LG G6 Quad DAC: The Next Audiophile Phone?

After running down the rumors on the LG G6, the most asked question we received was whether the Quad DAC in the G6 could outperform the LG V20. Let’s talk about some audio!


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Yiannis Demetriou says:

I switched from Samsung phones to LG because of the superiority of audio output on the latest models. I love good sound!

Peter Fredrikson says:

I own LG V10 it sounds great and better then my friends LG V20, i dont care what they did but no way am i buying LG V20. My headphones are 400i and they demand a lot of power still amazingly LG V10 gives that power and sounds amazing. LG shouldnt have changed anything, just kept the dac from LG V10.

Muneeb Masood says:

Hi there!
I’m about to buy the LG V20. But one thing confuses me. Should i buy the b & O version or the simple one. Because i heard,the audio on B & O version sounds better then the normal one. is it true? Have u tried the audio on both of these versions??
So, kindly recommend which version should i buy or it doesn’t make any difference.

tiger ke says:

my friend told me his LG phone sucks.so i will keep away from LG brand.

Tennesse Ricapa says:

No Quad DAC for Europa and América Latina ok

Tim Grossen says:

How about 2 speakers that sound good.

JanPogiMan says:

Got my LG G6 64 GB Korean version with HiFi DAC two days ago for $620. Love it… but beware.. no notification light!

Rob Maxwell says:

Has anyone heard the g6 with a portable dac like the AQ Dragonfly?
Anyone know this combo would fare against the v20?

Hareth Okoor says:

What about Sony?
their LDAC combined with the HiRes NC Audio headphones seems to be perfect, I don’t know what is the best between these two and I don’t tried the LG, but using Sony smart phone and head phones gave me an outstanding audio experience.

Leo Dors says:

Hi could you tell me that Lg g6 model (H870dc-g600- etc) brings wireless charge and quad DAC? thank you very much

Richard De Vreede says:

If you want good quality sound,you have to buy a dedicated audioplayer and forget the smartphones with their sabre dac, which ain’t new at all btw, but only a dac says nothing about the soundquality. It’s the same bs as in hifi audio, where they talk about their burrbrown opamps, akm of cirrus logic converters….and most of them are made 10 years ago (opamps used in many hifi gear are 25 years old) And then they try to sell you a 400euro powersupply with a lot of gear and offcourse that’s better then the standard one, but having my masterdegree microelectronics, i’d better build it myself, but phones you have the problem of the battery…space….just because they make them way to thin. The audioplayers are often way thicker and use a android version, but they have way less tasks to perform and can drive most headphones, without needing a external headphone amp.

sudanbhowmik says:

I buy two phones always.One For audio, and another overall. Well I got S8 + for my works and V20 for my audio and etc…So guys please tell me how much difference you found between lg V20 and G6 audio.I bought V20 primarily for audio.Before going details in technical things more.Which one sounding better.?

vigi4 says:

You Are the Best reviewer in the World. SPOT ON !

Akbar August Indhama says:

hi, how does it affect the sound on bluetooth headphone?

George Karaolis says:

thanks for the video. So is the Korean LG G6 wireless audio output better than LG V20 output?

Tylenol says:

8-bit audio is best

narhyaa1 says:

I buy phones with audio in mind. Heard the USA VERSION comes with wireless charging instead of the quad DAC. Bummer

Kirill Skorobogat says:

Number of bits per sample has nothing to do with frequency range.

RojasTKD7 says:

And… we ended up not getting a quad DAC in the USA. Instead we got wireless charging. Booooo LG!

Kaed Hnatiw says:

looking to buy a new phone for audio is this sound better than the htc 10 or v1o?

Sahil Prajapati says:

Can you please tell the difference between LG’s Quad DAC and what Xperia X’s High-Resolution Audio, LPCM, FLAC, ALAC, DSD), DSEE HX LDAC? Could not find any comparison video for these.

Arnamo says:

NOT IN FUCKING EUROPE!!!! WHAT THE FUCK LG??????????????????????????

anil basaran says:

Ironic. An English Review though the Phone is Not available with DAC where English is spoke

Cm Cm says:

Nice but the europe version does not have the DAC nor does it have wireless charging. Dick move from lg.

Nour says:

Apple solved the issue, they got rid of the audio jack all together !!!

angelo macalintal says:

I prefer 24bit but i got the G6 with 32bit witch is ok

Armando Rosales says:

i have the v10 and you could hear the difference in sound the volume only goes up to 72 i would like to see quality front firing speakers and also a little more power coming out of the 3.5 jack also have a built in eq like the lg3 that gives you choices how you want you want your speakers and headphones and Bluetooth speakers

TechPimp says:

too bad only the Korean version got a Dac and to bad other manufacturers don’t see the importance of audio quality

Tennesse Ricapa says:

no tendrá esa opción para America latina ni Europa así que me quedo con el LG V20

Rahul Kumar says:

Yes yes yes

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