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LG V30 Smartphone Review
Tested hi-Fi Quad Dac!!


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Which is the best for you, out of these 3 phone

Dylan Holmes says:

Watching on my own v20 with HD598sr and yes the difference with the DAC IS that noticeable. I cant wait to get the v35/v40 when it’s time to upgrade

ROSSONERI 108 says:

I’m after a smartphone which excels in audio I have Sony 1000xm2 headphones, was going to get the Sony XZ2 as I heard that’s best phone for hi res audio , would the LG30 plus be a better option ?

Stefan Veljkovic says:

Great video, man! Can you please tell me do you think i will notice significant difference when i plug my V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless which are 32 ohms? I want to buy LG phone for that Quad-Dac but am not sure about the difference vs the normal audio on my Samsung S9+.

Muhamad Izwan says:

This phone a little bit expensive in my country,im about to buy lg g6..but the bootloop problem that people share on forum scared me..haihhh

Emilio Favorite Music says:

Has someone tested it with hi-res wireless headphones? How is sound performance with Aptx HD?

shane says:

I can tell the difference with the LG earphones. I use tidal premium so its all FLAC.

Gaming Maniac says:

Good lord that DAC Review..You are probably the only reviewer who included it

Matt AK77 says:

One of the best reviewers out there. Thank you for testing the DAC.

Troll Oyuncu says:


Shekhang Kunga says:

Hey…..love your reviews. Please do on on blackberry key 2

Kumar Sauarv says:

lg best all time

Ace Man says:

great review, much love for the HI-FI information also!
Peace, ace77man

Siva Dinesh Yerninti says:

Background Music keyword please!

Dimitris Kantsioulis says:

Is the phone’s dac better than an external dac like Fiio Q1 mark 2 or others?

marciano Silva S.P says:

LG v30 winz

espro says:

1:44 audio OUTPUT.

Anto William says:

Excellent audio comparision. Thinking of buying an external DAC. My sony headphone has 24ohm impedence. wonder if it will make a difference. Any opinions!!

Darryl Shabong says:

I’m so glad I bought this instead of s9. Got it for 600 usd from amazon!

Nam Hai Nguyen says:

Good video !

espro says:

1:44 audio OUTPUT.

Priscila Bracalente says:

Guys a tip for lg v30 and g7 owners
Tfz king pro

good night moon says:

try 600 ohms earphones

*mind blown*

Romeo Diyong says:

Wow excellent review especially inclusive DAC demo thumbs up i liked and subscribed.

Jus Badd says:

But can this record LOUD sound from say a concert or in a club without distorting sound?


LG v30 plus?

JimsReviewRoom says:

Thank you everyone for watching my stuff. Much gratitude. Be sure to use headphones/earphones during my test! Placed a lot of effort into the DAC test.
Be sure to help support my work by Liking/Subscribing and sending fire emojis in the comment section. #teamJRR

youraj badgujar says:

Nice explained

Ayy Lmao says:

I miss the audio fidelity on my m9, I’d either get this phone as a daily driver or buy m9/m8 again as a mp3 player, which might be a pain in the ass honestly, I’d use it as a daily driver but it’s considerably slower and less compatible with a lot of apps like uber for whatever reason.

A. Jain says:

Nexus 5x takes better pics

Miltos S says:

great detailed review! but what about the B&O earphones that come in the box? how do they perform compared to other earphones? do they give a high volume compared to standard earphones?

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