Review: Focal Spirit Classic audiophile headphones.

Retails for $399 USD

Unboxing video:

More info here:


wagsbass says:

Like these more than the P7, vow. I like the P7 because of no plastic was used in the construction and they sound pretty good too.

juan luis Quiroz guevara says:

This or Sennheiser Momentum???

D4rkst3EL says:

The headband has no padding. It is really uncomfortable

dan collins says:

How do you like those kef’s in the background?

Theo B says:

Can you do a review on the monitors in the background? Or reviews on 2.0 monitors in general???

Mike Roe says:


La Trec says:

Have these and i love them 🙂

Derek Yan says:

Hi Hifiguy! How portable is this headphone?

MC TEX says:

Love the elegant design it has

kdrmradio says:

How does the sound signature of the Focal Spirit Classic compare to the Sennheiser Momentum?  Is the treble rolled off more on the Focal Spirit Classic?

Justin Bennet says:

These or B&O H6?

Vince Vandal says:

Instead of just saying ‘go check out this other video’ (which 99% of people totally won’t do) you should put the link in the description or even an on-screen annotation link.

Luke Gregory says:

Great Review! Are you going to do a review on the alpha dogs?

Ashneel Neo says:

A review and demo of those KEFs plz 🙂

Digiphex Electronics says:

My problem with headphones is that the inside portion of the cup is hard plasic, sometimes with a texture, that over an hour or so becomes uncomfortable. Are there some that are padded in the inner cup a bit?

Morgan Oh says:

Have u try a OPPO Pm-3
cos I am deciding between a Focal Classic or Focal PRO or Pm-3

Glenn Monterey says:

sound quality beats pro vs focal classic thanks which do you prefer? thanks

Ricardo Anton says:

Great Video!

Larry Russell says:

Hey great video. I’ve been hearing that the Focal Pro is very uncomfortable, especially around the headband area. Is that true? I’m an engineer, so I need a neutral set of cans that are comfortable. What do you think?

Vector says:

Time and time again you bring the best headphone reviews on YouTube. Thanks!

andra992 says:

Are they good for rap music?

Jim Wasted says:

can you compare this to fostex th-x00 ? would be very much appreciated, I own a pair of classics and i want something for the basshead in me

Bryan says:


sultanabran1 says:

do you think the classics must have a headphone amp? i am interested in buying these with an amp. i want to give these headphones the best opportunity to sound as good as they can.

rixlbg says:

Thank you for this great review, Mike! I’m really interested in this one. A little bit off-topic but I was wondering if you’ve seen this:
Review it, p-p-p-p-p-please!!
Keep up the good work, man.

Reggie Coquillon says:

Hey mike! What speakers are those to the side? Keep up the great job!

TheMrgonzalo05 says:

Ls50 review your fans need it!

aumkar chandan says:

Great video !

TheMrgonzalo05 says:

Can you please make a review on the ls50. Thanks

Faze RG says:

First….. lol

Shane D says:

Great video what’s the speakers in the background

Sae Oh says:

Thanks for another great review!

speeddjs1 says:

LOL Mike i thought u used to hate coil cables!! i have seen one of your older video where u said u hate coil cables because they really jumpy 😉

FloorMatt87 says:

I love Focal speakers. I installed some in my car last year. Now after watching this I can’t decide on whether to get the Classic or the Spirit Pros. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Juan Camilo Jaramillo Manjarres says:

Nice. Hey, how about a review of the AKG K545, I’ve read that they sound really good.

juan luis Quiroz guevara says:

And compared to the B & W P7?? Who is the winner in the best performance?

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