INCREDIBLE DIY speakers review & Audiophile room tour. Hegel H30 & HD30 Dac

Hegel H30 power amp
Hegel HD30 dac
DIY speakers
DIY cables


Doug G says:

I don’t think “cost” has so much to do with ultimate performance. Give a roundabout if you want but don’t make it sound as Dollars get you guaranteed performance. Nice system shown and thanks to the owner for showing. The room is definitely the most important component.

Christiaan Wynn says:

My main speakers use a similar Scanspeak tweeter and I have to say that they sound superb…liquid…full of insight. They never draw attention away from the music…all the details are present, but without harshness or fatigue. I just can’t over-emphasize how superb these tweeters are. A super tweeter would ruin the great sound already present. Your friend has made the right decision regarding the tweeters.

Robt Perez says:

Thomas have you ever sat in a Jeep Wrangler with a alpine system. Before you laugh. Please try. I still have never heard this level of sound since I sold the jeep. There is a video from the people of jeep or alpine that talks about how they made this system. All for a added cost of $600 I think. There is so much going on with that system I may never understand. But you my friend I think will appreciate what they accomplished. Thank you very much for all your hard work.

eug3nius says:

AudioTechnology woofers?

Rohit Rao says:

Based on the aspects of Bass that you mentioned, how do the Double Impacts perform? Thanks.

DJ PROMO says:

Thanks for the video. Would also like to know more of the build process and the drivers used.

Lance Simmons says:

Excellent video Thomas , always nice to see the upper end systems especially from a diy’er , beautiful system and beautiful room , thanks for sharing .

Also to add I do believe that tubes in the pre stage along with a SS amp provides the best of both worlds and another reason I love the sound of my Musical Fidelity NuVista M3 so much . A friend of mine just ordered the PS Audio BHK 250 amp with a Plinius preamp (tube /SS) and I am looking forward to hearing that .

Audfile says:

Pure beauty.

logtothebase2 says:

one thing it’s a nice room; i like all the wood in the stands and the gear is mainly low key in design., and it goes. sometimes high end audio just steps over the line into poor taste and when you mix and match soon have 20 grands worth of ugly. This is room where you would be happy to spend time.

Vic G says:

Thomas, this is an awesome video on DIY Hi End speakers. I myself am going this route with Scan Speak drivers using a Beryllium tweeter, so I suspect my $4000 dollar driver and crossover will deliver a $30K plus speaker experience. I too have made my own cables and will continue that route, the preamp and amp is off the shelf. As always thank you for your video’s and the notes of your analysis of your audio journey. Many good and valid key points are covered. Personally, I think that a $10K front end and a 5K DIY speaker kit and DIY everything else, is were the buck stops. My wife will kill me if I spend a nickel more. LOL.

sudd says:

what a lovely system and room 🙂

Calaf_72 says:

Amazing system and not cheap either. By the way who is the Chinese artist at the second sound example?

chris vinicombe says:

Awesome room I think the speakers look fantastic.

Mr Dashpuppy says:

DIY all the way !

plaubel28 says:

Thanks to both of you, please let us hear a song or two.

Kevin says:

First, another great video! 😉 second, what’s the name of the second song in your “bass-test” ?

Richard Riley says:

I belong to a local audiophile club but I have not been very active. I need to get out, meet more people and listen to more systems. I am considering a sub woofer now.

Maxwell Hawkins says:

That was a great system. I love that DIY stuff.

Manny F says:

Great host and review. It makes me want to do a serious upgrade.

Thomas & Stereo says:

Hey everyone, would really love to hear from you guys. As mentioned, it is not my system so please, no negative comments insulting my friend. I love to keep sharing other systems in the future and let me know if you guys feel the same too. Sound demo will be up tomorrow.

tean tan says:

You didn’t hear mention the type of drivers used in this High End speakers. If you know please list them here. I bet most of them are from Scanspeaks esp the bass drivers, except the mid range, maybe from Morel or ATC, just a guess.

R G says:

Awesome video, Thomas! Love the speakers, and I admire audiophiles who went the extra length to invent/reah their system goals in stead of relying only on existing manufactured products in the market. We need more full-hearted enthusiasts like your friend in this hobby!
On a side note, would also Love to learn more about how your friend established his room treatment approaches and details on the ceiling treatment as well. We can always learn more from others on how to room treat.

Orin Naughton says:

Great video as always!!! BTW I would like to know what those blocks used to keep the speaker wires off the floor are called…

James Wright says:

Another intriguing video Thomas. I really enjoy the tours of your friends systems. I think that’s what separates you from other audiophile vloggers. Most of us just don’t have access to these kind of systems. If only we could be there to demo them with you.

Crispin Crunch says:

I agree: I love seeing other people’s systems.

Rob Harvey says:

Great to see someone going for ‘their’ sound, and not going for that audiophile tick list. With treble, I feel if the detail is there, its there, and you don’t have to exaggerate it – I think gear is sometimes tuned for instant impressions (and a sale!) not to live with. why aren’t there more tuneable speakers… (tannoy, focal)? lovely cabs – and interesting to see the racks as I am shortly to embark on making a similar design.

Kenneth March says:

Beautiful system! 7 years is a long time but he should be very proud. Thank you for sharing.

Anton Chigurgh says:

Really, really enjoyed watching this video Thomas. Brilliant stuff!

Some of these audio rooms you have been showing us are breathtaking! If there is any truth in the saying that we listen just as much with our eyes as well as our ears then these systems must sound sublime.

WelkySchullin says:

Thank you for a great video. I´ll be very interested in the cables if it´s another video i´ll very apreciate it.

Benton Collins says:

I love your reviews, but I don’t think your microphone is connected or working properly, at least when you’re speaking at the beginning of this video.

Scott Lowell says:

Generally speaking….the math to do speaker boxes has been around for decades. Drivers and crossover components have improved over the years. Using the right math and quality parts, it is possible for DIY to be better sounding than brutally expensive boutique speakers.

Frank Gesarek says:

Passion+Talent+Patience+Skill+Resource+Obsession+Beauty+Enlightenment=Artistry. Your friend is an aural artist. Your video is art

John sweda says:

Are all the Cabinets sealed units I do prefer that in a base unit to be sealed not ported I noticed he’s using an ATC for mid-range good choice. Did you say it’s got a 15 inch passive radiator on the bottom makes sense. I’m not sure why people go for Russian plywood marine plywood should be fine usually beach.
Why don’t you just fix the rockwool to the ceiling 30 mm thick, and get some material like curtain material and hang it over to hide the rockwool, and actually this helps having material dragged not just flat looks nice and the rockwool is hidden easy to do leave a slight air gap half an inch or so between the material and the Rockwell silk would be nice. your wife could choose something she likes they love shopping good excuse! !!!!
I’m disappointed there’s no sound demo. People talk about the build process and the driver’s where did he get his plans do you know to build these speakers.

Thomas Gad says:

Please do more DIY 🙂 Scan speak ^^ Ps. I am Danish 🙂

Sunil Badlani says:

Thank you for sharing. Would love to know how he built it these beautiful speakers

HeirLion says:

More diy systems!!!!!!

DearSX says:

what kind of woofer and sub is he using?

Gary Wrona says:


hifi noob 2018 says:

Great video, wow Russian ply wood. We live in a courtly covered in trees but no, you need Russian trees? Serious question…. what’s better about Russian plywood? Btw marine grade plywood has no knots.

Laney Oswald says:

It is a treat to see all of this and to hear your view point!
Thank you Thomas! Also many thanks to the individual who allowed you to show his system!
Lots of fun!

sam d. says:

diy offers the best price/performance , but has terrible reselling value unfortunately


How do you have so many audiophile friends? I have none.

shadyoptics says:

Beautiful system, those diffusers are interesting. Any info on the design?

kaiman says:

I find the system tours very entertaining as well! I am on board with these people, i try to do most things diy in my hifi system, too. Speakers and rack done, room treatment, cables and dsp to follow. For me, this is very enjoyable and is something, which gives more value to the system, at least for me, i just like to build stuff.
Oh and it is a magical experience to build a cabinet, solder electric components together, run wires and get…..sound! And you did this all by yourself, it is a moment worth the effort for every audiophile.

Nakul Thinapong says:

Please review the elac!

Melissa Smith says:

Very interesting. Keep up the good work.

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