In-Depth Review: Sennheiser HD 800 Open Back Audiophile Headphones…Really The Best?

In this video I reviewed the highly regarded Sennheiser HD 800 headphones. These headphones will BLOW your mind, you need FLAC audio files though because they don’t like low quality recordings.


You can buy them from a reputable dealer or off Sennheiser’s website. They retail for £1,100 or $1,400, here are the USA and UK websites for Sennheiser:

Sennheiser (UK):

Sennheiser (USA):

Sennheiser’s advertisement of the HD 800 headphones:


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Lumi Muromi says:

I personally went and bought these 2 days ago. Currently using them on my laptop and the sound isn’t really jaw dropping. Would an amplifier change that and if so, are those cheaper amplifiers an opinion, because i don’t really want to spend another grand on one (preferably not even close to that price).


Jesse says:

I have no experiance with solid states, nor tube amps, with my hd800.

Allmost year ago i bought combo: hd800–hdvd800–StockBalancedFourPinCable.

Source is USB cable from pc to Amplifier.

I have never, not eaven once found these to produce ear piercing sounds.

That could be because the amp may have been built slightly to favor hd800 during amping.

Manuel Jenkin says:

Try these with questyle cma800r once.

Bert Fripont says:

Nice review. You said the sound is even 15 cm away from your ears, I own the AKG Q701 and the sound is sometimes much further away from my ears, maybe 1 up to 2 meters. Anyway you posted a nice review. Tanx.

Tech Checker says:

WOW I want these ( :

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