LG V30 Real Audio Review: It’s so good, let’s rant!

LG V30 Real Audio Review time! The V30 is SO good! How good is it? It’s so good that it makes us angry that other companies are getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack. Let’s dig into the stats and benchmarks, but we’re also going to complain about this trend towards dongles and making us re-buy accessories we already like…
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Johnny Davis says:

Is it better than 20 or is it the same?

Lukas Torquato says:

I have an HD 599, i would gain much benefit in buying a LG V30? or a Note 8 should power it well?

Israel andersonHOME says:

Great camera? Check. Great audio? Check. It is like this phone was made for me!

DarkIzo says:

welcome to outside xbox
spoilers ahead

Lewis Mackay says:

Actually you are incorrect about the whole “All Qualcomm phones will process 32bit audio” Actually that’s wrong, the single built in DAC in Qualcomm chipset can only process up to 24bit depending on model, some only managing 16bit CD FLAC quality.

0lvaar says:

an audiophile u wouldnt put themselfs in any situation lisening to phonespeakers..Put id in, yahhhh, just like that, good head (w8 for it) phones, or aux! Just put id in! srsly phonespeakers? phonespeakers use is for them accccwierd seconds u play some god tunes public, forgettin the plug! Thats’s way to nasty even for audiophiles, ewwww

Sanjith Acharya says:

Headphones at 4:22 ?

Enlil Gods says:

you are the best juan

Nolast Ionut says:

note8 is so bad on music performance, I think I will change it for v30 only because of the best quality of music

Pravèèn 8⃣9⃣ says:

Lg v30.. most underrated flagship


My u11 kick ass cuz

Steve Seguin says:

amazing review. thanks.

HoLDoN4Sec says:

a phone without a headphone jack is like a hooker without condoms –
you don’t really need it, but when you do it is already too late…

Dimuth Malaka says:


Takumi Fujiwara says:

LG introducing Hi-Fi since the LG G2. Amazing how far we’ve come.

ah tan says:

thanks for the review! great one

DarkIzo says:

just disappointing that this device for audiophiles has such crappy mono sound q.q
not what a flagship in 2017 should be like

Max imum says:

My favourite

undagroundrican says:

Would be nice to mention what headsets he was using

John Salazar says:

Hello, I see the LG V30 asks for headphones with 50 ohms or more. Can you recommend any headphones that will sound amazing with this phone? I currently have the ATH-M50s.

Eric Dowd says:

Graet review. What audio player are you using on your phone?

Ed R. says:

I listen to audio way more than use the camera. Dac is a must

Reza Ekarantio says:

I tried using LG V30+ as a source for my Avantgarde Solo speakers, it really delivers. Soundstage is incredible, imaging is solid and the speakers completely disappears. Absolute best for someone that takes their music seriously.

Wistbacka says:

I want to add in a comment: if you, like me, bought the LG G6 from Asia, you also get the DAC. And I can safely say, it is amazingballs!.

Also, since Sony released LDAC to google, we are now one step further on an improved wireless future. Of course not as good as wired, but improved.

Scotty 1D says:

any difference in sound when connected by bluetooth?

Dilan Sirisena says:

Is it better than the htc 10??


Great review. Great job. Nobody talks about audio

Sandkasten36 says:

I have a problem. The 75 volume steps are fake. Only every 5 steps the volume increases. So there are actually just 15 volume steps. Do you also have this problem?

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