks.

Jerry Liu says:

Hello. We’re glad to invite you to review for our type c headphone, pls contact me via for more details. Waiting for your email. Thanks.

unplugged from matrix says:

In India it’s heavily priced, it’s 60k INR which is equivalent to 950 USD.

Carlos Ortiz says:

Great review! Month later, still happy? How ideal for gym use?

Ryan Johnson says:

Nice review man! What is sound leakage like on these? Asking as I mainly wear my headphones (currently Bose QC35 II) in the office, so anything that leaks enough for my manager to hear who sits next to me is no good for my personal use…

yp z says:

Compared with the feeling of music alone, can it be compared with professional monitor headphones? For example the HD660s

Eat My Lobster says:

Just got my brand-new Nuraphones. They have redefined music listening for me. Absolutely stunning sound, and the G2 update adds great active noise cancellation. Definitely worth the $399 price tag. If anyone wants to buy them and receive 20% off, feel free to use my discount code.

scotteganwyer says:

Great review TGA. Thanks. Not considering cost, how would you rate them or compare them to the SE846’s? If you could only buy one, which I one would it be? I was going to get the Shures after watching your comparison review…now, I’m unsure.

Zodak says:

Nice review bro. Also do you still play speed battle?

jimmy cychowski says:

I just purchased these, I’ll be looking forward to comparing them to my current wireless headphones B&W P7 wireless, what headphones did you use before the nuraphone? ( Wireless headphones) Curious to know, hope I won’t be disappointed in the sound quality, I enjoy the sound quality of the P7 wireless they are generally quite good, pairing with my pixel 2 xl smartphone, let ya know how they compare once I receive the nuraphones..

Georgi Arsenov says:

Hello and thank you for the great video and review!

I have checked almost all the reviews in YouTube about these and all of them are really positive.

Here are few questions that nobody covered so far.

1)Do they work with notebooks?
Windows or MacOS is supported?

2) Does the app exist on desktop based OS’s or it’s only for Android or Apple?

3) How about if you personalize them and then connect via Bluetooth to a device without the app? Do they keep the preset profile and immerse settings?

I’m planning to use these while working and it will be much more comfortable if they could work in the same way as on a mobile device.

Looking forward to your answers.

Thank you,

PiNPOiNT2K says:

You didn’t mention how they sound while gaming at all. Can you elaborate “TheGamingAudiophile”?

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