Pioneer TS W311D4 Audiophile Review

I put this video review up because I was sick of looking at subwoofer “reviews” where it’s just a video of the subwoofer moving a lot and making noise with no other explanation.
This is an in-depth analysis of an affordable, entry-level subwoofer, The TS-W311D4 from Pioneer.
In this video I use the box/subwoofer matching program, WINISD to analyze the frequency response of the subwoofer in sealed and ported boxes at different tunings. I also give my personal experience and point out some claims that I think are either misleading or untrue.

Music is by B-SHOC. A Christian Rapper. The song is “Hellbound”.


Jack Blades says:

Holy shit an actual review, thank god. Yeah, I’m not getting any helpful info from phone cam videos of peoples cars rattling to pieces.

Bricksmama says:

Nice video. So tired of random, horrible noise “reviews.”

Franco Testa Soprano says:

Hi dude ! thanks from the video. Im from Argentina. Can you tell me what did you put on “Le”, “Re”, “dia”, “Pe” and “Sd” ? I cant find it anywhere. All I have are these ones

Nom. Dia.(In) 30
Qts 1.05
Qms 13.79
Qes 1.02
Fs [Hz] 43
Vas [l] 32.7
Vas [ft3] 1.15
Vd [l] 0.56
Vd [ft3] 0.0198
Sd [m2] 0.052
Sd [ft2] 0.56
Revc [O] dual 2,9
Levc [mH] (2000Hz) 4,85 (8 Ω) / 1,23 (2 Ω)
Xmax [mm] 10.8
Xmax [in] 0.4
Zmax [O] 74,19 (8 Ω) / 18,6 (2 Ω)
BI [Tm] 16,2 (8 Ω) / 8,2 (2 Ω)
Rms[Ns/m] 3.39
Mms [g] 166
Cms [m/N] 7,6 x 10-5
Mg.Wt.[g] 2100
Flux Density [Gauss] 7381
Hag [mm] 10
Hag [In] 0.39
Hvc [mm] 31.6
Hvc [In] 1.24
VC.Diameter [mm] 48
Eff [%] 0.23
S.P.L. [dB] 95
R.M.S.Power [W] 400
M.M.P. [W] 1400
Sp. Displacement [l] 1.67
Sp. Displacement [ft3] 0.059
Recom. Enclosure [l] 35.38
Recom. Enclosure [ft3] 1.25
F0 (in Cabinet) 55.8
Q0 (in Cabinet) 1.25

Quinton Murphy says:


Henry Fernandez says:

whats up Brian, Are these speakers free air like if you want to place them on a board and use the trunk as the box like the old pioneer impps?

TheFresh Kivis says:

Hello Brian, you made a very nice video there!! I appreciate that you’ve made a real review here 🙂 Thank you!
My problem is, that I don’t have much experience with building subs.. I’ve built like about five enclosures without any “pre-planning”.. They sound not bad – but now I’d like to build a good closed enclosure (because I’m driving an A3 8L 3 Doors and it doesn’t have much space..) + I love accurate good base
I listen to a big variety of music. From Metal to Core to Hiphop to Classical to Rap – Dubstep – Vocal..
I’d really like to get the job done good.. I’ve downloaded WINISD but I can’t find the TS W311D4 Sub in the settings + don’t really know much about all the “herz” stuff..
Brian, I’ve bought a Pioneer GM-D8604 Amp and want to use two channels for the sub and two for my new front system (..other story)
What would you recommend me? Do you have a recommendation in metric size? I have 21mm “MDF Wood” that I can use – PS: Why is the front side of your sub double?
Greetings, hope I didn’t spam you too much here 🙂 I’d be happy if you could give me a tip!
Take care

Henry Fernandez says:

That Soundstream is a good looking sub with the perfect RMS watts im looking for, so should I make that free air move? I already saved Soundstreams Cali # so I will call them monday.

Ivan Pelser says:

hi what’s your recommended box dimensions and specs for two of these pioneers

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