Micca Loves Budget Audiophiles | Product Reviews: MB42X, PB42X, ON3, A250, AD250, MS10, MS12

Micca sent me a bunch of stuff to check out. They have always been consistent and I’ve purchased a bunch of their stuff starting with the MB42X’s, Covo-S’, and discontinued Club 3’s. They really cater to the budget audiophile and those who are new to audio. I appreciate that.

Buy the products on Amazon:
▶ Micca MB42X (Passive Speakers): http://bit.ly/MB42X
▶ Micca PB42X (Powered Speakers): http://bit.ly/MiccaPB42X
▶ Micca ON3 (Small Powered Speakers with Remote): http://bit.ly/MiccaON3
▶ Micca A250 (Amplifier): http://bit.ly/MiccaA250
▶ Micca AD250 (Amplifier and DAC): http://bit.ly/MiccaAD250
▶ Micca MS10 Sub: http://bit.ly/MiccaMS10
▶ Micca MS12 Sub: http://bit.ly/MiccaMS12

Optical to RCA Converter with Remote: http://bit.ly/OpticaltoRCA
RCA Splitters: http://bit.ly/RCASplitters

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Mint Tech says:

great video man ✌

treymtz says:

So what your saying is I can buy a pb42x to start off my desktop system, then later when money has been saved get a splitter and sub?

Raymond Leggs says:

Save a bit more money and get the Technical Pro RX55URIBT stereo receiver instead. If you want more punch than that the origain can deliver or just get the RX38UR. the SMSL AD18 is also good.

madmax2069 says:

I finally got my SMSL AD18, was going to use my LG LFS-U850 speakers I went ahead and splurged and bought the MB42X.

I remember asking on your channel about the AD18 and those LG speakers (I do believe it was on your video about the AD18), so as soon as I got the AD18 I hooked them up and gave the LG speakers a test, being that the LG speakers have a subwoofer, a mid, and a tweeter, the do produce quite a bit of bass, but they just aren’t as loud as the MB42X, those LG speakers do blow them away in Bass production, but they are a bit muffled when compared to the MB42X. The Micca are just so clear and loud.

I did do a frequency test with the MB42X, they do produce bass down to 40hz, and start to fall off, you can still hear bass until around 32hz and die off completely after that. I was quite amazed with them. Being that my room is 9’x12’x9′ (I actually measured the room this time and not guess) the MB42X do an excellent job.

The SMSL AD18 can make the MB42X go quite loud, although I have not taken the volume level past 25 (the volume level will go up to 60).

My next purchase to complete my 2.1 setup will be the Micca Ms10. I was going to go with the Dayton Audio sub-1200 but doing some measurements it’s about an inch too big in its depth and width, looked at the Dayton Audio Sub-1000 and compared it to the Micca MS10 and the MS10 is more powerful (100w max vs 120w max).

Micca has won me over.

Mint Tech says:

what aap are you using to test the subwoofers?

Werner Haydam says:

How are these compare to the q acoustic 3010

Richland Zee says:

Will the A250/AD250 work well with the ELAC Uni-fi UB5? You did say 50W at 4 Ohms so it’s undersized for the 140W UB5s?? Also is this better than YAS 207 soundbar? I know they aren’t the same breed but YAS has the DTX-S so I was wondering if the sound processing stage is wider or the same without sacrificing the sound quality.

SkyTex says:

Hello! I’m fairly new to “Audiophile” stuff and am currently looking into buying some speakers for my computer setup. I have seen a lot of people recommend the mb42x’s and I’m wondering if it’ll be the best choice for myself for about $150… I do not have a dac or an amp, please help me out! 😀

E Dubbz says:

Nice informative, well paced video. A lot of gear was covered efficiently with just the right amount of detail. Good balance of review and recommendations. Good overall production.

Crazy prayingmantis says:

If they could integrate a optical input into the Pb42x’s and a sub output they’d make a cool little easy system.

Jon McCargar says:

Hey Joe,,just a question or request now that we are such close friends. How about a speaks by dollar range opinion-subjective and objective of course. I.E. Small room, speakers under 100, under 200 and so on- same with subs. BTW, I would suggest for those that like a balanced sub woofer sound, an 8″ and 10″ together work exceptionally well for most musical tastes. I would elaborate but don’t need my own utube channel yet. Good luck and good content!!

Netopia40 says:

MS13… nice! 🙂

DeadlyComics says:

Thank you for the review, this is crazy helpful! For someone getting a first set of speakers for computer/vinyl, would you recommend the PB42X or the ON3? Right now they’re the same exact price on Amazon

Tech Link says:

Best ?iPhone setup

flukenukeem says:

Love my Mb42x speakers. Would definitely consider buying more Micca products.

Rafael Quiles says:

Joe, I’ve been looking to set up an ELAC HT but now I am leaning towards a small Micca HT after watching your video. Apparently the PB42X are no longer in Amazon for sale. Can you recommend a micca set up?

J The Mortal says:

Holy shit that ad 250 looks perfect. Can I ask a question? I’m looking to get into entry level better sounding music. I need to connect my pc, and Xbox one X. The AD 250 looks great, will you be doing a review on them? My budget for an amp, dac, amp/dac is 150$ speakers ~300$. Do you have any recommendations? Speakers/amp/dac combo?

Richard Riley says:

The first thing I want to know in any review is the price.

Mikahl757 says:

I just bought tge MB42X and enjoying them in my HT but saw you had them in white in your video. Will Micca be selling tge whites I didn’t see them on Amazon.

poop says:

the clip showing a brief excursion test of the pb42x, was that clipping the speaker at all?

AvirupDasgupta says:

How good is the Micca On3? Is there any other similar product in the same price bracket that compares or surpasses it in audio quality? Is there any other cheaper product that compares? (strictly amped speaker: don’t want a separate amp)

Shadow Wolf says:

I’ve been looking at the mb42x’s since my 5.1 vizio soundbar crapped out. I tried def tech and nakamichi 7.2 soundbars but returned and am now looking into avr and 5.1. I was gonna start with miccas in the L and R front, with micca center for 3.0. My concern is with music. If I pair these with a sub, will it sound full enough or will I be missing mid sounds? I plan to use them 70% music 30% tv and movies. Thoughts?

PlaySauce says:

I am a noob, but have the powered 42’s and a powered ms10 subwoofer. Could you put into dumbie terms what is meant by: “If you’re able to cross them over …” when talking about the PB42s? Thanks dude.

Trevor Stout says:

What would the best way to connect either an echo dot or just a phone via aux to two speakers and a sub

Ross Evans says:

Learn how to speak English and it is not single mono tone like you speak. We have intonation and emphasize with good adjectives. Class D 50W is not even up to the cheap Japanese brand of amplifier.

carlosmante says:

Pronunciation is wrong.

Tim Wilson says:

I thought those ON3 speakers looked very interesting and I was considering getting some for our bedroom TV setup. Thankfully I decided to spend more and get the Fluance Ai40’s which I am very happy with. I have used different optical DACs like the Fiio D03K to connect the speakers to my TV and use the speakers to control the volume. Specifically I use a Sideclick programmable remote attached to my Roku remote for turning on the TV and controlling the speaker settings. You should look at reviewing these things because they work great for this type of application and are sold on Amazon for multiple streamers including the Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. https://www.sideclickremotes.com/

I bought one of those OriGain AD250’s for my Father’s desk setup. Love the look, feel, and functionality of it but it did have some weird compatibility issues with the Chromecast Audio (random clicking). It also doesn’t have turn on pop suppression and mine came with a loose speaker terminal. Looking at the key components it would seem it probably has the same DAC as the Micca OriGen G2. I recently bought the G2 to use with my aforementioned TV setup and lent it to Amir of Audio Science Review. He showed it to be the worst DAC he has measured, with his measurements matching Micca’s THD+N spec of 0.02%. So the DAC in this unit is not very high performance, and I would suggest using a different DAC if you’re concerned with such things. https://audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-micca-origen-g2-dac-amp.4805/

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