LG V20 Review: The Best For Audiophiles BUT Not For Everyone Else!

The LG V20 is a great phone if you love audio and want a phone with a powerful DAC. But it falls short compared to the competition. Watch for the full review!

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Shaarujon Vijayakumar says:

Great Review!! I used the phone but my iPhone kept calling me back

Thekdi68 says:

Just make sure you protect that Camera Glass….. It will crack.

Ayman Squikki says:

i owned a LG V20(H990ds) Titan Grey..its simply awesome..best Audio that ever come from a smartphone..btw the battery of mine isnt too bad…6hours of SOT…use wifi and data..play media social apps..some games and camera…thats just good…but if i hears to music and turn on the QDAC..sot will down almost 1 hour…but it depends how u use the phone..btw this phone i amazing..but 1 thing that make me little bit disappointing is the Speaker and front camera…for the price tags,LG should put a better front camera (its good but need to be upgrade )..and stereo speakers..btw i love this phone! no lags and no problem at all!

Chris Brookman says:

I had the V20 once before but took it back due to pricing compared to features and such. Now Sprint has a 50% off promotion going on so I went back and got it again. It’s worth $400.

BloodFlow HigH says:

best option for me is that LG V20

Dragan Palma says:

this review is fake news all over it…

KaLiSloTs says:

I have this phone and truly enjoy it. I think it’s all a matter of preference. U buy the phone that best suits your needs. That being said, this phone it’s awesome!

Darwin Lemon says:

Complain, complain, complain. I have this phone and the things that this guy can’t deal with, don’t bother me. Bottom line is this…..there is NO PHONE out there that EVERYBODY is gonna like but there IS a phone out there for everyone. You just have to find it…PERIOD

Ervin Ramos says:

I had a note 7 which I loved but after the battery nonsense I ended up getting a v20 instead of pixel because to me the pixel was basically an android iPhone and I love the V20 second screen it totally useful I use it every day when I walk my dog for the flash light and to get to some of my favorite apps like youtube and the remote app another thing I love about this phone is the IR blaster which alot of phones are taking away, the battery life on my v20 has been pretty awesome. always gets me thru a full day I don’t really use the DAC or any of the audio feature but i do love a large display and the phone to me is a great size because I like big phones and the performance is awesome runs super smooth it actually runs smoother than my note 7 did camera is a top notch camera I would agree that the pixels and s7 or note 7 all had slightly better auto modes but you know how to use Manuel controls you can take some great shots overall I would absolutely tell recommend some to buy this phone if they like a big phone with alot of cool features

ZaytheLegend says:

i think you are spot on. i got it for 50% off so it was worth it.

Joe Frazier says:

I’ve had mine for a couple weeks now. I love music so the quad DAC is key and sounds great with my Sennheiser Momentum and Grado SR80s. It also support aptX HD (24 bit) Bluetooth if you have a supporting headset. I have LG’s Tone Platinum – crystal clear and detailed but anemic bass (order some Comply earphone tips to help this – we’ll see). The camera’s automatic mode can be great and can be meh; manual rocks.

I don’t have particularly big hands but I don’t find the phone too large (and I always told myself I would never go above 5.2). I actually like the feel more than the S7 Edge. Different strokes.

So for me, it’s been great. I’m not an audiophile but love music enough to love this. I also love to create content with this thing, so it’s a win for me.

never knows Best says:



Izzie Lieber says:

I have owned my V20 for about 2 months.  In general it is quite good and has met most of my expectations.  One problem area is the battery.  I find that when I start my day with 100% charge it usually gets close to 20% by the evening.  I am not a continuous heavy user. I have swapped the batteries to see if there is a defect but they perform about the same.  I don’t leave programs running in the background, yet the phone consumes energy too fast.  Maybe LG knew why they are giving us 2 batteries with each phone. On the settings there is a battery usage historical table but it is not very meaningful.

Jim Nelson says:

i have this phone and i love it best i ever owned. i have such a smoother experience then most. my wife has the pixel and i will tell you with the exception of the camera it is just as good as the pixel. that being said i think the camera holds its own.a friend of mine has the s7 edge we traded phones for a week and he didnt want to give it back. (went out and got one 1 month later) so while it is not the phone for you. i think it is the most underrated phone of 2016. it has all the specs of a 2016/17 phone and a removeable battery a ir blaster things that people still want. thanks for your reviews keep up the good work

Pranav Sharma says:

Can you link the background soundtrack?

S7 Edge User says:

in other words you hate it.

Gary Gnu says:

Hey man nice video. My only complaint is when a reviewer says something negative about a phone but then recommends a competing product with the same flaws. You said the price of the V20 was a deterrent and suggested the Pixel or S7 edge both of whom have similar prices as the V20. Everyone should choose a phone has more of the features they want at a reasonable price. I think the second display makes excellent use of unused space on the display to show me info I might need and want. The edge display on the S7 didn’t work for me because of accidental touches. It’s a big phone that usually requires two hands. You use two hands with the Note series and it’s not a negative for Samsung. Even though a lot of reviewer’s complain about Samsung’s touch wiz you guys make a bigger deal about LG’s overlay. I like it because it adds usable features. I’ve owned the V20 since October 24th, I love it and what I can do with it!!! Would recommend it to anyone. Does everything and more!

Sidhesh Naik says:

can you tell me please if Quad DAC feature in LG V 20 is activated when we connect the bookshelf with speakers with inbuilt amplifier vai 3.5mm RCA cables?
If yes, is there a significant difference?
Thanking you in anticipation….

selwyn gonzales says:

horrible review, the phone is not big at all, the battery life is average plus it is removable, the UI is great, water resistant is a gimmick, in real life what people really need is drop resistant, dropping your phone occurs more often in real life situations and this phone is built to withstand drops, the only complaint I have about this phone is the placement of the volume controls, it should have been on the back of the phone instead of the left handed side of the phone. this is the real assessment of the LG V20 be easy.

Nick Le says:

Okay. I’ve watch camera comparison videos, and I can conclude that LG V20 camera is one of the best if not the best camera smart phone that are available right now. IMO, I would say it’s the best camera for low light shooting. About the UI, I don’t understand why Matthew hate it but I find it’s very user friendly. Overall, LG V20 is a very good phone for all consumers. However, the thing I concern is the reliability. LG have been known for boot-loop problem, and I hope the LG V20 doesn’t have that issue.

turkeybuttsammich says:

So sick of hearing reviewers whine about the size of the phones that they are reviewing… Do people who buy school buses complain that the bus is too big, or do they have a pretty good expectation that the vehicle, by definition, will probably be larger than the average Ford Fiesta? Consumers who are interested in large screen smart phones that are looking for more information don’t need 5 minutes of “oh, it’s too big for my baby hands, etc..”… Sheeeeeeeesh.

Mike Morale says:

just picked it up for 480 at T-Mobile and I’m loving it!!

J Magee says:

I’ve enjoyed my V20 since I first got it around Christmas. The best feature for me is that I can use this phone without a case yet drop it out of my vehicle onto pavement and it doesn’t break. I hate using cases and use skins instead b/c I love the beauty of these expensive phones. I have dropped this thing many times out of the vehicle and even out of my bed onto our wood floors and have yet to have the screen crack or any other damage. I love the phone’s “smart settings” where I can set the bluetooth to turn on when I leave my house and set the wifi to turn off, and vice versa upon return. And I do like that I’ve expandable memory and that I can replace the battery if necessary — however I don’t seem to keep a phone long enough to experience charge problems down the road. I like the second screen on top. I think it’s cool just to have my name up there, and I do use it frequently to turn the sound on and off, sort of like the iPhones side sound on/off rocker.

Anthony Roberts says:

I have been a die hard LG customer for a while every since they came out with the LG Volt I have the LG V20 and I am very impressed with how far they have come and how well they balance their unique features from popular brand phones but still keep up with the competition however there are a few things I don’t like about this phone for one like you said the battery life is not that good I feel they could have done a little better with that also one attracted me about the phone is the second screen and the sleek metal design however I feel a little heavier of a metal like the iPhone 7 could have bumped it up in attractiveness because just speaking for me but I like bog phones and I like them to feel big even though the V20 is a very good size they found a way to make it big but still not feel as heavy as other phones in it’s market me on the other hand I don’t like it I like my phone to feel as big as it is and the last thing I don’t like about the v20 is the notifications on the second screens don’t last long like if you have a message or a post on Facebook I like to be able to view the message without having to exit out of my phone and because the timing is too fast you only get a glance at the message that’s it I would have liked to have a little more time on the message indicator also you can respond or open the message or post by taping on the second screen when it is showing the message in the second screen but I would have like to be able to respond to the message in the second screen so I don’t have to exit out of the what I have pulled up to respond to a message especial if it will take me less then a second to respond see it as I am very fast at texting besides all that this is a truly superb device I’m very pleased with it

kayelones says:

I have it and I love it and I have all the other flagship phones the lg v20 is a really good phone it my not be the best in every category but no phone is get a phone that right for you

ViralMan says:

Can anyone suggest me some phones to 200$?

Christian Darcy says:

Hi first off great video mathew, I have recently purchased this phone coming from an iphone 7 plus and i must say i like it alot more
The main thing i didnt like about the iphone 7 plus was the screen its white colour to me was to warm and it was also 1080
The lgv20 has a much cooler white and im enjoying the phone as a whole alot more
It could also be the fact the iphonr 7 plus 128gb here in australia is 1419 dollars which is alot the lg only cost me 859 which is strill expensive
I think my main issue was paying 1419 for a 1080 screen thx keep up the reviews

hababacon says:

I paid $445 new off eBay and I like it better than my Note 3. You can turn off the 2nd and to get a full day set the brightness to 25 and you should be good to go.

Chad Higgins says:

I get same sound from my S7 edge with headphones. I can’t tell the difference between? yes with the DAC switched on!

glen rivett says:

That is your opinion which in my opinion is a load of bollocks ,this is a great phone much better than Samsung S7 ,I’ve had pretty much all the flagship phones worth having and this is a great phone period from LG.

Reginald Gonzaga says:

dude do you have any idea where to buy the extra battery here in toronto?

Ayman Romhi says:

i have lg v20 and google pixel , your review is accurate but honestly i love lg v20 and v10 before and i carry it more than pixel , it is hard to explain why .

The Unknown says:

mmm I think this is more better then pixel s7 & iphone…

Tunghoi Lam says:

He’s comparing the V20 to the overrated ,over priced, designed to be thrown out in 2 years iphone 7 Plus. 1440p quad HD display ( V20) vs the 1080p display of the 7 Plus ! Are you serious ? It was like comparing an apples and oranges.

xXG.L.HXx says:

One really has to question how much time a reviewer ACTUALLY spent using this device before reviewing it when they refer to the secondary display as “gimmicky.” Use the V10/V20 for a week and you’ll quickly appreciate the secondary displays functionality. Like when a call comes in while you are watching content, the content keeps playing while the phone call info displays on the second screen letting you choose what to do without stopping/disturbing playback. I don’t think the secondary display is similar to what Samsung offers at all mainly because in Samsungs case, it’s obtrusive with it being part of your main screen. Gimmicks don’t get copied, useful/functional features do and that’s why HTC has now copied the secondary display feature.

steven k says:

this is a GREAT phone , had for 3 weeks now & I would never trade it for wife’s 7 + . Audio and Cams and swappable battery make it better than any thing other !

Cpenguiner says:

I think that second small screen should be placed at the bottom. I mean, how can you reach the top on a phone this big??? It really makes no sense.

Big Son's Lawncare says:

Enjoyed the review I’ve had mine for 2 weeks still learning after a loyal BB driver Q10. I was able to get my V20 for half off from Sprint so I guess I may have made out ok so far. I usually keep my phones for 2 years so I’m hoping this will serve me well.

Java DatNigga says:

As of yesterday when I try downloading something off the internet it says error downloading file.. Not sure if that has something to do with the latest update

Hardik Singh says:

I love this phone
great vid Matt

0812rs says:

bezels r too big? bruh u can land a plane on those 7+ bezels.

Huck's World says:

hey Matt I finally got a thousand subscribers I’m thinking about getting a sponsor and I have another question will I get in trouble for using a affiliate marketing link? and thanks for your part and help me get to a thousand subscribers

endrizo says:

can you use any audio player ( neutron or jetaudio) with the quad dac or you must use LG dedicated audio player?

Matthew Moniz says:

The LG V20 is a great phone but only if you’re an audiophile. I feel there’s better options for the same price point. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!

KotN 85 says:

you lost me the second you said it was too big

J Magee says:

I love my V20 much more than I ever did my Galaxy 7 Edge, and I use the always-on top screen all the time. on the back I use a DBrand skin and its really not awkward to hold. I also like that there’s hardly any bloatware on the device therefore android runs super smooth.

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