NuForce S3-BT Audiophile APT-X AAC Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers Review

This is a hands on review of the new NuForce S3BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers.

These speakers bring a lot of quality at a affordable price, but most of all bring versatility and new technology advances.

For those afraid of losing audio quality by going wireless fear not. If you have a device that can use the Apt-X or AAC codecs the quality of your wireless music will greatly improve.

These speakers sound absolutely great on their own rights, good strong bass, clear highs, and balanced mids. They are self powered so no amp is needed and they are ready to become a part of any system or setup be it a simple stand alone iphone, ipad, tablet, or part of a larger system like a home theater system.

I personally tested bluetooth with a Samsung Galaxy S3, a HP Touchpad, and a MSI GT70 Laptop.
I tested the wired connection via my uDAC-2 and HDP.
Music used to test quality was FLAC CD rips, but the general use for me was internet radio.

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GoldSlidePark says:

So are people with the word trollface in their name. Oh, hi! How are you, stupid?

Vicious Computers says:

I know of many BT adapters, I have used one before but not that particular one. Unless they have the same features as these speakers (new codec for better compression) I don’t see how the raw audio quality can compare but of course you can pair it with any speakers so you can use that to your advantage.

dprecocious1 says:

Great review! Can you talk a little bit about the pairing process? With my big Jambox I have to manually touch a button On the speaker to reconnect if I’ve been disconnected for more than 5 min. This is really annoying. I would prefer to be able to control the reconnection process with just my phone. In other words, the timeout sequence on my Jambox is way too short and forces me to get up to reconnect. Do the nu force speakers have this issue?

Vy 23 says:

The Best Bluetooth Book shelves speakers out now… I heard it myself and planning to get one… This really produce awesome sound quality… Thumbs up for your review and Nuforce…

dizasteR says:

lol you change every video

TuxKey says:

nice review however i don’t realy agree with the use of bluetooth as the tech for wireless matter what kind of compression one would use.. my first contact with an alternative was using the Sennheiser (RS170) The RS 170 utilises Kleer’s uncompressed digital wireless audio transmission, offering an effective range of 80m (line of sight), and can serve up to four pairs of headphones.
Wiki kleer and you will be impressed as i was..nice the moment i’m looking at the “Adam A5”

René Smickt says:

Great video man!
1. question: how does exactly the Bluetooth pairing work? Do I need to press the speaker Bluetooth button every time to connect with the iPad?
2. I’m using air dac as well,do you know if the korus lightning transmitter works with the unforced air dac,since I don’t want to use an adapter for the 30 pin.


DEagleson says:

Hipster Vicious, huh?
This i gotta see.

Thomas Verelst says:

I just got these speakers in a sale, but noticed that my bluetooth drops out often. Now I read in consumer reviews that this happens to more people and it’s not clear if they got it solved (by warranty). Have you experienced any bluetooth problems? I really like the speakers but I primarly bought them for the bluetooth connection…

ziher123 says:

audiophile wouldn’t place audiophile speakers in a less than optimal environment such as pc desk

stevenmckupkake says:

Vicious most people when they talk about knowing about tech they mean computers but you know about computers,audio products,cameras/video editing and the list goes on and on. This is what in my oponion makes you superior to other tech channels

Freddie Murry says:

I see mio energy

stephen savage says:

Very detailed review. Thank you!

John Ishii says:

Vicious you did a fantastic job! I’m on the way to the store to buy a pair.
Thanks man!!

Vicious Computers says:

Variety is the spice of life 😀

Boss says:

awww I liked super professorial vicious better but hippy hipster vicious will do 😛
Great video as always.

Vicious Computers says:

Yes get one of the 3.5mm (1/8″) to dual RCA cables and it will plug right in.

trollface123465 says:

audiophiles are stupid

alfalfasprout69 says:

this is exactly what I’m looking for, a simple pair of quality speakers with bluetooth, Thanks for the great review!!!

Vicious Computers says:

No problems watching a movie on my laptop using the BT. I did have issues using my BT mouse at the same time though so make sure your not overloading your BT connection with more than one device as the speakers will use it all up (the bandwidth)

lavestehaves says:

Well done…..your video is very tutorial and will help folks with deciding to buy or not. Thank you for your effort and time. Cheers!!

Em0killer13 says:

Audio phile and wireless? Lol bullshit.

Pedro Silva says:

These look really nice, don’t really have the money for them now though.

gsoo says:

Very nicely done. Thanks very much for taking the time to do this review. If I buy these speakers I am planning to use them for movies. I suppose you didn’t find any delay in the sound when you connect via BT right?

Chris K says:

Excellent video, as i am the market for some new better than avg speakers.
thanks for the review & keep up the great work!

Vicious Computers says:

Cant speak for Sonos, but HT speakers are usually toned for movies, music can sound good on them but it wont be quite as “flat” so if you want more accurate (and this may matter depending on the music you listen too) some separate speakers can be really great to have, also better if you want to have them close to the computer so you do not need to have them as loud.

Em0killer13 says:

Protip. Given that it’s rca connections, the cables aren’t balanced, so a ground loop issue might be present if hooked up to a grounded device.

Dean007 says:

@ViciousXUSMC awesome!Thanks man!

Vicious Computers says:

Thanks, just moved and use these now as my main computer speakers.

They do a great job.

dprecocious1 says:

Also have you heard of the Avantree Roxa Bluetooth 4.0 atpx adapter. How do you think that adapter stacks up, or would stack up against the number force if paired with decent speakers?

leigh mellis says:

I just picked up a new box of these on ebay for $65 Australian. Looking forward to testing them out

Steven Karl says:

Helpful review.


rsowen1 says:

Super well done & very helpful.
You mention in a comment that there’s no latency for the purposes of watching a movie on the laptop. I’m interested in using while producing music on an ipad. My experience with using airplay was there was WAY too much latency for this purpose. Do you think this bluetooth 4.0 connection might be sufficient here? Or is there still some buffering at play?

Vicious Computers says:

Thanks Steven, I’d love to do this as a full time job but unfortunately it doesn’t pay the bills!

Dean007 says:

ok,so using rc cables i can hook them up on computer ?

Vicious Computers says:

Enjoy, these are my main PC speakers now so I use them daily and they have been holding out very well since this review.

Vicious Computers says:

How is metal = hipster! lol I was dressed down in PJ’s working on my equipment and files before the recording, so just tossed on some of my normal out cloths for the review. Like to let you guys see me out in the wild once in a while.

Vicious Computers says:

Should be fine, since you have an iPAD you can look into the NuForce Air DAC product as well it is by far the best wireless out there and can work for any speakers/system. I did a review of that too.

wallydropo says:

Great review- excellent job – very professional – thank you! I would love to find some bluetooth speakers with similar capability, but a bit smaller (to be able to throw into my suitcase during my frequent business trips). I use the jambox (the small one), and for that purpose, it works fine – one day, maybe, nuforce or someone else will be able to create a smaller sized package with the new bluetooth codecs – even if the sound won’t be quite as good as the S3-BT. FIngers crossed!

mailtsauce says:

Thanks for the review. Just bought these!

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