Searching for the perfect speaker + Music review

The Restless Audiophile has Quad 57s,

I used to own Quad 63s,

Bill Withers Live at Carnegie Hall,


Garry Hall says:

Steve you’re interesting and I’d like to listen to your analogies.

idtubenod says:

@Steve – IF you have to select only 1 speaker from your current inventory which would you pick?

Alan Crane says:

How good is this audiophile mains supply. What source is he using. You can have great speakers and amp’s but the source supply how old is it couple of years or so has it been serviced. How the cables again servicing required detoxit is a great contact cleaner. Even turn table cables replaced can make a difference especially the ground after 5 years. Does he have a separate ground earth for his system. I take it that he or she was very happy with the sound of the system when first acquired so how long in till he she started to say to themselves I’m not happy with the sound now.

genesis777 says:

The BEST speakers I ever owned was back in the late 1970s in my 68 GTO…
They sounded like shit but I couldn’t have been happier listening to them…
Absolutely PERFECT!

Keith Moriyama says:

Real music absolutely has distortion… sometimes way too much.

Detailverliebt says:

Happy new year Steve. Well achieving live sound is not difficult, and I am not talking hi-fi high end live like “oh darling my Apogees sound so live don’t you think?” I mean the real deal the “fuck, that’s live let’s talk later” kind of live. Just listen to a “Voice of the Theater” that’s like 70 year old American stuff that really does it. Unfortunately it does everything that way even when you listen to a Joan Baez studio recording then it will sound like she is the mother of Godzilla. There is something to it, no doubt, and the live aspect is important but it is not the only important thing it is just one of the more important ones. It is for sure more important then frequency response coz that is the least important.
I think distortion is one of the big keys to the perfect tune, but again not in the way hi-fi measures it. I mean people have like 10 hour debates if the 0.3% distortion of a tube amp is better or worse than the 0.01% of a transistor amp. That’s ridiculous when your test device is a speaker with like 10% distortion and up. When I listen to these audiophile debates of what a nice bass reproduction this bookshelf speaker has then I feel the need to kill myself right away. I mean we are talking about bass reproduction with like 30-50% distortion below 100Hz. I am sorry but when a drummer kicks into his base drum it does not have the sound of stepping into a wet carton box at the side of the street or like snipping at a plastic yoghurt jar, that’s absolutely not what it sounds like. But that’s what “audiophiles” sell us all around the world and then claim that this is all oh so live. Sorry to disappoint, but it is simply NOT! And exactly the same thing happens in the high frequency spectrum, all these crapy dome tweeters have distortion levels of 10% and up. These guys can reproduce a sinus wave reasonably well but they can’t reproduce any kind of dynamic without distortion levels in the 2 digit range. I am sorry for all you Dynaudio Esotar listeners out there who believe the oh so crisp and fresh openess Stereophile blabla and spend a fortune. Even this tweeter (might be one of the best) but it is still soooooo terrible, if you really like it it only proves one thing, that you never ever in your entire live have listened to proper high frequency reproduction. I am sorry, I know it is hard but this is the bitter truth. And btw all the folks with eletrostatic/magnetostatic tweeters know it too. They can’t reproduce any form of dynamic either but at least they have a clue what undistorted high frequency reproduction sounds like.

The British Elac guy said it all, it is a trade-off between speaker size, and rubbish sound. You simply can not have a tiny speaker and then expect it to work. That’s against physics and that makes or lord Jesus’s ears bleed. Don’t do it!

Taylor Monroe says:

What microphone are you using for your recordings? I like the sound quality for this type of recording.

TR PD says:

Come hear mi Quads, I will change your mind!

Frank Gesarek says:

Its all in the game. Mix and match and be surprised. Spend what you can afford and have fun. 
Life is short, art is long.
“honor the past and welcome the future”

Nicolás Guerra-Rubio says:

Thanks Steve, and Happy New Year to you too!

Robert Vincelette says:

I auditioned Magnepan 0.7s a couple of months ago and they far outclassed $50,000 + box speakers. The dealer who sold them to me demonstrated them on some obscure solid state amplifier and I knew I wanted that sound. They are simple, two way speakers with nothing more than a capacitor for the tweeter and an inductor for the lower frequency part, all quasi-ribbon and none of the fear a fragile true ribbon tweeter going out of adjustment all the time in the more expensive models. Because my house is only 26 feet diameter with sectioned off bedroom and shower room, space is too small for anything bigger than the 0.7s.
Magnepans are not sensitive enough for typical single ended triode amplifiers such as the 300B let alone the refined 245 with only a Watt maximum output. So I added a pair of 833-A radio station transmitter triodes and Hammond 1642SE output transformers and drove the 833-As through a step-down transformer with secondary windings between grid and ground. At 1 kV the 833-A draws 130 ma with the grid at ground potential.
Imagine the refinement of SET combined with the refinement and open air sound of the 0.7s.
When I got it working all I can say is holy shit! These are far beyond anything I ever hoped for, Cymbals, horns, violins, sound more live than anything I had ever heard before. They play as loud as what I hear in a good opera house or concert hall. This for me is a cost is no object and yet affordable combination.

7189a says:

If you want negligible distortion live dynamic repro, get
or if buying new,
 order the Klipshorn Jubilee (last project PWK was involved with KPT-Jubilee/535-B

alessandra Benz says:

not toomany people ever heard a quad combination.
when it comes to purchase a set,
for maybe 95 % , a question of money.
then, what can one hear in hi-fi stores today?
all the same around 2-to 3000$ stuff.
no chance for a real good equipment…. all sort of joe doe’s all over the world stuff.
a real, intense music-lover usually listens to his own world, that he finds in his music cosmos.
all alone.
and top ten always was nothing, that could touch sensible souls.
as soon, as a group became a “supergroup”,
you could hear them play for money.
nothing else, they loose everything, that was in their first lp.
the whole life and story of their live is in the first lp.
compare third ear band to led zep or pink floyd.
still thanks for the sometimes very interesting insights of a business/music lover.
a nice 2019…..

Carl Smith says:

Realistic sound? Humm….good luck with that quest. Please by all means let me know when ya’ll have found it.

Sean Mangan says:

Before you write off electrostats forever, give a listen to a pair of Accoustat model 4s.

Noel Tiplady says:

Steve, have you ever heard any Shahinian speakers? I have a pair of Arcs and these speakers create a depth, a space, an amazing sound stage where the speakers just disappear and all that is left is the music in all it’s glory. Many people don’t like reflective sound speakers, just as many don’t like horn or conventional speakers, but the easy with which the Arcs recreate the 360 degree musical experience just blows me away. As far as home theater speakers, which do rely on recreating surround sound using up to 7 speakers, I use Bowers & Wilkins, as the Arcs in this case aren’t suitable, but anyway, just wondering what your thoughts are on reflective sound speakers.

Keith Moran says:

It is interesting how 80% of the hobby seems to focus on gear. I find myself less interested in the constant gear talk. I’ve created a system that i’m very happy with and I know that to take it to the next level will require A BIG jump in price that i’m not willing/able to take. Plus just the logistics of trying out new gear to even see if it’s “better” is way too laborious.

Joe Davenport says:

Steve, great glasses. Now you really look like the AUDIOPHILE. Happy new year.

killifish13 says:

Steve you should attend the Klipsch factory tour and pilgamage event this year. Check it out people from all over the world come to Hope AR. to see and to feel where HI-FI was born. There are events a tour of the Klipsch museum of audio history a BBQ. maybe for you a trip inside Paul’s anarchic chamber designed for corner speakers. You need to go for all of us who can’t . You’ll find out what a Legend in sound REALLY is.

Stephen Scott says:

My quest for the best sound will be complete once I buy a Primaluna Tube Amp to go with my new Focal 726 Tower Speakers and Debut Carbon TT. I switch out OLA’s, KLH 17’s, and Dynaco A35’s every few months. This is my absolute perfect sound.

Ray Sammarco says:

I wonder if anyone can give me some free advice – I replaced my 20 year old stereo system this year with Kliptch 820’s and without advice got an Onkyo CD player because it has a 6 disc carousel and paired it up with a Onkyo 8220 then upped that to the 8270 because the DAC chip was better and it had more power. I have a Sub and am just interested in stereo not multichannel. I’m not really happy with the sound. I think I need a different amp and don’t know what to try next. Does anyone have a suggestion that will give me better sound? I’m open to suggestions – please ! I like classical music and light jazz the kind Ella and Joe Williams.

Manard H says:

Pick a good speaker of any variety and feed it with a good modded high bias amp on the brink of burn out. If it’s a tube amp, try a higher plate voltage until the tubes are glowing orange and looking beautiful (better than holiday). You will enjoy the sound – guaranteed.

Matt Reischl says:

Allow me to decode this vid for you all, if you have a large room, RF-7iii’s, if you have a medium room, RP-280f’s, if you have a small room, RP-600’s….man this audio game is easy. Happy New Year!!!

Albert Huron says:

Review those amazing desktop jbls

HouseofRecordsTacoma says:

Like a cat chasing its own tail. Stop and Smell the music.

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