Mind expanding experiences of the audiophile kind

Getting into the groove with two miraculous phono cartridges, the Koetsu Urushi Sky Blue and a Kiseki Purple Heart. Here’s my Sky Blue review, https://www.cnet.com/news/insanely-great-phono-cartridge-for-well-heeled-audiophiles/


Airgead says:

The analog groove is the best groove to be in. I have a cartridge with a ruby cantilever too, a hollow one. Big part of making the quality and what you describe in the sound: I experience about the same.

Glenn Miller says:

I love it when you talk music. I wish you did more of it.

chip Sarver says:

you need a FEW more headphones ))

William S. Gilbert says:

Hey congratulations on 10k subs, i’m just a novice audiophile at 21 years of age but I like how approachable your videos are. Thanks for the consistent content and best of luck with the channel here for the rest of 2018.

_ cursed says:

The sentiment you shared at the end of the video is one of main attractions of analog for me – the “impossibility” of it. Pressing a great record or building a high quality cartridge requires an admirable level of craftsmanship. I’m not married to digital nor analog, but I have more “wow” moments with records than I do with CDs or files.

thegrimyeaper says:

I wonder if Steve has any headphones…

firecloud77 says:

Oh man, I love the Ventures. Have you thought of making a high definition audio recording of that vinyl pressing using the Kiseki Purple Heart cartridge?

Piero Manno says:

MC cartridge.

Jerry Jazzbo says:

What happened to your lower lip? Oh…..and congratulations on reaching 10k subs.

William Sharp says:

Not every time, but in the best sound I’m often reminded of how archaic the TT, cartridge and vinyl process seems, and how it could possibly deliver the experiences it does when at its best.   How could this be?

alex beatty says:

I recently found techniques sl q202 turntable $5 Canadian Mint and on the cartridge is BX im6. Can’t seem to find  info on. But sounds really good inside to play some records on it so play the mastered speed Beatles Abbey Road and Pomo copy of Kraftwerk telephone 12 inch single.

alex beatty says:

This should be a Facebook page

chip Sarver says:

Steve did Pickering and Stanton come out of the factory? I always thought so back in the 70s

Konad Benz says:

any knowledge of the decca london hand-selected?

Brassknucklez Shitgaming says:

Hi Steve! Have you had any hands on experiences with Amphion Loudspeakers?

Piero Manno says:


Stinky Lebinowitz says:

That’s 10X what I have invested in my entire set up! 🙂 For that kind of money it should also be bringing you drinks and supplying the booze as well. 🙂

salmonline says:

I had Pickering and Stanton and of course the A-T’s and Shures

Dragan Antonijević says:

Neah… only for vinyl guys. I stick with CD-s. Joke. For everyone who wants to hear something… good.

pupy57 says:

Nice video Steve. Coincidentally I listened to my first Koetsu (Rosewood) last nigh at a dealer demo. You’re spot on with Eno comments. Besides his Roxy Music period, I reconnected first with Music for Airports, then Music for films etc. Before and After Science gives me chills, how the music sucks you in and takes you on this progressively ethereal journey…

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