Infinity Reference 1060w Audiophile Review

This is a 3 part review. I go over build quality, sound quality and frequency response, and then give my personal experience with a sealed box.
I went looking on the Infinity website to check the manuals for these subwoofers while I was uploading the video and was completely ticked off when I discovered Infinity JUST discontinued this model. So not only can you not find it for $45 any more… You may not be able to find them at all! I was dead set on getting another! Sorry for getting you all so excited over this very nice subwoofer. It looks like I may have to try one of the new kappas next when they come out in April. 🙂


Gato Noriega says:

Im thinkin of buying a single infinity reference 1262w, are those of the same SQ, build quality, etc ??

Rob Sorgdrager says:

I’m looking at the twelve . what are your thoughts on them? Im looking for accuracy over a broad range as I like to listen to my music, but I also like to get down so some ” shake ma mirrors” bass is wanted as well.

Brady Skeen says:

had this same sub in a 1.75 cubic foot ported box and I must say that it sounded amazing for what it was.

Ricky G says:

I bought 2 1062’s and put them into sealed boxes. what amp do you recommend to push them?

Josh Mattz says:


Makaryo Salas says:

can you please tell us what is the dimension of your sealed box @0.75 cft…might build one of that thanks

madjimms says:

Everytime I hear someone call themselves an “audiophile” I cringe….

Bon Scott says:

What other subs do u recommend Great vid

Clayson Webster says:

what do you think about the sundown audio E series 12 sub

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