REVIEW: Dunu-TopSound DN-2000J Audiophile Earphones!

The flagship Dunu DN-2000J in-ear headphones deliver an incredible amount of audio clarity and balance. Along with the titanium build, and wealth of bundled accessories, there’s plenty to like about these Hi-Res Audio earphones. Find out more in this official video review.


Rakesh Battula says:

Around 1:40, you mean impedance not Independence or did i hear that wrong?

Petar Stankovic says:

Hey you said 102 dB sensitivity – which is good. How do you determine what sensitivity is good and what bad?

Fluroxide :D says:

Helppp! Should I buy these or the Dunu 2000?
I listen to a (90% of the time) lot of EDM, drum & bass, melodic house, electronica, progressive trance and glitch hop (occasionally some Alternate rock & pop if I find some catchy songs). I am not sure which one to buy :/ and any advice/ audophile insight would be greatly appreciated 🙂

crack noserial says:

this or shure se846??

A M says:

i need help and a complete answer for the following question:
How is the DUNU DN 2000j compared to Sennheiser IE 800?

cybertec69 says:

I own a pair of these sublime IEM’s, they sound fantastic, make sure to use the foam tips.

kutaf bigmen says:

Have you tried them with iphone

Chicama Cocina Peruana says:


Nicholas Leavitt says:

I picked up the Titan 1’s how do these compare in terms of detail and fidelity? Also these vs the regular dn2000’s?

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